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A Royal Problem: The Untold StoryAzalea’s hoofsteps echoed through the hall. In her magical grasp, she held a dozen scrolls, each containing a new policy that she planned to propose. If she could get Princess Cadence’s approval, then the Crystal Empire could finally get traffic lights installed, just like all of the major cities in Equestria. Using her magic, Azalea made the doors to the throne room swing open. There, as usual, Princess Cadence was sitting on her throne, watching as her little Flurry Heart played with blocks on her activity quilt. “I brought some potential policies for you, Cadence,” Azalea said, giving her the pile of scrolls. “I’d appreciate it if you could look at them sometime.” “Thank you, Azalea,” Cadence replied, using her magic to take the scrolls and set them down next to her. “I’ll get started right away.” She levitated the first scroll, unfurled it, and started to scan it. However, her eyes had only scanned the parchment for a few seconds before they started to droop. Before long, her eyes shut completely, her head started to hang, and her magic faltered, causing the scroll to fall to the ground. “Cadence?” Azalea asked, concerned. “I’m awake!” Cadence suddenly blurted, her eyes snapping open as her head shot upright. Then seeming to become aware of the situation, she sighed and added, “I’m sorry, Azalea. It’s just… being a mother is great and all, but… I haven’t gotten as much sleep as I would like. It seems like Flurry cries for attention every two seconds, and while Shining and I try to take turns taking care of her, he sometimes manages to sleep right through his turn. Don’t ask me how he manages to do that; he just does.” She sighed again. “The Equestrian dream has a funny way of keeping you awake.” Azalea looked at Cadence, then at Flurry, then at Cadence again. Flurry didn’t seem like a difficult baby to her. On the contrary; Flurry seemed like she was happy to just play all day. Ever since her magic had been dampened to a manageable level, she was an absolute delight to be around. Of course, if Cadence was losing sleep due to motherhood, there was probably a reason for it. Azalea had an idea. “What if I watched the baby for a bit?” she suggested. “That way you could have some time to yourself.” Cadence’s baggy eyes widened. “Really?” she asked. “Are you sure?” “Sure I’m sure,” Azalea replied with a smile. “I’ve been meaning to get in some one-on-one time with the newest member of the Royal Family, anyway.” She levitated Flurry, brought her closer, and blew a raspberry on her tummy, eliciting a giggle from the tiny infant. Cadence sighed with relief, “Thank you, Azalea. Let me just make a list of everything that you might need to do.” She got up and trotted out of the room. Azalea smiled. Being the Princess of Memories, she still remembered what it was like to be an infant herself, so she knew what they needed. This babysitting thing was going to be a piece of cake. *. *. * My Little Pony, My Little Pony (SKRRRT!) So this is what you meantWhen you said that you were spentAnd now it’s time to buildFrom the bottom of the pitRight to the top Don’t hold backPacking my bags andGiving the academy a rain check I don’t ever wanna let you downI don’t ever wanna leave this townCause after allThe city never sleeps at night It’s time to begin isn’t it?I get a little bit biggerBut then I’ll admitI’m just the same as I was Now don’t you understandThat I’m never changing who I am My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Untold Story By Princess-Level-Up Original Series Developed for Television ByLauren Faust A Royal Problem *. *. * A short while later, in the Royal nursery… “And, remember, if I don’t come back for her by dinner, make sure she eats plenty of strained carrots along with her mashed peas,” Cadence wrapped up her instructions. Azalea nodded. “Got it,” she replied, pinning her list of responsibilities to the wall. “Thanks again for doing this,” Cadence added, sounding more and more exhausted by the second. “Oh, it’s no problem at all,” Azalea insisted. “This cute little sweetie-pie is gonna be a joy to take care of.” She reached down and gently tickled Flurry’s tummy with her hoof, causing the baby to emit delighted squeals of laughter. Cadence gave her what could’ve been a mischievous look, but it was hard to tell when her eyelids were so droopy. “We’ll see,” was her only reply. With that she turned and left the room, hopefully to go take a nap.Azalea gave a broad smile as she gazed upon Flurry. “All right, little tiny,” Azalea cooed. “Who’s ready for a little fun?” Unfortunately, while Flurry was babbling out an excited reply, a foul stench punched Azalea in the nostrils. Judging by the sudden concerned look on Flurry’s face, it was not hard to figure out where the smell was coming from. “Okay, we’ll have to hold off on the fun for a bit,” Azalea informed Flurry, levitating her and taking her over to the changing table. She