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The Castle

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Volcano Mountain   Cave   Crater   volcano   Mountain   Lava

Night   Desert   Castle   Sunrise   Volcano   Volcano   Volcano

Volcano   Rock

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Bowser's latest location for his new castle.
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" As i walk through the World of Gehenna, i come closer to Lord Lucifer's Castle with every single Hour that elapses ... ... "
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Amazing Neat work.

You may think its odd but for a moment I thought it was Luke Skywalker arriving at an Evil Sith version of the Disney castle.
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I'm thinking more of someone approaching Satan's Castle in Hell :XD: :D
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It that avatar Aang
 Mad Aang 
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i have never seen such a beautiful girl like you,can i make a friend with you?
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Fantastic ( the tutorial was awesome! ) 
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This is mighty impressive... I like it :nod:
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This looks awesome.
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Great piece! The atmosphere here is palpable - the lone hero with his back to us gazing at his ultimate objective and what stands in his way of getting there. It evokes awe, fear, determination and resolve all at the same time, as we don't know for sure if he'll ultimately achieve what he's set out to do but we'll happily root for him every step of the way.

Nice job with this! :)
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This is AWESOME. 
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This looks like a nightmare, a crucial quest into hellish landscape.
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Beautiful! And that lava makes one heck of a moat!
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Walt Disney meets Mustafar. Well they do own Star Wars now...
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Real Estate pricing must be a well as traffic.
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you looked at the word warning!
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*And then, an old man with a Mickey mouse's hat appears*

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