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The Irregulars 5: Unleash the Kraken - 77COPENHAGEN, DENMARKWith the lecture effectively over, Penny called to her friends telepathically and they met up on the auditorium floor while the hundreds of people in the hall began leaving, most in a state of alarm. The EuroStars were in urgent discussion, led by Autobahn. “Penny! Penny! The CIA are after me!” Olivia had turned her clothes invisible so that she couldn’t be seen. “They will never touch you again,” Penny vowed, then looked at her man. “Mars, you said the CIA team has been captured? All of them?” “All the ones I could find,” he said and related the story of his encounter with the CIA operative. “With the threat of death on him, he spilled his guts, told me everything. I got Ember, and with the bastard’s guidance we found the rest of the team. I detained them on this tiny spit of nothing in the Pacific, then took the first guy to the Danish authorities. He confessed to everything. After that, I teleported his friends directly into a Copenhagen jail cell after the cops allowed me a look at it.” Penny gave him a proud smile. “Excellent, well done.” “Ember was all for just flaming the bastards, but I convinced her that this was better in the long run. We’ve exposed their operation and now the Americans are in for a whole new round of worldwide backlash. They never fucking learn.” I still say I should’ve flamed them, Ember grumped. “All right, here’s what we’re going to do,” Penny told them. “Mars, please take Olivia back to the chalet right now, where she’ll be safe. Annalise, I want you to go with her, please, make sure she’s all right and has company.” “Of course, Miss Parker,” said Annalise, taking Olivia’s hand as the young woman let her clothes become visible once more. I’m going with her! Ember declared. She needs somebody to protect her and that’s gonna be me! Anybody tries anything, and I’ll flame them to ash! The Martian translated and Olivia made a happy sound, picking up the feisty little alien cat and hugging her lovingly. Penny kissed Ember on the head. “Thank you, Ember. I know you’ll keep her safe.” Penny looked at Nina and Cera. “Nina, I’m going to need your help. I’m going to start looking for spies and I can do it far more efficiently if you lend me your psychic power.” “You can count on me, Penny,” Nina told her with uncharacteristic seriousness. “This is going to leave Nina and I somewhat vulnerable, so I’d like you, Cera, to stand guard over us. Your sheer physical might makes you the ultimate bodyguard.” “I’m there, luv,” Cera promised. “No-one’ll get past me.” “Needless to say, this conference is over as far as we’re concerned. Priorities are now getting Olivia to safety and hunting down and eliminating any spies. Mars?” “See you in a bit.” He gave Olivia a supportive hug and she clung to him with Ember standing on her shoulders. “Annalise, take a deep breath.” Annalise did as instructed, feeling extremely nervous. She’d never been teleported by The Martian before and gripped his arm tightly. He gave a nod and they vanished with a green flash. Penny, Cera and Nina waited patiently, watching as the auditorium emptied and the EuroStars talked with the Guardians. The Renegades left, getting looks of disgust from everyone. Ten or fifteen minutes later The Martian reappeared. “All right, Olivia’s settled in safe and sound,” he supplied. “Now what?” Purple Penny narrowed her violet eyes dangerously. “Now I go on the hunt.”The Bella Center Copenhagen had dozens of meeting rooms in a large variety of sizes and styles, from small rooms seating less than a dozen, to far larger rooms with the capacity to host over a hundred people. It hadn’t been hard for Penny to get approval to have one loaned to her. Meeting Room 17 was quite spacious, with large windows providing a good view and plenty of natural light. The tables and chairs were thoroughly plain and utilitarian, arranged in a large U shape to seat two dozen people. Penny and Nina were in the middle of the U space, sitting on chairs facing each other, their knees touching and holding hands, eyes closed in concentration. Their fur coats and purses, along with Cera’s, were on the nearby tables. The meeting room door was locked, Cera and The Martian off to one side in conversation. “You ever see Penny like this before?” Cera asked, her voice low. The Martian nodded. “When we infiltrated CIA Headquarters to free Olivia,” he said, very softly. “She went into a trance like this to scan everyone in the building.” Cera gave a thoughtful expression. “Just how powerful is she?” “Pretty much the strongest telepath on the entire effing planet,” he answered, without boasting. “At least I’ve never heard of anyone who’s stronger.” Cera looked at him. “Not even Esprit of the EuroStars?” “Oh please, Penny could wipe the floor with her,” he said with a you-gotta-be-kidding-me expression. “Being a member of the EuroStars doesn’t automatically make you the best. Esprit’s good, granted – but Penny’s way more powerful.” He gave her an amused smile. “So you and Nina, huh?” Cera actually blushed and biffed him on the arm. “S’all your fault, you conniving sod. You bloody well set me up! You put me square in her sights and now look at me.” “In love and having the best sex of your entire life?” Cera couldn’t help but smile, looking at her feet. “Spot on there, mate.” “I do understand the effect she has, believe me,” he said, sighing happily. “So you and Penny and Nina… you really were a threesome?” “Yes, we’ve slept together a few times. But that’s kinda the reason we introduced you to her: so she could have a new girlfriend to focus on.” “Sorry?” said Cera, puzzled. “Look, it’s simple. Penny still loves Nina, even though they broke up ages