deftly tapped the little mobile above the changing area, causing a parade of colorful animals to spin around above Flurry’s head. Flurry babbled and cooed as butterflies and bunnies alike twirled above her. With that, Azalea set to work. The good news was that, thanks to Azalea’s magic, the actual changing process was a breeze. It took very little time to get a fresh, clean diaper onto Flurry’s behind. Azalea didn’t even need to wash up afterwards! The bad news was that, almost immediately after the process was done, the foul odor came back, and Azalea was pretty sure that it wasn’t coming from the diaper genie. “Again?” Azalea asked. “What have your parents been feeding you?” As she undid the diaper tabs and got ready to start all over again, she began to doubt her decision to watch the baby. *. *. * Three diaper changes later… Flurry was playing with one of her favorite stuffed animals, a blue teddy bear. Azalea could tell that she was trying to make it dance around with her magic, but her control needed serious work. The bear was flopping around like a fish out of water. Azalea tried to match the movements with a red teddy bear, but found that it took actual effort for an older pony to be that bad at magic. Even so, Flurry’s magic was getting better by the day, and it was best to make sure that the little cutie knew that. “Wonderful moves, Flurry,” Azalea praised her in a high-pitched voice. “You’re getting better at magic every time I see you use it.” Flurry babbled happily, raising her head in pride. She made the bear face-plant repeatedly as it clumsily descended a staircase made out of blocks. Some of the blocks were knocked loose in the process, and Azalea had to catch them with her magic before anything bad could happen. In spite of the unintentionally rough playtime, it was a pure delight to see Flurry so happy. Azalea was beginning to feel that maybe, just maybe, this babysitting thing wasn’t so hard after all. That thought was quickly undercut, however, when Flurry’s stomach growled, and a hungry Flurry started bawling as a result. “All right, young one,” Azalea said, levitating the baby and placing her on her back. “It looks like it’s time to get some food into that tiny tummy of yours.” *. *. * It was only a short walk to the kitchen, but it felt like forever with a screaming baby on Azalea’s back. “All right, all right, we’re here,” Azalea said, using her magic to put Flurry into the high chair. Flurry stopped crying instantly, seeming to recognize that food was on the way. Azalea levitated a jar of mashed peas and a spoon over to the high chair. She unscrewed the lid, scooped up some mashed peas, and got ready to feed the baby. Unfortunately, even though baby Flurry was hungry, she didn’t seem keen on getting mashed peas into her stomach. She dodged the spoon like she was dodging a bullet. Eventually, Flurry managed to catch the spoon in her own magical grasp, and she used it to fling the mashed peas into Azalea’s face! Azalea’s eyes shut reflexively as the icky, gooey substance splattered across her fur, threatening to fall into her nostrils. Those poor things just couldn’t catch a break today! “All right,” Azalea muttered. “Not a problem. I know for a fact that this is your favorite food, so it’s only a matter of time before,” she tried feeing Flurry again, only to get another face-full of mashed peas, “I get this,” another glob landed on her, this time staining the fur on her chest, “into you!” And yet another glob messed up her head, this time getting into her mane. “Come on, Flurry! It’s not like it’s poison. Watch.” Azalea ate some of the mashed peas herself… only to immediately be thrown off by the taste. Sweet Celestia, this stuff tasted horrible! It was like trying to swallow a bitter pill that somepony had ground up and then moistened the powder. Still, she had to set an example, so she swallowed the possibly toxic gunk, wincing as it slid its way down her esophagus. “See?” she tried to say. “Delicious.” Judging by the skeptical look on Flurry’s face, Azalea hadn’t fooled her. “Okay, who am I kidding? This tastes like day-old manure,” Azalea conceded, putting the lid back on the jar and sticking the spoon in the sink. “I wonder if your mom put any spare milk in the fridge.”