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Bulletta Lievre the Sky Pirate by leviathen
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Batman Villains Girls Only by NoFlutter
Daft Punk by Cash-89
DAFT PUNK by TadeoMendoza
Daft Punk by JINNdev
Daft Punk by metal-marty
MrBubbles: Steampunkish Sailor by MrBubbles24
Airship Mechanic by DamnedRomance
Gunslinger by DamnedRomance
Face Your Monster by PunkTrunk
Face Your Monster View 2 by PunkTrunk
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Roent by InjectionOfMadness
Pirate WIP by NoFlutter
Ecchi and Hentai
Pin up contest entry by drios

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random thought 2 by drios

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Binary and Daft Punk-Commision by Dark-Vanessa

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hentai girl2 by Ganassa
Emo v. punk version 2 by shidabeeda
Emo vs. Punk dress up by shidabeeda
Cute Emo Dress up game by SquidPig
LOST SOUL by MarcusJones
Vintage Punk
Steampunk aviator by OlayaValle
Street Punk
Aimless: Ted by XXAnemia
Pixel Art
Holiday MPLs by NoFlutter
Velika by MrBubbles24
Steampunk Redone Request by PunkTrunk
Ninja and Pirate Punk
Bulletta Lievre the Sky Pirate by leviathen
Anthro and Furry
Furry by AuberAlex
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Penny The Punk Piggy by yuureikun
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Stamps and icons
Daft Punk free icon by helplessdancer








Country Cute by dolldelight Country Cute :icondolldelight:dolldelight 870 61 Steampunk Snow White by MarcelPerez Steampunk Snow White :iconmarcelperez:MarcelPerez 5,482 397 Steampunk Alice in Wonderland by MarcelPerez Steampunk Alice in Wonderland :iconmarcelperez:MarcelPerez 2,550 221 punk by JENJYart punk :iconjenjyart:JENJYart 988 88 Cyber Angel by FraNz85 Cyber Angel :iconfranz85:FraNz85 176 21 Steampunk by Fiorinox Steampunk :iconfiorinox:Fiorinox 659 28 Steampunk Scarecrow by eoghankerrigan Steampunk Scarecrow :iconeoghankerrigan:eoghankerrigan 2,720 191 Steampunk by DataScream Steampunk :icondatascream:DataScream 335 30 Steampunk Wings by rocknro8907 Steampunk Wings :iconrocknro8907:rocknro8907 2,919 203 Steampunk Angel by zetallis Steampunk Angel :iconzetallis:zetallis 2,169 85 Steampunk portrait by ooneithoo Steampunk portrait :iconooneithoo:ooneithoo 3,617 529 Steampunk Locket by Xerces Steampunk Locket :iconxerces:Xerces 3,250 587 Steampunk Gentleman by pixeleiderdown Steampunk Gentleman :iconpixeleiderdown:pixeleiderdown 3,427 266 Steampunk Rooster by ursulav Steampunk Rooster :iconursulav:ursulav 5,161 447 Steampunk Pin by TheWizardsVault Steampunk Pin :iconthewizardsvault:TheWizardsVault 2,131 117 Steampunk Prime by ninjaink Steampunk Prime :iconninjaink:ninjaink 1,465 77




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:star: OFFICIAL RULES & FAQ :star:

:bulletpink: What is cross-submission?
:bulletorange: What if my submission fits into more than one folder?
:bulletyellow: Is mature themed art allowed?
:bulletgreen: Why do I have to observe these rules?
:bulletblue: What happens if I cross-submit?
:bulletpurple: What if I keep cross-submitting?
:bulletpink: Why was my submission denied?
:bulletorange: What are the standards?
:bulletyellow: Why hasn't my submission been approved? Why did it expire? Is this group active?
:bulletgreen: How can my piece be eligible for a Feature?

:bulletpink: What is cross-submission?
Cross-submission is when you upload a submission to the wrong folder. For example, uploading a picture consisting of robotic features (cyberpunk) to the Streetpunk folder.

:bulletorange: What if my submission fits into more than one folder?
You're going to have to pick the folder you think is the MOST appropriate. Use your best judgement. At a later date an administrator might copy the submission to another folder if necessary, since double-submissions initially are not allowed as of yet.

:bulletyellow: Is mature-themed art allowed?
Yes! We allow MATURE art, which goes into the Hentai/Ecchi folder. As long as the deviation itself is labeled with nudity warning, we do not have any limitations to the submissions regarding nudity, (or even gore, which wouldn't be in the same folder!)

:bulletgreen: Why do I have to observe these rules?
So the administrators don't have to clean up the folders every week because people don't want to be considerate of us.

:bulletblue: What happens if I cross-submit?
The submission will be denied. You can resubmit the piece again, to the right folder.

:bulletpurple: What if I keep cross-submitting?
You will have your submission-privilege revoked & will only be able to view the group for a probationary period. Trust me, I know who you are if you keep cross-submitting.

:bulletpink: Why was my submission denied?
It was a cross-submission or was a submissions that does not meet the requirements for this group.

