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Rules! Updated 6/22/2018

Art posted here belongs to the artist who created it.
It cannot be re-posted without their express written permission anywhere.

This group will never upload an artist's work anywhere without their permission, nor can this group give anyone else permission to do so.

If you are joining or visiting this group with the intention of finding good art to post elsewhere without the artists express permission or at the very, very least, linking back to the original deviation. please leave. That is art theft, even if you are not claiming to have drawn the piece. It takes no time at all to link back to the original source: the artist’s page.

We want our members art to be respected and safe.
It is not hard to contact an artist and ask for permission to share their art somewhere.
It is not hard to say "art by" and give the artist's name and a link back to where you originally found it.
If you love the art, respect the artist.

Member Rules

:bulletblue: 1 Submission per week. This is to make sure you strongly consider what you submit and only submit your best work.
:bulletblue: Respect one another.
:bulletblue: All content must be Fantasy related. This group prefers High Fantasy and Urban Fantasy.
:bulletblue: If you have a fantasy or art world related community announcement you may create a journal about it and submit it. Journals will be approved or denied by the admin staff at their discretion.
:bulletblue: Please only submit your very best completed work. Tutorials are allowed, but only completed tutorials. Work in Progress pieces are not allowed.
:bulletblue: When submitting to a folder, please make sure you are submitting to the correct one.

Gallery Rules:

:bulletblue: The Royal Court is for the best of the best. This is a tough folder to get into, and even members who are a part of The Royal Court group here in the club still must only submit their very best work. If you are not a member of The Royal Court (invitation only, usually the best way to be invited is by entering group contests and impressing us), you cannot outright submit to this folder. You must wait for an admin to appreciate your work enough to add it, which is rare.

:bulletblue: Photography is for images that involve very little editing, and thus do not belong in photomanipulations. Pictures of celebrities (even from a fantasy show), animals, plants, and scenery are not permitted. Deviant ID's, self-portraits, and anything non-fantasy are simply not allowed.

:bulletblue: Photomanipulations are, as the name implies, manipulations of photographs.

In order to submit here, all stock must be listed and linked to, and you must use stock that you have full permission to use.

:bulletblue: Digital Drawings and Paintings are artwork done digitally. This does not include Pixel art or 3D art, which goes into the Pixel or 3D art folders.

:bulletblue: Traditional Drawings and Paintings artwork done with traditional means, be it ink, lead, charcoal, paint, or any other non-digital method.

:bulletblue: Artisan Crafts and Sculptures. This folder is reserved for crafts and sculptures. Custom creations and designs fit well here, but digital artwork or paintings do not belong here.

:bulletblue: Cosplay and Costuming. Costumes and creations that are worn by people/pets. Not a place for photomanips, sculptures, or crafts, this is for professional grade costumes and cosplay, it's for your best fantasy-based work.

:bulletblue: Literature and Poetry Fantasy themed literature and poetry.

:bulletblue: 3D Art Art created using a 3D program. Please note, while vector art is beautiful, more must be done to make it fantasy based enough to be welcome in this group.

:bulletblue: Pixel Art Pixel based art, that is fantasy themed.

:bulletblue: Fanart and Fanfiction Fanart must be from a fantasy product. (Lord of The Rings, Merlin, The Hobbit, Dragon Heart, etc.) We have been accepting some manga, but this really is not the group for it. High Fantasy and Urban Fantasy is what our members love.
If you use models to photomanip into other fantasy characters, you must stick with the stock usage rules: have full permission to do so, list all stock used, list the model, list everything in the artist's comments.

:bulletblue: Mature Art Mature content only. If your submission is mature content in any way, it must be in this folder, regardless any other media. We'll allow almost anything DeviantArt allows into this folder, but only this folder.
We do NOT allow:
:bulletred: Pornography
:bulletred: Sex toys
:bulletred: Fetish pictures
:bulletred: NON-Fantasy related art
:bulletred: Sexual fantasies
Essentially, we allow topless and naked photos, we do not allow visual representations of the act of sex.
Members here will appreciate a naked Nymph, strolling through a forest. They will not enjoy a graphic depiction of a Nymph and a Satyr having sex, and deviantart doesn’t much appreciate it either.
All mature art must be marked as such, and have the content blocker on that DeviantArt requires, and must not, in any way, feature children (anyone under 18 years of age) or any instance of rape. This is a huge deal for us, opening a Mature Art folder and easing up on the rules, please don't break that trust.


