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When The Devil was banished from The Heavens and left to be alone under Skilift’s ground. He was furious and full of rage. He planned to someday take over the holy land and be the new ruler of Skilift… but how could he do it alone.

After The Devil had created The Underworld it was nothing but a empty dead land with stone walls. He then made the race known as demons to be his army of evil and chaos. With this army he will take over all of Skilift and be its new master.

Little did he know that The goddess above wouldn’t let her world be taken over so easily. She made the angels and with them she fought off the Devil’s army. A never ending war had just been created and it was never going to die till a ether The Goddess or Devil is gone and gone for good.

Known as The Devil’s minions. Demons are mostly evil and rarely have a good bone in their body for they are created to not have any remorse or mercy. Whenever a demon sets foot in a town people hurry to their homes, but that doesn’t always keep them safe.

They are mostly feared because of their power and their appetite. Although a demon does not have to eat, a demon will eat human flesh, elf flesh, You name it! Lycanthrope and Dragonborn flush is their all time favorite because of their thickness. A demon will not eat an angel though for it is said that angel’s flush can turn them to into a holy being and they can burn alive from it.

But there are some demons who have broken out of The Devil’s curse and have become a good or somewhat good being. These demons are known as “The Good Sinners”. They are no longer welcomed into The Underworld and will be killed if entering. Good sinners are sadly still seen as evil though since they are demons.

Demons are most powerful in dark magics and only dark magics. Elemental Magic is a bit on the hard side for them but can learn it. Light and celestial magic will burn them intensely if used or hit by.

Most demons are as tall as a human but others can be as tall as a elf. All demons have horns of a unique look and some even have a thin tail that can be long or short. It is rare for a demon to have wing for they have to earn them. Demon are not as light as an angel, but not as heavy as a human ether.

Demons age the same way as angels. Every 100 years is a year to them so a demon must be 1600-2900 to be a part of The Ever Graceful.

Demon are best is their stats in luck.

Demon do have night vision.


Elemental Magic: Low Abilities

Celestial Magic: No Abilities

Necromancy Magic: High Abilities

Light Magic: No Abilities

Dark Magic: High Abilities


They become more powerful after eating flesh. Some even gain a new form after eating.

A demon can make a contact for a person’s soul. This can grant them power like if eating flesh.


Demons can be burned by holy items.

A demon can not control themselves after eating some flesh or a soul for amount of time.


A race of demons who feed on not flesh or souls but on blood. Vampires are a race of immortal beings that began when long ago a demon became sick with a rare sickness that made him unable to eat his desired meals for it would burn his throat and make his stomach turn to the point he would cough out blood.

Unable to eat and on the break of dying of lack of souls, he was desperate to eat anything! He tried everything he could find to survive. Fruit, bread, and even candy, but everything would just make him sick.

One day when it felt like his last, the demon was able to capture a human woman and as he took a bite he tasted her blood and couldn’t stop himself from sucking the lady dry.

He wasn’t sicken from the blood and didn’t cough up any of his guts… Blood was the answer to how he would live. He then would drink the blood of every person he could find and get his hands on.

Little did he know that by drinking the blood of a person it would turn them into an undead monster.

The demon’s sickness spread like a disease and there was no way to stop it. The vampire race was born and here to stay.

Vampire are mostly not trusted and hated by others to the point where some people have formed clans and cults to rid the world of them. Because of this vampires will often stay hidden in order to not be slaughter. Only the brave or foolish will live in society for they look like any other human being.

Although some vampire try to control themselves from drinking the blood of the beings they once were by drinking animal blood, it is almost impossible for them to go without it. Without human blood a vampire will get sick from hunger, feel a massive amounts of energy leave their bodies, and eventually will die.

Vampire are known for their strong power with necromancy magic for they are the undead and able to summon the long past dead with a snap of a finger. It does not affect their bodies at the slightest to use this forbidden magic.

Dark magic is also a given and more common in a vampire then necromancy for it is the easiest to learn for any dark being.

Vampires were once humans who were killed, and or bitten by another undead being and cursed with eternal life. Because of this any age vampire can join as long as they have the appearances as a human at the ages of 16-29.

Vampire look just like a human but with sharp teeth/fangs and dark, glowing, red eyes.

Vampires do have night vision.


Elemental Magic: No Abilities

Celestial Magic: No Abilities

Necromancy Magic: High Abilities

Light Magic: No Abilities

Dark Magic: High Abilities


Vampires are able to hind in human society for they were once human.

Many vampires are known for their lovely and gorgeous looks. Many of them use their looks to attract their prey.


Vampires are not as strong during the day as they are at night.

Although immortal, a vampire can be killed if stabbed in the heart but a wooden stake.

Demon Traits:

-Horns of any shape
-Sharp teeth
-Long or short thin tail

-Any size wings
-Pinch black or purple skin

If there is any other questions about races please comment below!

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