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Red night by Whendell
Tell a Story II by Wesley-Souza
Joan Of Arc - Saints and Mystic Reading Cards by Wesley-Souza
Sebastian - Saints and Mystic Reading Cards by Wesley-Souza
Fantasy - Feature
First Guardian Of The Moon by adoreluna
Orkland by dashinvaine
Hell's Legions by annewipf
Surprise attack by Traaw
Sci-fi - Feature
Traveler by TYEO
Road to Hell by Ellysiumn
g4 by apterus
Invitation from Far Away by SharksDen
Space Art - Feature
Deep Space by Klauzero
U T O P I A by k-i-mm-i-e
Between good and evil by Ellysiumn
Burning Suns - Cyborg Homeworld by Ellixus
Fantasy Fan Art - Feature
elf girl with magic glowy hair by apterus
Mad Lad Hatter by msfowle
It's a Twin, My Dear... by erlangwind
WOW Tribute by JimboBox
Sci-fi Fan art - Feature
The Force Awakens by debNise
TIME KEEPER by Eddy-Shinjuku
K E R R I L A N D R A by Eddy-Shinjuku
SYNESTRA - DC Universe by Eddy-Shinjuku
Superheroes and Villains - Feature
Groot by HunDrenus
Friends Forever by tony-tzanoukakis
LARA / WITCHBLADE by tony-tzanoukakis
Hulk by Timm51
Fairy Tales - Feature
The Princess And The Frog (2.0) by BrookeGillette
A strange friendship by Megan-Arts
Maleficent by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Asleep Little Red by annewipf
Steampunk - Feature
The Valley Of The Crows by KarinaAlbuquerque
Mythology - Feature
Gorgon's eye by ImmarArt
Queen Of Sea II by MirellaSantana
Andromeda by AlexandraVBach
Breaking Free.. by Antoshines




Hello, welcome to the group, this group is designed only to works with the theme of Fantasy and Sci-fi, folders are organized by categories, submit your work to the category that best fits, artists of all levels are welcome . Share here what your imagination can create!


:bulletblue: Are accepted: photomanipulation, tradicional, digital painting and 3d.

:bulletblue: You can submit 3 submissions per day.

:bulletblue: Submit your works into the correct folders.

:bulletblue: Give credit to all the stock you use.

:bulletblue: Members cannot submit to the "Featured" folder.

Meet New Artists - Special Blog # 1

Sun May 7, 2017, 11:40 AM

How long have you been here on deviantart? 3 ... 7 years? With so much time here you gotten much experience and made many friends, and probably discovered new talents, right? Is impossible explore all the deviantart to find new artists, what about including some new talents in a Special Journal? So The-Imaginarium starting a new Special blog collection , with the intention of promoting New Artirts and some Undiscovered Photomanipulators, and make you meet new artists to follow.

Featured Artists


Romario known here as JayGraphixx is a talented artist from Jamaica. With a short time in deviantart (1 year), has already built his own style, with great use of colors and light. With little time here has already caught the attention of many here and has already received his first Daily Deviation.

Cross Paths - Good And Evil by JayGraphixx

Through The Valley Of Death by JayGraphixx

Whenever I visit websites and watch tutorials I always hear about Deviant art. I Always see quotes such, “It‘s always a great place to view quality art and get inspiration”. So I always visit the website. I always wanted to create an account but I was so reluctant in doing so. The quality of art always discouraged me. So I didn’t really create an account until in late 2015. I submitted some of my amateur works that day, but Deviantart was such a big pond with some very large fishes. I try to swim around, but I found out there were even larger fishes than those other big fishes… and when comparing my art to theirs it really gave me a smack in the self-esteem. I persevered and in 2016 I started to familiarize myself with the website and got the feel of it. I met some very amazing artists and made some pretty cool friends. The manipulation community here is really amazing; they are always encouraging each other. That’s what I really love about DA. Even amateur artists can feel welcomed and don’t have to feel discouraged. We were all amateurs at one point, right?

Where The Sun Never Sets by JayGraphixx

My favorite work is Bring Me To Life. I Spent a lot of hours on it and was it really fun working on it. It was inspired by the song - Bring me to life by Evanescence. With its contrasting meaning, I really wanted to depict an angel being taken over by darkness. Creating the darkness around the angel was my favorite part to do. This was done by painting over sky stocks by, adding highlights and shadows. The Darkness grabbing his was done by smudging to get those hair-like strands.

I’m Romario, my nickname is Cjay, but I prefer being called Jay (That sounds a little bit too confusing). Well, that’s where JayGraphixx comes in, the artist guy who has an obsession for bright lights in artworks.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?

I got introduced to Photoshop in late 2013 - a copy I received from my brother’s art teacher in high school. I started to familiarize myself with the software by watching some tutorials the teacher sent with the copy. Watching those tutorials, I got fascinated by the editing aspect of it. I mean, removing the background of an image was a “wow” moment for me, and when I tried it for myself I had no idea what I was doing, it was a very complex software.
I started to do some research about photo editing with Photoshop to get a better understanding of, and by early 2014 I started to do digital art. In that time I learned a lot about Photomanipulation, it was really captivating; I really fell in love with it, and watching tutorials about it was really amazing. But I was really Impatient, I got frustrated a lot when editing… I even stopped using the software for months, but I got around that. So In that year I learned a lot and started to do manipulation without tutorials.
These manipulations took hours, with less than 20 layers and a bunch of adjustments I didn’t know how to use. They were not very pleasing to the eyes and very cringe-worthy, but I’m proud of them though. I keep them as a reminder to show how far I’ve come.