ago. It’s the reason why we had sex: Penny has a really hard time saying no to Nina. But now that Nina’s in love again, has you as her girlfriend, most of her sexual energy is focused on you and not us. This helps Penny resist her oh-so ample charms.” “So I was just some kind of–“ “Hey, are you in love with her or not?” he said, cutting her off. Cera closed her eyes for a moment. “I’m in love with her.” “And I’m assuming she’s the most fantastic lover you’ve ever had?” “God, that goes without saying,” Cera confirmed with a blissfully happy sigh. “Nina’s done things to me, shown me things, had me in so many fabulous ways…” “Then I don’t see what the problem is. Yes, we set you up on an ambush date. But if it worked out, then who gives a shit? You’re happy, Nina’s happy, we’re happy.” “I suppose that’s true,” Cera conceded. The Martian put his finger to his lips. “Good. Now shush.”When Penny had scanned the CIA Headquarters building in Langley, Virginia, she had had hundred and hundreds of minds to scan and sift through. It had taken time and it hadn’t been easy or pleasant. Now with the Bella Center Copenhagen convention centre, along with the adjacent Bella Sky Copenhagen hotel, and the surrounding blocks, there were thousands and thousands of minds to scan and sift through. However, this time she had help. Nina may have been an empath and not a telepath, but that still made her a psychic and a strong one at that. Moreover, the two of them had been lovers for a long time and still loved each other. Their thoughts and emotions had merged countless times while making love, and that kind of bond doesn’t go away. So it was easy for them to psychically link so that Nina could provide Penny with all the extra psionic energy she required for her daunting task. Not to mention having Nina along for the ride gave Penny much-needed mental and emotional support. Digging into other people’s heads was something she did not enjoy. She normally had to keep her psychic shields up to keep thoughts blocked out, because far too often those thoughts were very unpleasant. Most other telepaths had no regard whatsoever for the mental privacy of others, reading their minds at whim and without permission. Unless she was on the job, Penny tried to stay out of people’s heads. Purple Penny was currently on the job, and then some. The CIA had tried to spy on the whole conference, in complete contempt of not only everyone’s rights to freedom and privacy, but the entire theme of the conference itself: metahuman rights. Then there was the matter of violating Denmark’s sovereignty and who knew how many international laws, treaties and agreements in the process. Denmark also happened to be a member of NATO, to which the USA belonged. Trump may’ve been assassinated years ago for being so stupid as to repeatedly insult the Faërie Queen on Twitter, but his successor, President Mike “Pray the Gay Away” Pence had proven just as arrogant, stupid, and dismissive of international law. It was remarkable that he hadn’t been assassinated as well. Then there was the whole matter of Olivia. She was only now finally getting past the trauma of her imprisonment, rape and torture at the hands of the CIA – then this has to go and happen. Penny understood The Martian’s reasoning, to expose the Americans for the monsters they were; but she also agreed with Ember – they needed flaming. Penny might not be able to breathe fire but she was quite capable of killing. Time to show these fascist bastards the error of their ways.When Penny found her first intelligence operatives at the conference, to her surprise they weren’t American or Russian or Chinese. They were Israeli, a pair of Mossad agents (man and woman) who were in Copenhagen to log attending supers, important metahuman supporters and (top of the list) identify Muslim metahumans – especially anyone with links to Islamic groups or connections with the despised Palestinians. To say that the USA and Israel were close was putting it mildly. No matter what the other nation did, no matter how reprehensible, it was all okay and they supported each other. If any American politician dared to make even the slightest criticism of Israeli policies, they were branded anti-Semitic and hounded out of office. Likewise, the Israelis turned a blind eye to anything vile the Americans did (such as secret illegal prison sites where metahumans were routinely tortured) and made excuses for them. Netanyahu was just as corrupt and despicable as Trump, if not quite as stupid. As far as Penny was concerned, Mossad was as vicious as the CIA, if not more. They certainly had a well-earned international reputation for being especially ruthless. There were two agents in their hotel room, discussing The Martian’s speech and what it would mean for them and their American allies. Should he be terminated? Penny immediately took control of the female agent’s mind – at which point the agent drew her pistol and shot her partner in the head, blowing his brains out. Her shock and alarm became terror when she then turned the gun on herself, screaming before she blew her own brains out. Nina was frightened by their executions; but Penny was furious and in no mood for any kind of leniency or mercy. No-one threatened the life of her beloved Martian and lived, especially not a pair of soulless Mossad killers. From that point on the body count began to rise. At the Restaurant BASALT in the Bella Sky hotel just next door, a Chinese operative was having an early dinner and preparing his report to his despotic overlords in Beijing. To the surprise and alarm of those at the tables around him, he suddenly stiffened and cried out in agony, clutching either side of his head. He fell out of his chair and lay on the floor, spasming wildly as blood