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A collection of Fantasy Themed Comics/Webcomics created by our beloved DA Artists. Everyone welcome!
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543 Members
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About Us

:star: Group Objective :star:

:bulletblack:To have a central location of Fantasy-themed webcomics within DA. Fantasy-themed comics in the group can include anything that defies our perception reality. Therefore even horror and superhero themes are welcome.

:bulletblack:Promotion of your webcomic to a target audience that is interested in the work that you're doing. (ie webcomic fans that may be a member and/or watcher of this group). Once we have at least 100 members, monthly features will be available to highlight selected webcomic title(s) submitted within the group.

:bulletblack:Meet friends and network with the people who can help you out and vice versa.

:star:How it started:star:

I am currently in the process of making a fantasy webcomic. I got a storyline, character designs and plot already. But it is hard to motivate myself to go on with the project without any like-minded people to inspire me with their drive and an audience with the same enthusiasm.

So an idea of a fantasy webcomic focused group came to me. I hope it will help all of you as much as I see it helping me :)

:star:Who We Are:star:

:bulletblack: Fantasy Webcomic Enthusiasts
Do you like reading fantasy-themed webcomics? Look no more and welcome home! You'll feed your addiction to fantasy-themed webcomics here.

:bulletblack: Fantasy Webcomic Authors, Artists and Writers
Let the world know that you've got an epic story to tell with awesome characters. Here you'll find like-minded people who make fantasy comics themselves and are a fan of the same genre.

Gain friends and have this virtual support group to keep you inspired. We know it's hard to keep a big project going but hey, we're here to help each other out.

:star:Requirements to be a Member:star:
None. Everyone welcome!

:star:Gallery Folders:star:

Featured - Contains the best comic pages and concept artwork submitted to the group and those we could find around DA. Picked by admins.

Featured Comics - Contains the profile (Group meme format) of comics that have been featured within the group.

Comics Directory - Fill out the Group's Meme… (you can also make your own) and submit it here to advertise your webcomic to the world. Readers, this is where you'll find the complete listings of Fantasy Webcomics in the group.

Concept Art - Concept artworks related to your comic. (e.g. character designs, environments, Covers etc.)

Comic Pages - Gallery for your sample comic pages. (Speech bubbles not required if you'd rather have the reader directly visit your webcomic site)

:target:Submission Requirements:target:

-Comic storyline must have a fantasy theme. . Hybrids are also fine. I'll use the term fantasy here loosely (e.g. sci-fi/fantasy, horror, etc).

-Absolutely NO unfinished work (e.g. sketches, half-assed work) but all skill levels are welcome. Just make sure you put your best effort in your submissions. You'd want to put your best foot forward to your potential readers, right? :)

-NSFW/Mature content are NOT accepted BUT Mature themed comics are welcome in the Webcomics listing as well as related artworks that are not labeled mature by DA standards. A field will be available in the comic profile meme to indicate this. If we get enough submissions, we might put a separate folder for these someday.

-Submitting to the wrong folder will be automatically declined, just resubmit to the correct one.

-I'll try my best to state the reasons for declining but sometimes I may be too busy. Just ask me if you're really curious.

Questions? Feel free to ask.

:star:Group Activities (to be updated):star:

Monthly Webcomic Feature - We'll pick a comic that stands out to be featured and have a short questionnaire for the author to answer our most daunting (webcomic) related questions!

Help Wanted! - Looking to hire an artist/writer for project or are you an artist/writer available for hire (either for free, daPoints or real money)? Advertise here. We'll have a regular journal posting specifically for this.

Contests - Because no DA group should be without them :D

More to come!







Hello. First of all, I apologize for the inactivity. I have been pretty busy in the last couple of years. So I decided (again)   to open an admin spot or two  for anyone who wants to shake things up a bit here :) I'll still be around but I might not be able to do more than approve submissions and answer to certain questions ^^"

If you're interested on becoming an admin of this group. Please let me know :)
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Here's a link to my current fantasy webcomic "A Gathering of Spells":


A Gathering of Spells- Cover by snowshadow23 A Gathering of Spells  73 by snowshadow23   A Gathering of Spells Page 70 by snowshadow23   A Gathering of Spells Page 54 by snowshadow23   A Gathering of Spells by snowshadow23  
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Thank you guys for accepting me!! Check out my web comic at :)
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I'm making a Google Form research about webcomic's readers in order to help creators understand the public a little better. If you're interested, here's the link There's a lot of cool information in it and it would be of an immense help if you would help me share so we can help the webcomics community. 

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Want to affiliate? 
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Do you take gore and small bits of nudity
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Hi there. Thanks for letting me join the group. I'm running a fantasy/mmorpg themed webcomic over on my website. I'll be posting art here as well.
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Hey everyone how are you doing ?
checkout this comic that my sister and I worked for a competition!
please vote for it and rate it!
I know that is annoying when someone ask for votes, but we want to win this competition
so hard is our dream please help us and share it !!!!

Gerot is not like any other super hero, instead of saving humanity, he unintentionally lead it to its ultimate destruction. This is the story of how everything happened. He is always trying to become a successful superhero, but unfortunately his terrible decisions have led to devastating events. How…
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What if my series is of a violent amd gory type?
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check out my webcomic "Anterra Chronicles" :)
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