We love our affiliates, and hope you love them, too!









(No, this isn't related to the dildos, which have thankfully stopped being submitted)

I have been considering making this journal for a while now; since the story broke. I didn't, because there wasn't enough fantasy element to it, I felt, to make it worth inclusion in the group.

But that's changed.

What this journal is about, is #cockygate. There are dozens of twitter posts, blog entries, and even youtube videos discussing this, but I'll do a brief summary.

Essentially, this is about trademarking common usage words. In this instance, an author named Faleena Hopkins trademarked the word 'Cocky' so that no other romance author could use it in the title of their books.

This was a real issue because . . . well . . . the only reason Faleena was using it was because the term was extremely popular in romance novels. She was not even close to the first person to use the word, nor was her series even known by it, it was a recent rebrand she had decided on and was upset at anyone else who dared use the word. When other authors told her to calm down, they had every right to use the word, she went and purchased a trademark for it.

She also sent Cease and Desist letters out to authors who used Cocky in their titles, many of whom had published before her trademark even came into effect. That is how the story broke. An author received the C&D and was shocked, so she posted on twitter about it, asking for help and advice. It snowballed from there, including a few lawsuits, hate pages, and the Romance Writers Association being involved, and rumors the big 3 publishers were involved.

Faleena insisted she wasn't asking for much, and it would take authors just one day to change their titles, and they would not lose any reviews or money. This despite the fact that, in her own novel Cocky Soldier she writes a forward about how she realizes it should be Cocky Marine, but she already had the cover out and to change it now would ruin all her marketing, ads, and promotional material . . . and this was before the book was even published. So, she is asking every romance writer who uses Cocky in their title to potentially have to pay for a new cover or at least a revision, throw out and replace all their business cards, bookmarks, banners, flyers, and everything else they have have with the title on it because their books are already published and many were out for several months, make worthless every bit of marketing they had already done, make their reviews look confusing as many would still include the original name, throw away all physical copies of the books AND get them back from any/every bookstore that was stocking them and pay to replace those with the new titled versions . . . when she herself wasn't willing to do any of that before her book was even published.

That's the incredibly short version.  Seriously. . .  it can take several days if not a full week or more to go through everything. Google her name and/or Cockygate or Cocky Trademark and you'll be flooded.

A few of us fought back, donating money to the legal fund, purchasing the books by the authors directly affected, and even writing a few anthologies for the purpose of spreading awareness. (The one I am in is called "As Cocky as They Come" and will be for sale soon.) However. . . I didn't post about any of this because, while it does concern those who write paranormal, urban fantasy, and traditional fantasy romance . . . it wasn't based on fantasy enough.

But that has changed. As of now, someone is trying to trademark the term Dragon Slayer.  This is when we start noticing it isn't just romance writers, this is going to have an impact on every writer.

Thus, it was time to speak out about it. Also, I wanted to share a link to CockyBot

"Who or what is CockyBot?
I'm a twitter bot that searches the USPTO for new applications to register trademarks that may be relevant to fiction authors and then tweets about them. Find out more about me (including some code for build-your-own-bot types) at CockyBot.con

Keep in mind, this means that any cover that has any of these words or phrases could potentially end with the author(s) being sued. Even if they are just part of a larger title, or act as a subtitle.

Words currently being trademarked now that I found troubling:
King of Dinosaurs
The Destroyer
Mad Ghost
The Saint
The Road to Bethlehem
Knight Watchman
Super Monsters
Because Every Woman Has a Story
Warlock Asylum
True Crime Detectives
Descendants of Atlantis
Choose Your Own Adventure
Work is Hell
School is Hell

And the list goes on and on. This means someone with the title "Dragon Tamer" can be sued. "Infinite Worlds" could be sued. This crosses multiple genres and are all terms that have been used previous to this trademark.

I can understand an author trademarking their name, or a unique, original title/series title. "Tales of Wydria" being trademarked would be fine, for instance. . . but when it comes to common usage words, common phrases, things that have been used by others already and simply are not original . . . this is wrong.

So please! If you are a writer, go through the CockyBot page and make sure that your titles are safe!
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