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Gallery Folders

Doodle-90 by ThanatornYantaporn
GAMEBOY - Bowsette Issue by steevinlove
Warrior Peach by DarkerEve
Map of Sophia by AugustinasRaginskis
Official PUBLISHED Anime and Manga
Ciel Phantomhive by SophieAiden
The wound is where the light enters by AdriaMarina
daddy and his son f2u icons by magicianwife
Doujinshi promotion. by lili-tomato
Angels and Demons
Inktober - day 11 - Chibi Anael by Animefanka
Demon of Wind by SquirrelHsieh
Demonica - Inktober 2018 by KatanoZade
Yhnir, Nightfall and Igniter - Open Project (?) by Cryptos13
Ombre by ReneeVonMorren
Case Closed -  Critical Role Fanart [Speedpaint] by SafirasArt
Cherry blossoms by NikaInfinity
Oh look a pagan wedding by HornedKingVeles
Dragons I Full
Toxophilus Headshot by FellFallow
Kin ~ contest entry #2 by Nihalla
Lost Dreams by Fucal
Tenebros by Eternity9
Dragons II
Verenar by Sidonie
Sol by dschunai
Nyro by dschunai
Solaris Inferni by dschunai
Elves and Drow
Alloragon|comm by ShivaWalker
Elfine by KatanoZade
Reminiscents of the Past by x-Celebril-x
Commission for Muragarasu by Rina-Li
Mischievous   Fairy by anais-anais61
Thalia Fanart by RedBeatha
Halloween Magic by Ladesire
DIANA by NikaInfinity
Faerie Tales
The Morrigan by nik-ivanov
Sweet Feet :nsfw optional: by Emerald--Weapon
Little Red Riding Hood - COMMISSION by Nenril-Tf
Sweet Revenge by Lora-Vysotskaya
Fantasy Crafts
Malachite necklace by jessy25522
RWBY - The Fall Maiden by craftsbyblue
Inktober-3-31-2018 - Roasted  by AndromedasWitchery
FairyFox Pendant - White by TrollGirl
Furries and Anthro
Cysh in space by Tigrsasha
Halflings Gnomes Dwarves Goblins
Ork! (color) by Area283
Horses and Centuars
Light and Darkness by MiaRogi
Landscapes and Backgrounds
Eko by dschunai
Line Art and BlackWhite
Xaphan by HypoThermus
Magic Users
Inktober 2018 - Plant Witch by KatanoZade

Mature Content

:Bowsette: by MeguBunnii
Original Comic Books
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 369 by ARVEN92
Taylor Willson = Unborn baby's gift by AiraTheArtist
Other Fantasy Animals
Freshly Turned Wendigo by DragonCuali
Other Fantasy Characters
Your worst nightmare by DragonCuali
Steampunk and SciFi
Sassy Dragon - Cyborg Girl form by SassyDragon18
Super Heros
Supergirl TAS by bat123spider
Vampires Monsters Undead
Pass another one! by DragonCuali
Video Game Fantasy
Twitch Emote: noppLove for EnNopp112 by Rabenfeder
Killer by IcedEdge
Wolves and Other Canines
Chibi Test Shade by fBytie
Weapons and Armor
Weaponry 632 by Random223
Zodiac and Tarot Cards
Cancer (2018) by LaGelfling
I just wanted to apologize b/c a lot of your submissions are expiring.  I'm trying to go through them all and request them as they go, but the problem is that they are expiring in the first place.  We need a couple more active contributors to help vote and approve submissions.  If you're interested in helping us out with this, please feel free to message the group or leave a comment here and I will message you.

Otherwise, there's nothing that can be done, and that really sucks b/c this group is so big and active and just plain amazing :)
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Group Info

Let your dreams take you to places untold!
Are you looking for a place to show off all of your mystical and magical artwork? Then we are the right place for you! Whether your art features Elves, Dragons, Faeries, Wizards, or Sexy Barbarians, this is the place for you!! Stand by b/c just like magic, we are always changing!
Founded 9 Years ago
Feb 2, 2010


Group Focus
Art Collection

2,973 Members
2,545 Watchers
90,379 Pageviews
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Group Rules - Plz Read!