burst from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. It lasted no more than ten seconds – after which he went still, unquestionably dead. In a nearby parking garage there was an unremarkable white panel van with a trio of agents from Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation, the MİT. In their opinion any metahuman was a threat and should be eradicated – except those few working as special assassins for the Republic, of course. In a few chaotic seconds the three men suddenly drew their weapons and shot each other repeatedly, leaving behind a real mess. In one of the Bella Sky hotel’s queen guest rooms, a very curvaceous blonde belonging to Russia’s SVR was doing her duty as a honey trap: fucking the daylights out of a foreign agent (a member of America’s NRO) in her efforts to get information from him about America’s loss of all of its spy satellites. He yelled in pure horror when she suddenly convulsed while she was riding him – and then collapsed with blood flowing from every orifice on her head. He died moments later in exactly the same manner. A spy belonging to Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence (who was at the Indian restaurant, Rasoi, across the road from the convention centre) sent his plate of curry flying when he collapsed on the table, screaming and clawing at his face. He fell off the chair onto the floor, yelling helplessly until his brain fried inside his skull, his eyes rupturing. Lastly, there was the senior NSA agent and his team of four subordinates. The agent had actually been seated among the auditorium’s audience and heard Penny’s and The Martian’s speeches firsthand while his men waited outside in the lobby. NSA files listed Penelope Parker, aka Purple Penny, as a telepath with uncharted abilities – although she was believed to be very powerful. Her younger sister, Olivia Parker, had been one of the detainees at the Kalama Detention Facility, and it was suspected that Purple Penny was involved in some way with her sister’s escape. As for The Martian, his abilities as a long-range teleporter were greatly sought after by most intelligence agencies and militaries around the globe. At least those who believed in his existence. The ability to travel instantly to any place on Earth without anyone being able to stop him? What government didn’t want that power? And now it seemed that he and Penelope Parker were on very friendly terms. Put the two together and the means by which the prisoners escaped Johnston Atoll now seemed evident. The agent had rounded up all of his men and they were gathered in the hotel parking lot, preparing for the trip to the Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport. The fact that Purple Penny and The Martian were allies was crucially important intel, the kind that might solve a lot of mysteries. Bringing it back to the NSA would also certainly mean a promotion for him. Maybe even get him transferred to Unit Omega. But as he was about to get into his rented black SUV, his three men in the second vehicle abruptly drew their weapons and shot each other to death. Stunned, he let out a yell when his own driver put his pistol in his mouth and killed himself. “What the fuck?!” I’m sorry, Agent Bishop, but you’re not leaving Copenhagen alive, said a woman’s voice in his mind. You’ve figured out too much about me. More importantly, you and your kind have done too much harm already. I can’t let you go back to the NSA and set them loose on me and the ones I love. I won’t allow it. Now do me the favour of killing yourself. “No!” Although he tried to resist, Agent Bishop was unable to stop himself from putting his pistol in his own mouth and pulling the trigger.Penny let out a gasp as she returned to herself, and so did Nina, both women letting go of each other’s hands and breathing quickly. Cera and The Martian hurried to their sides, offering bottles of water. Both women drank gratefully – then Nina put her arms around Cera and held on tight, letting out a rattling sob of emotion. Cera held and kissed her reassuringly, glancing over at Penny who was also getting a hug. “You all right, Penny?” The Martian asked, concerned. “I will be,” she replied, kissing him, then touched Nina’s leg. “I’m sorry you had to go through all that, my love, but it was necessary. It’s them or us.” “I know, I know,” said Nina, wiping her eyes. “I’ve never killed anyone before.” “And you didn’t,” Penny told her. “I did the killing. You were only a witness. I wish you could’ve avoided seeing what I had to do, but there was no other way.” “How many were there?” The Martian asked. “Even more than I suspected,” Penny answered, angry and worried. “A full alphabet soup of spy agencies from around the world. But I found every agent within a half-mile radius and… how do they put it? Removed them with extreme sanction. The news media will be flooded with mysterious deaths, murders and suicides before long.” “Time we were going then, darling,” Nina observed wearily. The Martian put his arm around his girlfriend and helped her stand. “I couldn’t agree more. We’ll pack our things and take the jet home. Is that all right with you?” Penny asked The Martian. “It’ll help keep up appearances.” “More time with you is always good time,” he told her happily. “I could use a nap,” Nina agreed and kissed Cera. “With you of course, darling.” Cera smiled adoringly and scooped Nina up in her arms. Nina held on and cuddled. None of her other girlfriends had ever been able to carry her so easily. It was a delightful benefit of dating a superhuman beauty like Cera Bathory. Penny kissed her man. “All right, let’s get out of here.”
Betty Gilpin as Lady Blackhawk (Birds of Prey) by MZimmer1985


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