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Do You Like Rusty Spoooons...?


Look who it is, it's Salad Fingers!!! :dummy:

So, I actually drew this fella! Drew him because I wanted to see how well I could draw creepy characters, and it looks like I can pull it off! :D I even used textures for the first time ever!!! Been dying to use textures soooo bad...But didn't want to go overboard with them because I don't want to be lazy. (Credit to the owners below!!)

I tried doing shading, but I did not like how it was looking, so I left it out. (Sorry, ran out of patience. >.<) Light source and shading was difficult for me in this one. I'm just not confident with shading sometimes. But I am trying to understand light source and shading as much as possible, been looking at tutorials like mad all over the place. :stare: It's something I need to get better at and fast. At least I did effort doing cloth folds, that's another drawing obstacle I have. They may not be perfect or accurate but it's something. :iconitssomethingplz: :shrug:

So yeah, I actually like Salad Fingers. >.> I cannot get myself to like the rest of David Firth's work, it is just too weird for me and not too crazy about the art style, I'm sorry I think Salad Fingers is kind of cute, and he turned out even cuter in my style. :giggle: I really like my version. :la: My art has that magic, y'know, turning anything creepy or ugly into something somewhat adorable. :XD: And I like dark humor sometimes, so I guess that's what kind of attracted me to the 10-episode cartoon. His voice is also calming and I love the odd words an' phrases he uses. xD

To anyone who may want to watch it, it IS kind of disturbing, especially the last two episodes.… But if you're just not into dark humor or flat-out weirdness, then it's definitely not for you, heh. :P

Ennnjoy! :dummy:


Salad Fingers © David Firth

Artwork © :iconfantasy-fashionista: Please do not use my work in any way without my authorized permission. Thank you.

Cloud Mist Texture 1 © :iconlish-stock:…

Cracked Dirt Texture 2 © :iconelaineselenestock:…

Rust Texture 4 from "Rust Texture Pack I" © :iconquansie:…

Roof Shingles 1 © :icongurumedit:…

 Wood Texture 15 © :iconagf81:…
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dismaldaydreamer's avatar
Salad Fingers is the most adorable nightmare fuel ever! 
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
OmG, you're into Salad Fingers?? XD Wow. I still kinda like him, but the animations can be a bit much sometimes.

dismaldaydreamer's avatar

Is it weird that I find his voice soothing? :o

Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Ha ha, you're not alone! His voice is weirdly soothing...yet creepy. xD
dismaldaydreamer's avatar

Oh good, I don't need to get my head checked.

MikesScribbles's avatar
Salad Fingers, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
 good thing you can't draw a voice!
TheIce-Sorceress's avatar :stare:

This has got to be the most SCARIEST deviation I have seen all day!

In other words, congratulations!
Scary deviations are hard to pull off, lol XD
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Lol, you think this is scary? :XD: I've seen scarier :P Creepy, yes. But scary? Not to me, lol.

But thanks though, lol. It was interesting drawing him. :)
TheIce-Sorceress's avatar
Yeah.. I understand >.> But yeesh, I really REALLY get freaked out over Salad Fingers XD

I bet it was XD
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Lol! I can understand, he's not for everyone XD

And yep!
SnipsySnips's avatar
I swear to god! Salad Fingers is like, SO OLD! I remember him from YEARS ago! I honestly didn't expect you to like him! :XD: But this is very interesting, and kinda creepy I gotta say! But then agan, SF is always very creepy/weird! I do like it a lot though! (^: But I always just thought that Salad Fingers would be one of those memes that kinda died,,,,Very nice!
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Lol, yeah XD

I did watch him a few years ago too, but when I decided to revisit the episodes again, I just thought it'd be fun to draw him; see my take on him. :XD: I do have planned to maybe draw more SF fan art in the future, like his little puppet "friends". XD

Salad Fingers is pretty weird and creepy even for my taste, yeah, but I dunno. I just like him, despite the weirdness. xD

Glad you like it :D
SnipsySnips's avatar
As I said, I haven't watched him in years. But perhaps I should rewatch some just for nostalgia purposes. :XD: And well! That would be interesting to see! I'm always excited about your art! :)

omgg, I'm weird. Because I actually like weird/creepy stuff like that. I enjoy reading Creepypastas as well. Yet, I hate watching horror movies! Seriously !

And you're very welcome! <3 Keep up the good work !
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Yeah, totally. :D

And thanks, I'm happy to see people really interested in my work :D

And I love Creepypasta too. Ironically, I don't watch much horror movies either, mostly because they are just too gory or demonic nowadays. I prefer psychological horror rather than slasher films.

I liked the concept of SAW, but after Jigsaw passed, the rest of the movies went downhill. Also, just too gory for me to handle. It looks too real. But I like some of the traps, and I love Billy the Puppet. And I love that it's not your typical serial killer movie (at least it wasn't before it went in that direction). Jigsaw gave people a chance to live or not. It was the person's own decision. Jigsaw hated murderers. So I thought that was cool. I've only seen a few scenes of the movies here and there. Can't stand watching some scenes though.

And thanks again :heart: :hug:
SnipsySnips's avatar
Very good! You have such a unique style, people should be interested in your work!

Ehh, I don't really like the Slasher films either. Most of the time they're just pointless gore. And usually too much for me. Well, the Friday the 13th films were kinda laughable, the old ones. 

And omggg noooo. I watched the second SAW film on TV. It was almost too gross for me then!!! I can just barely watch it because it was the TV version! But the first one, I saw the brutal death clips online before! and nooooo, noo. I mean, just seeing that made me sick!! While I do like the concept of SAW, I just. . .I just can't handle it! It's far too much for me! So I'll probably never ever, EVER watch it. Unless when I get older, I can stand the sight of torture in movies and whatnot. But eeeeeeeee-

And you're very welcome! :hug: 
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Well, I do try my hardest to make interesting stuff, heh. ^.^

And yeah, that's mostly why I don't like them. But it's ironic, I think of violent stuff a lot, a lot of violent art ideas. But I guess most tend to stem from depression and anger. And well, violence in art isn't always bad, it can convey a good message, and even be artistic if done right.

Yeah, for the most part, I can't either. Especially if it looks realistically done. Some gore is pretty laughable, I'll admit, because of how ridiculous it can be. Like "How is that even possible?" type of thought, lol. And I somewhat like dark comedy, but I have my limits. I definitely don't like Happy Tree Friends. I thought it was funny at first, but then it was just flat-out ridiculous. Same plot every episode---Characters all die a very gory death. :| Pointless...
JaazzArtzz's avatar
Wow amazing!! :XD: He looks really cute and funny in your style! :D nice job on his teeth and fingernails, they look pretty realistic :D I also love the shading, as always :aww: Also brilliant job on the wrinkles! :clap: :heart:
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Thank you so much! :D I'm quite proud of the teeth and fingernails :D

And heh, those are highlights, not exactly shading xD I couldn't do the shading correctly, so I left that out. But thanks anyway =P
JaazzArtzz's avatar
Ups i meant credit, not created ^^; xD
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