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Hi eveyone!!! :D I am now able to update the page more often!

Just to let you know, i have added a new folder to the gallery, called 'Reptilian Tutorials, Stock and Brushes' :D I was thinking of a folder that members could seek out if they are in need of some texture, pattern or design inspiration for creating their own fantasy reptiles for themselves or the group! :)


Our Groups Mascot! A Crested Gecko designed with wings! :D >>

Love her <3


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Hello! :) we are a group based on fantasy/mythological reptiles!
:D i keep reptiles and i love them to bits, i even uploaded photo's to DA of them from time to time and frequently base drawing or chracters on them (especialy my snakes!). But the reason i decided to found this group is because i havnt been able to find a group dedicated to the herps of the super natural world! :O
:) So if you have a favorite reptilian or amphibian fantasy creature you enjoy drawing or you have your very own creation, we'd love to see them!!
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Gallery Folders

-Barlow- by arvalis
Reptile Rider by sarumanka
Lizard-Dragon by goatprince
Dakosaurus andiniensis by SebasRuna
Reptilian Traditional Art
Untitled Dragon by YellowDelilah1993
Maega of the Pytt by ZhaKrisstol
Damodar And Black Dragon D and D by emeraldnephilim8
Reptilian Digital Art
Altamaran Reptile Equivalent by Jesseth
Snolligoster by Viergacht
Hatchling by EranFowler
Salamandra Estrix Ericius by Chonunhwa
Reptilian Photomanipulations
DRAGONFLY by BaltasarVischi
Hopperstad by scott-the-stampede
Glaurung and Nienor at Amon Ethir by pluto-my-way
Winged Snake by kuramay
Reptilian Crafts
Queen Snake by hontor
The Messenger-Incense Burner by KreKael2
Final work: The world is in our hands by Drerika
Sideways Dragon Didn't Break It by SmilingMoonCreations
The Grand Dragons
Fantasy Creatures: River Dragons by Dyemelikeasunset
Front View- Red by Necropolis-Rising
Color Practice (Blue) by Necropolis-Rising
Skyrim - a dragon scroll sketch by NenadJones
Fantasy Reptile Fanart
Earth Beasts Journal by Hyrotrioskjan
Another G by Giganotosaur
And in my dreams my dreams come true by pluto-my-way
Berkom by Hyrotrioskjan
Reptilian Literature
Fantasy Dinosaurs
Ktiniceratops by MCsaurus
Playing with the big boys by Dalamar89
Ictyosaur by SebasRuna
Taniwasaurus antarcticus by SebasRuna
Fantasy Anthro Reptiles
Vern by MrD66
Gatorman by UnagiTakanashi
Lost Gareth by ZhaKrisstol
Jurassic Muscle by MrD66
Fantasy Serpents
Time by pluto-my-way
Reptilian Tutorials, Stock and Brushes
Scales brush set by syrusbLiz

Random from Featured

-Barlow- by arvalis -Barlow- :iconarvalis:arvalis 8,577 418 Hatchling by EranFowler Hatchling :iconeranfowler:EranFowler 2,797 69 Nayids by SpottedNymph Nayids :iconspottednymph:SpottedNymph 71 29 Under water lunch by isatatoku Under water lunch :iconisatatoku:isatatoku 13 2 Lizard by Albinea Lizard :iconalbinea:Albinea 23 15 Dragon bust by Caseylovedesigns Dragon bust :iconcaseylovedesigns:Caseylovedesigns 735 27 Rock Dragon by Reptangle Rock Dragon :iconreptangle:Reptangle 862 73 Dragon mounts by Vincent-Covielloart Dragon mounts :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 1,548 114 Lizard man by AtomiccircuS Lizard man :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 121 25 Lizard-Dragon by goatprince Lizard-Dragon :icongoatprince:goatprince 58 20 Lizard concept by takadox2 Lizard concept :icontakadox2:takadox2 23 5 Dakosaurus andiniensis by SebasRuna Dakosaurus andiniensis :iconsebasruna:SebasRuna 111 4 Taniwasaurus antarcticus by SebasRuna Taniwasaurus antarcticus :iconsebasruna:SebasRuna 142 16 Creature Design by eSculpt Creature Design :iconesculpt:eSculpt 38 5 Dewlap Reptile by LeccathuFurvicael Dewlap Reptile :iconleccathufurvicael:LeccathuFurvicael 24 18
A few favorites from all over DA! :D


Group affiliates! :) feel free to affiliate with the group! ^__^ i would love to affiliate with other groups who share a pasion for fantasy reptiles!
How has everyone been over this past year? Coming up with any new herps for us to see? :)

I've been researching a lot more about reptiles recently and am keen to get started on some new works!

Does anyone in the group keep Royal/Ball Pythons? If so, then you are probably aware of the wide variety of stunning morphs (colours and patterns) of these amazing snakes that are out there, they have been an amazing inspiration to me recently and here are a few that I admire most!


1 – Bumblebee Morph -… - This morph is a beautiful bright yellow with interesting patterns :) is also makes for a very cute marking design for a small fantasy reptile!

2 – Lesser Black Pastel -… - Stunning in every way! The soft blend of natural colours in this snake make it very elegant looking and its patterns are well formed too!

3 – Piebald Ball Python -… - A very interesting blend, there are many ‘painted’ animals out there, but it seems to look even more stunning on a reptile!

:D There are many more morphs out there and nearly every reptile has amazing colours to see and that you can use for inspiration!

Have a look at Crested Gecko morphs too! Amazing what’s out there! – And they are cute too!  -…  


From artist :icondrerika:


Drerika is an amazing fantasy artist who creates detailed and vibrantly coloured works! She works in traditional media (usually graphite/colour pencils, watercolours). And will try to draw anything and everything. She accepts both Paypal (USD$ or EUROS) and also DeviantArt points! Prices start from 3$. :)

If you like what you see, she is open for commissions and you can find out more detailed information in this journal. :D >…


Wishing everyone well and a happy-herp filled day! :D

~ HRLSS-GeckoTea



:D this group accepts any fantasy art to do with reptiles, amphibians and wonderful OC's you may have! I also would like to see some dragons as well! (i have made a special folder for them as i get a large number of them submitted :XD: ) :) There will be folders for each kind of art medium (i.e traditional, Photoshop etc...) and you can submit any fantasy reptilian artwork you have!


Just submit your art to the correct folder in the gallery! :D

I do love dragons and i think that they are the best example of a fantasy reptile, :D but i also think that they might swamp the gallery a bit because of their popularity and shadow the other reptilian creatures.... But i agree they are beautiful and stunning! :D and I’m sure that a lot of you have your own brilliant species that you want to share! >w< so! i have set up a special folder just for them! :)

Be nice to everyone :) (though i am sure you will be~ :D)

All submissions must contain a creature/human that has a reptile/amphibian trait or that is fully reptile/amphibian. ;D the more unique the reptile the better!!


I would like to see finished works in the gallery's D8 un-finished works won’t be allowed I’m afraid!
^__^ i think that is about it with rules for now. :) if you have any questions about submissions or anything, let me know :D

Enjoy our reptilian world! And share your love for mythological reptiles/amphibians! :heart:
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