*. *. * Ages and ages later… The milk, at least, went down without any problems. Azalea, on the other hoof, was starting to wonder if she was cut out for babysitting. She’d had to change Flurry’s diaper thrice and she somehow managed to utterly fail at feeding her. Well, all hope wasn’t lost just yet. It was Flurry Heart’s nap time, and Azalea was more than happy for that. Now, if only she could get Flurry to go to sleep. “Come on,” Azalea sighed, rocking Flurry in her wings in a vain attempt to get her to sleep. It did not help that Flurry was crying. “I’ve read you every bedtime story I can find. What is it going to take to knock you out? The only thing I haven’t tried is singing to you and that might… knock us both… unconscious.” Now that she thought about it, she, too could use a nap right about now. If she put Flurry in the crib first, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to sing her a lullaby, right? So, exhausted beyond measure, Azalea set Flurry down in her crib and started singing the first lullaby she could think of. Rock-a-bye babyOn the treetopWhen the wind blowsThe cradle will rockWhen the bow breaks… Azalea stopped singing. What kind of lullaby featured a moment where the baby’s life was put in danger? At least Flurry had stopped crying. Even so, Azalea quickly switched songs. Hush, little babyDon’t say a wordAzy’s gonna buy youA mockingbirdAnd if that mockingbirdDon’t… sing… No, that wasn’t any good either. Just because Flurry was heir to the throne did not mean that she should grow up expecting the world to be given to her on a silver platter. No good ruler would want that! So Azalea switched songs again. Sleep, baby, sleepYour father tends the… sheep… Sweet mother of Celestia, what was wrong with these lullabies? Was it too much to be able to just find a song that didn’t mention death, entitlement, or slavery? Had her mother actually sung her these when she was an infant? Sure, it was over 1,000 years ago, but still! Azalea didn’t have much energy left, so she started singing the most harmless lullaby that came to mind. Hush-a-byeDon’t you cryGo to sleep little babyFor tomorrowYou shall seeAll the pretty little horsies Finally, finally, Flurry Heart fell asleep. Azalea had just enough time to think, “Well, that finally worked out,” before she herself passed out on the floor. *. *. * Several hours later… When Azalea woke up, she was in her own bed. It took her a couple of minutes to process exactly what was wrong with that. Her eyes suddenly shot open as she realized that Flurry Heart was nowhere to be found. Where was Flurry? She could be anywhere! Azalea shot out of bed, burst out of her room, and galloped through the castle, screaming, “Flurry! Flurry, where are you?” at the top of her lungs. She looked in the nursery, but Flurry wasn’t there. She looked in the kitchen; no baby there, either. She looked in the supply closet; where was that baby? Without thinking, Azalea burst into the throne room. She was panicked and out of breath, her chest heaving like an Earth Pony trying to drag a boulder up a hill. Judging by the expressions of the Royal Guards, she looked exactly as frazzled as she felt. Fortunately, Azalea’s eyes happened to fall on Cadence, who was holding a babbling, happy Flurry in her forehooves. Azalea sighed with relief, but that relief was replaced by guilt when she realized that she should probably explain herself. “Princess Cadence,” Azalea tried to talk around the lump in her throat, “I’m sorry I lost the baby.” To her surprise, Cadence chuckled. “Oh, Azalea, you didn’t lose anything. After I woke up from my nap, I walked into the nursery, only to find Flurry asleep in her crib and you asleep on the floor. I know what a pain it is to get Flurry to go down for her nap, so I had some of the guards carry you off to your room so that you could sleep in peace.” Azalea sighed again, “Even so, you have to admit I’m not the best caretaker she’s ever had. I blew through an insane amount of diapers in the first few minutes, and I couldn’t even get her to eat solid food! I’m a terrible babysitter!” “That’s not true,” Cadence assured her. “Most days, I can barely do as well as you managed to do, and I usually need Shining’s help to manage that. Azalea Everstar, you’re one of the best babysitters I’ve ever seen. I have no doubt that you’ll make a great mother yourself one day.” Azalea blushed. “Thanks, Cadence,” she replied. “But I think that should wait a few hundred years until I can at least find the right stallion. For now, I’ll just stick to trying to help you raise Flurry Heart. For instance, have you tasted her mashed peas? They’re disgusting!” Cadence’s eyes widened in concern. “They are?” “Yeah! It’s like trying to eat the residue that leaks from garbage bags.” “Yikes! Thank you for telling me. I’ll start mashing my own peas and see if those are any better.” “Please do.” “Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve approved your plan to put in traffic lights. The Crystal Empire is long overdue for those.” Azalea smiled. “Thank you. I’ll see if I can come up with more ways to improve the Empire.” And, with that, Azalea left the throne room, already thinking of new regulations for baby food. *. *. * My Little Pony Developed for Television byLauren Faust A Royal Problem Written ByJoanna Lewis and Kristine Songco Featured (or would-be Featured) Voice ActorsKazumi Evans as Azalea Everstar Guest (or would-be Guest) Voice ActorsBritt McKillip as Princess CadenceTabitha St. Germain as Princess Flurry Heart Azalea’s creator gave me permission to use her character in this story. Everything else is owned by Hasbro and DHX Studios. Thank you.
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