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This group is no longer active.

After the end - Digital Art Contest

Wed May 1, 2019, 3:30 PM


Welcome to The-Imaginarium Digital Art competition. This journal describes the rules for the contest. Please read it carefully.

Theme: After the end.
Just imagine...
What would happen to the Earth after the end of our natural resources?

- Do we still live on earth? if so, show in your entry what we do to survive and how is the appearance of the earth.

- Do we live on another planet? if yes, show in your entry the appearance of our new home and what we'll do to live in a different place.
- Do we live in a space ship in search of another place to live? if so, show what is the appearance of the interior of this space ship and how we live in it.
- With the rest of our planet did the Aliens build a new civilization?

These are just a few suggestions, use your creativity and create your own Post apocalypse, but do not forget to show what happened after the ''end''. Show us a story. 


Looking for survivors by PeteAmachree

Aquarium: The Planet by Whendell

Bullet Blue As always our Big contests, the competitors' entries are divided by levels, such as Advanced and Intermediate/Beginner. In this way everyone can participate and have a fair chance to win.

Bullet Blue What will be judged is ABILITY and not your experience TIME, then no matter how many years or months you use Photoshop, in a contest what is judged is your ENTRY, so what you have created (your entry) will be judged if it is advanced or intermediate.

Bullet Blue In this contest will have 2 categories, 1 Advanced | 2 Intermediate/ beginner.

Bullet Blue Will have 3 winners in each category, 1º place | 2º place | 3º place. Then a total of 6 winners, and 3 honorable mentions in each, total of 6 honorable mentions.

Advanced entries must demonstrate great use of:

Bullet Blue The light and shadow to look realistic.
Bullet Blue Composition and Perspective,
Bullet Blue Blending.

Intermediate entries must demonstrate the use of:

Bullet Blue  The light and shadow,
Bullet Blue Cutting out stock properly, (if you create a photomanipulation).
Bullet Blue Must use at last 3 stock images. (if you create a photomanipulation).

City by sandara

meeting at the shopping mall by 5ofnovember
The winners will be chosen by score of the jurors and the members of the group. The same voting method we use in our Short Challenge.

The judges of this competition are: Wesley-Souza  | panjoool  | Iskander1989  | Flora-Silve | StarsColdNight | Mr-Xerty

 Bullet; Black DEADLINE: July 19th, 2019

 Bullet; Black Must be a Digital Art.

 Bullet; Black Entries must be new and specifically created for this competition.

 Bullet; Black Photomanipulations: Credit All stock use. All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources.

 Bullet; Black All entries must include a link to this journal in the description.
Example: My Entry for After the end - Contest at The-Imaginarium

 Bullet; Black You may enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once.

 Bullet; Black No D.A watermark, just your little signature.

There are 2 folders in The-Imaginarium that are open for submission: ADVANCED and INTERMEDIATE. You should choose which level you feel is most appropriate for your entry and submit to that folder.

If you are not sure which category to submit, or you want a suggestion, you can send a note to the group or comment here in this journal that we will answer you with jurors' opinions to help you.

Hunting for diner by Orbi51

CyberSlum Speedpaint by EmilisB

1º place: 6 Months of Core Membership | 1.350 :points: | Features | Stock premium

2º place: 3 Months of Core Membership | 1.100 :points: | Features | Stock premium 

3º place: 1 Months of Core Membership | 850 :points: | Features | Stock premium

Honorable Mention: 200 :points: | Features | Stock premium

See below the complete list of prizes:

After the end Contest - Prizes listWe are accepting prize donations for our new contest, you can donate premium stock, Points, Feature, Products from D.A shop or something else.
Any donation is welcome.
if you do not have enough points to donate, you can send any amount to this account:
thanks :hug:
Bullet Blue In this contest will have 2 categories (Advanced | Intermediate/ beginner).
Bullet Blue Will have 3 winners in each category, 1º place | 2º place | 3º place. Then a total of 6 winners, and 3 honorable mentions in each, total of 6 honorable mentions.
Prizes so far:
Advanced and Intermediate Category:
Bullet; Black 1º place:
- 6 Months of Core Membership from communityrelations
- 500 Points from 

We are accepting prizes, you can donate Premium Stock, Points, Feature, D.A's products, or something else.

Good luck :)

Note the group if you need help or have further questions.

More Journal Entries








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Is this group still active? I hope so!
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Just letting you know that traced/stolen art has found its way into this group!… is claimed to be an original design but it's copied from… which can be found on dragcave.

Another traced piece is… which is also stolen from dragcave's Script Dragon…

I asked them to take the stolen art down and they refused.…
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