Basic Guildlines

~*~Warning: If you do not submit to the correct folder, your art WILL be declined, however you will be encouraged to resubmit to the correct folder for further consideration....continuing to submit art to the incorrect folders will result in your artwork being denied w/o explanation. It takes 3 minutes to read the rules :) Get your work accepted faster if you submit correctly!~*~

*Outright porn. This is not the place for that.
*Works in Progress. Let us see you at your best! We do however encourage you to submit your line art to our Line Art folder to give others a chance to colour your work if you'd like.

Official PUBLISHED Anime/Manga
If it's from PUBLISHED anime or manga, it goes here. You CAN put your OCs from that anime in here, just make sure it's clear in the title or description so you're not declined. (Examples: Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Your OC Pokemon Trainer.)

Angels & Demons
Feathered wings, demon horns.

Two characters together in a somewhat loving way. PG only please! (See Mature folder.)

Teeth, fangs, leathery wings. Or not. All dragons are different but all can find a home here.

Elves & Drow
Black, white, good, bad. Worshipers of Corellon Larethian or Lloth.

Faerie Tales
Classic or modern stories. (Examples: Little Red Riding Hood, Charlotte's Web, Cinderella)

All kinds of wings!

*Fantasy Crafts
Jewelry and other fantasy crafts that you have made.

Furries & Anthro
Humanoid people with fur and other animal-like features.

Halflings Gnomes Dwarves
Tiny people, big hairy feet!

Unicorns, Pegasus, and other fantasy horses. Centaurs ARE allowed for this folder.

Landscapes & Backgrounds
Magical backgrounds or landscapes. Examples could include a mysterious castle or a many-mooned sky.

Magic Users
OCs that use magic or cast magic. Examples are mages, priests, magicians, necromancers.

PG13 and up. A good rule is if there's nudity (even if it's tasteful) it should go here. Races and genders don't matter. Naked = Placed here automatically.

Women and men with tails where their legs should be.

*Original Comic Books
Have a comic strip? Submit it here! No matter what the topic is or who is involved, if it's a comic-style it should go here! (Mature-themed comics should still go to the Mature folder.)

Other Fantasy Animals
Fantastic animals that don't have their own special folders. (Examples: Griffons, Bats, Foxes, made up animals, etc.)

Other Fantasy Characters
Characters that don't really fit any other folders.

Steampunk & SciFi
Space themes and geared out artwork go here.

*Super Heros
Batman. Superman. Venom. Well, okay Venom is a villain, but this folder is for all of your comic book-type characters. OFFICIAL stuff only. Your ocs should go to their respective folders.

Blood suckers, scary things, and the risen corpses of foul magic should go here.

Video Game Fantasy
Characters from video games, regardless of their races. (Examples: Mario, World of Warcraft, Simon's Quest, etc...See FAQ.)

Heavily armoured men. Chain mail bikinis. Archers. Melee-type characters should go here, and so should bow-users.

Like dogs, only more wild. Animals only.

Weapons and Armor
If you can wear it or kill things with it, show it off here. Examples would be a sword you created for a cosplay.

Zodiac & Tarot Cards
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, & Pisces. Also featuring Chinese zodiac & Japanese Years. Designs of all tarot cards should be submitted here, too.

Fantasy stories.

1.) I drew Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask together? Which folder does it go into?
-Since both are characters from an anime, it would go into the Anime and Manga, NOT Couples.
2.) I drew me with Mario. Where does it go?
3.) I drew a Drow Warrior. Where does it go?
-Elves & Drow.
4.) I drew Spyro the Dragon. Where does it go?
-Although Spyro is a dragon, he is primarily known for being a video game character. Therefore, it would go into the Video Game Fantasy folder.









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