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Commission for =Link00y :iconlink00y:
Commission info here -> [link]

Cream The Rabbit and Vanilla The Rabbit © SEGA.
Art © ~FantasyAshley
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© 2011 - 2021 FantasyAshley
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Eggman: *laughs hysterically* I can't believe you fell for it!

Silver: That's it! I'm out! I'm out! I'm out!
SuperDuperPal15's avatar
Eggman: it looks like Cream has had a little growthspurt!
*Cream begins to grow*
EpicScoutBLU's avatar
RED Medic: No! *pulls out his Medigun and tries to keep Cream stuck in normal size*
SuperDuperPal15's avatar
*but it exploded before it could fire at Cream*
EpicScoutBLU's avatar
MegaMan: *uses Time Stopper* Za Wazurdo!!! *the time freezes* Now, Mario!

Mario: *nods as he pulls out a Mini Mushroom* Try this one on for size, biggie. *feeds it to Cream (still frozen in place) then she shrinks to mini size like her mother*

MegaMan: *puts Cream next to Vanilla as if they were a pair of Minifigures, then deactivates Time Stopper as time resumes*
SuperDuperPal15's avatar
*this backfired however as this turns time backwards*
EpicScoutBLU's avatar
Deadpool: STFU Thanos!
SuperDuperPal15's avatar
Me: see that cute giant bunny, kookaburra.
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EpicScoutBLU's avatar
Are you freaking still at it?! I speak things the easy way and you talk back the hard way.
SuperDuperPal15's avatar
Sorry, dude! That's how my family does things: the hard way!
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angusyoung3's avatar
cream: MOMMY??!!! D:
RensMeerkat's avatar
Reminds me of an eppisode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic where Applejack tuns tiny as a result of a magic plant.
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Bridle Gossip if I recall correctly, Applejack became Appletini thanks to the Poison Joke's effects.
RensMeerkat's avatar
Yes, that's the eppisode I'm refering too!
Xemnas-sama's avatar
While being tiny her voice cracked me up, especially when she called Twilight TWALA XD.
RensMeerkat's avatar
Yes, I was kinda disapointed after she was restored to normal.
MyLuckyCars's avatar
See, mama always watching you ....
4ATOMIC4's avatar
What those yellow lines on Cream's head?
ilovesonicelerizo's avatar
Me pregunto que habra pasado para que Vainilla este tan pequeña
diego-toon-master's avatar
Cream looks like "OMG". i wonder what is she going to do with her shrunken mom. as for Vanilla, she doesn't seem to mind being small...
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