Riding On Fate by JayGraphixx

Deviantart has been great so far, and ironically those top artists work have now been pushing me a lot, they are such an inspiration, I really don’t get discouraged anymore. One thing that I’ve also seen that can really get the best out of an artist is contests and challenges. It’s not always about winning, but you want to do your best to place well so that always pushes you to create amazing stuff.

Bring Me To Life by JayGraphixx


Lyudmila is a talented artist from Russia, with only one year of deviantart, creates incredible arts with her own photography.

Bird by Poglazovs
"Bird" - my "madness" and the feeling of flying.

I really did not have enough experience to express all that I wanted, and that it would be beautiful and high quality. I know that nothing happens in life, it just does not happen: "Ask, and it will be given to you; Seek, and find; Knock, and it will be opened to you; For every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth, and it hath been opened unto him that knocketh ", so Incantata  entered into my life, my friend, my sensei, guru-a man with a capital letter!
Lily incredibly unselfish, very gifted artist and talented teacher! I am happy that I was able to learn under her guidance! It was Lilia who brought me to YES! I think that the results of her work can already be assessed by you, and I hope as a diligent student that in the future, I will not let my teacher blush for me.

Now I'm already in free swimming, I do not cease to study at the works of other masters and I am happy that I live in this incredible world of art !!!

Arcane Source by Poglazovs
There are still no less emotionally perceived works for me: "Arcane Source" -  when I look at this work I rest my soul.

Favorite red shoes by Poglazovs
"Favorite red shoes" - in the shower we are all a little queen ".

Keeper of pearls by Poglazovs

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?

My acquaintance with photoart started with a friendly photo collage for the sake of laughter. For me it was a surprise to get some positive feedback and suggestions to do more. That's how the first impulse to the world of art was received.
I entered and graduated from the photoart cornacchia-art , this is a unique artist, and for me it was a great happiness to learn from such a master!

After graduation, a new stage in mastering the wisdom of photoart began, more opportunities arose, but even more questions. For me, art has become another meaning in life - bright, emotional, miraculous - reality in reality!

Bolotnitsa by Poglazovs
"Bolotnitsa" -  it seems to me that inside me there is this devilry.

 "Possession of the Snow Queen" -  I hope that soon, I will live in such possessions and invite you to visit!
I am very glad to meet you!
Possession of the Snow Queen by Poglazovs

All my works as children, all are loved, each "suffered", "experienced", but if you compare them by emotional perception, then, for me, the most emotional is the "Pearl Guardian", I sometimes think that she is alive.

 The pearl guard was made under the impression of works DalfaArt , it was very difficult to "catch the wave" of the artist, but I liked the search state in which I was while doing this work - a huge range of all sorts of emotions!



Vera Orlova is a talented artist from Russia, with only one year of deviantart, began in deviantart creating beautiful pieces with own resources.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?

Photoshop I mastered long ago, but its application was limited to correction of photos. Until then, until I fell in love with the work of cornacchia-art . Her work is magical, and I had an overwhelming desire to learn to do the tale of small pieces of different "junk". A year ago, I was trained in the her School of photomanipulation (photo-art). There I met Incantata , which "led" me to DeviantArt.

Dandelion Hippo-frog by Vera-Orlova

I really had fun when I did it.
All the joy of Halloween by Vera-Orlova

Now I believe in miracles by Vera-Orlova
Forest elixir by Vera-Orlova

When I look at this work ''My dear... I know you're far away...'', on eyes tears well up, she's tied to sad memories.

My dear... I know you're far away... by Vera-Orlova

My favorite job is my snowmen. This is a final work in the School of photoart Cornacchia, it took second place in the contest. I made snowmen out of the dough, and then put the texture of the snow. A sled - Christmas toy, and the bag had to sew out of fabric. Snowmen put my gloves and glasses, and the girl had to sacrifice my favorite scarf. The story of the snowmen continued (link). Maybe I'll send them somewhere else: on the beach or in the concert hall.

Gallery of the group

Undiscovered works from our recents submissions


Mystic ways by lexiwwGigafae by theogroen
Ophelia by Lotta-Lotos0-The Fool by MandelbluteSOL INVICTUS by SilenceInSilver
The Savior by niyya00Valley Old Kings by PatriciaLira
World's End by Ametafor91Your Time's Up by MajkaHarolds
through the fire by criss125Summer Walk by Lothiel-14

Do not forget to meet the member of the month:


Forbidden Kingdom by Mr-Ripley

Special feature and short interview:

Member of the Month - Interview with Mr Ripley:iconthe-imaginarium:
Every month we select one member to be exposed on the homepage of the group and we will do a special feature and a short interview.
Set of amazing photo manipulations and short interview by talented artist  Tom Ripley from Thailand.
1. First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide The-Imaginarium with this interview.
Please tell us more about your Art and what made you become an Digital Artist ?
Greetings! It's my honor to be featured in this interview. Most of the artworks in my gallery are photomanipulation and some are digital drawing. I'm a self-taught artist that started practicing my skill by drawing a lot of traditional portraits with graphite pencil for many years since I was in primary school. And when I have grown up, I used to draw a lot of big cutouts in size of 4 x 6 meters as my part-time job for a decade. It's a kind of hard work full of stress because I had to

More Journal Entries








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