:bulletorange: What are the standards?
They vary by art-type, but ANY submission should look like a significant amount of time & effort was put into it! You should be extremely proud of the piece you are submitting! ONLY finished pieces may be submitted to individual folders; do not submit WIPS (works in progress) or otherwise "unfinished art" to anything but the Sketches/Linearts folder (no matter what the content is). "Unfinished art" is: colored by pencil ink marker or crayon with little-to-no shading or highlighting, a 5 minute Photoshop job, flatted scans, has scan-lines, is a photo with no photo-editing, etc. Bases & inked Linearts that are finished pieces MEANT to be customized by others do NOT belong in the Sketches folder, but in the 'For Use' Folders.

:bulletyellow: Why hasn't my submission been approved? Why did it expire? Is this group active?
The administrators are only human & we have other responsibilities besides managing a small DA community. If your submission doesn't appear in the folder you submitted it to within a week, the submission will expire & requires resubmission. If you don't like the result of this, being snide isn't going to work with us; don't complain, resubmit.

:bulletgreen: How can my piece be eligible for a Feature?
It has to be a quality work that is receiving much positive attention or praise in or outside the group.



:star: FOLDER RULES :star:

:bulletpink: Cyberpunk
Fantasy and Sci-fi characters that can either be considered robots, cyborgs, androids, etc. Cyberpunk characters do not necessarily have to have crazy piercings, hair and clothes like the typical street punk, because Cyberpunk itself has technological and futuristic features.

:bulletorange: Steampunk
A subgenre of (mostly) fiction punks. The style consists of industrial, medieval and victorian fashion of gadgets, STEAM, metal and other such acessories that seem out of date of modern society. Like the name hints, it is inspired by STEAM POWER during the ages listed above. (Ex, Final Fantasy Characters)

:bulletyellow: Photography
No matter what the theme or subgenre of punk, if it a real-life PHOTO or ID, it must go into this folder. Photography must be of good quality.

:bulletgreen: Sketches/Linearts
WIP's and Unfinished traditional or digital pieces that consists of planning, design, and color coordinating. Finished Linearts that are not meant to be used by others also go here for the sake of convenience.

:bulletblue: Ecchi and Hentai
Sumissions that include nudity, mature subject matter and provocative/suggestive messages. All works submitted here must be finished and within DeviantArts rules of submitting mature art, other then that, no additional limitations or censorship will be put into action in any submitted pieces.

:bulletpurple: Generators
ONLY for dress-up and other interactive games that consists of something punk. If you have participated in one of these games and you would like to upload your result, you must upload it into this same folder with the permissions of the creator if necessary+credit. The submissions must be cleaned up and zoomed into the result, disregarding the background that consists of the click-able options that created your result. Remember, this is not your art piece with any artistic effort (Unless you edited it digitally) so it must be categorized and grouped as so. MEME'S GO HERE AS WELL.

:bulletpink: PunX
This consists of more dark and Gorey material. PunX itself is meant to embody a EMO like style, so anything that resembles EMO, something dark or gore, must go here.

:bulletorange: Punkabilly
Refers to a punk style that looks quite vintage or southern. It consist of big hair, tattoos (MUST), and vintage makeup/dresses most of the time. Look at the folder to see if you are not sure how that looks like.

:bulletyellow: Vintage Punk
Did I not just say that vintage themed style goes into Punkabilly. Well, that is only if the characters are covered in tattoos and piercings. More 'innocent' seeming vintage characters that lack tattoos, piercings (not completely, but mostly, or even completely) and such styles go in this folder. The drawing itself would seem vintage styled.

:bulletgreen: Streetpunk
Everyday punk style you will see on the streets. Mohawks, lip piercings, ripped jeans, neon hair, etc. Nothing fantasy or sci-fi about the body.

:bulletblue: Pixel Art
Whatever the theme or subcategory of punk, if it was done using pixels, it must go here.

:bulletpurple: Lolita
Girly girls with frilly skirts that seem quite doll-like. They can be either dark or light.

:bulletpink: Acessories
Punk-inspired jewerly, clothing or make-up! This is the only other folder that allows photography. The photo must consist of only the product, unless the idea of a model is obvious. If there is a human in the picture modeling the fashion otherwise, it must go into Photography.

:bulletorange: Ninja Punk
Self-explanatory! Ninjas...that are punk!

:bulletyellow: Anthro and Furry
No matter what the sub-category of punk, if the main characters are anthro's or furries that are representign the punk style, it goes in this folder!

:bulletgreen: Stamps & Icons
DA stamps or icons for use of profile icons or not!

:bulletblue: Character Profiles
Have you created a punk character and want to show it off? Do so in this folder! Whether it is a profile or a picture, it goes here, as long as its done!

:bulletpurple: Abstract
Submissions that seem quite abstract but interpret the idea of punk or represent it in the way of the artist.

:bulletpink: Scene
Sub-category that consist of the crazy big hair, eyeliner, neon fashion and extensions! You know what it is!

:bulletorange: For Use
Have you created something like a Lineart for people to color, a base, or anything else that interprets punk in a way or another? Upload it here! If it is an icon or stamp for public use, it goes in the Stamps and Icons folder instead. Meme templates, skins, etc go here as well! If it s a fashion piece for sale, it goes in the Accessory folder.

:bulletyellow: Cosplay
Got a picture for a con or something of you cosplaying in a punk fashion? Upload it here. It does not go into Photography, that is for Photos with much effort, editing and planning to express an idea.


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Are you a fan of the cyberpunk, steampunk, or any other kind of punk fashion/genre? If so, join our group and help us collect art for the fashion alternative community!
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