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November 3, 2015
Imagination by FantasyArt0102 makes excellent use of light and colors, topped off with an intriguing sense of depth and lots of details to delve into.
Featured by ErikShoemaker
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Bird link 

Lighthouse link 

colonial ship png link 

angler link 

tree link  

Aquarium link link 

Rock link  

Sea World link 

Sea link 

Forest link 

Glass Bottle png link 

Shark link 

Male link 

BG Glass link
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Swarhzonov's avatar
The myriad of thoughts and feelings this conjures.... excellent work...

this is is the first image of yours I came across that introduced me to your awesome work
Hello I want to make a post on my facebook page showing your art, we will give you the credits you allow?
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OrdoGemini's avatar
Absolutely stunning and every pixel is perfectly executed - a true masterpiece!
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OrangeRoses by KmyGraphic Hello by KmyGraphic    
 your beautiful Deviation is sooooo Beautiful by KmyGraphic  and now featured by :iconlove2manip: in a special folder under Ultimative TOP Featured Manips

WithLove by KmyGraphic AND Have-a-Beautiful-Day by KmyGraphic
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I want to send the link of my article where I warn everyone that there is a person who is stealing the materials of others:
You have done some amazing artwork. Looking forward to what you reveal next!
TheHunkyMonkey74's avatar
Whenever I look at this masterpiece. I usually think of growing up and having to leave your childhood behind. Everything about it is just beautiful. 
Telkan's avatar
This look sooooo good!
Great work here!
Kahdrim's avatar
Lovely concept, superbly executed.
PandaNotes's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful, there is something so dreamy and soulful about it. :heart:  
MichalKx's avatar
I feel like you put hours of work into every pixel of this art, amazing :)
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Shadowkey392's avatar
oooooh!  I like it!
moonxbunneh's avatar
This is an amazing piece.
It is like his dream is inside the bottle but I don't think he's walking away from his dream.
I think he's coming to get it.
He's walking towards the light... to his dream.

This is beautiful.

Cathartic-Rain's avatar
This makes me sad. I love the image, but I can't shake the feeling that the lad walking away just up and abandoned one of the best parts of being human.
foxanimations123's avatar
This is so beatuyful!😍
Ksatie's avatar
wow, there's something warm and touching here ... some images are really powerful !
1BeneDict's avatar
Breathtaking!!I think I've fainted. 
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