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Water faery



A ship made out of a pea pod, which held a group of small fairies glided on the smooth blue surface of water,they were on a journey to meet the magic "Water Fairy." Through the mist they could see the outline of a beautiful palace in the distance. As their ship drew closer,and the mist cleared they could see a magnificent palace!
"I can see the palace of the water fairy!" , said Petal the dainty little fairy on the pod ship. They could not reach their destination fast enough.
All of a sudden the ship quit floating, they could not see what stopped their ship. When out of the water jumped a huge green frog, and said , "hello my name is "Greena"." My madam, the magic "Water Fairy", will be here soon and she will show you our paradise personally". A few seconds later,the little fairies saw the "Water Fairy" appear from the mist! She had beautiful hair of red and gold, with a wreath of delicate flowers on her head,that smelled of a soft sweetness, that seemed to be weaved from a hundred flowers. Her face, was kind and gentle with a flawless beauty. There was a slight breeze that surrounded her,and she was accompanied by butterflies,that whirled around her, as she moved. The magical fairy pulled a curled golden string that was attached to the boat and directed their ship on the route to the magical palace, where she lived. The miracle the tiny fairies expected was happening!..

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Фея сделала находку:
Листик плавал по воде.
Из листка построив лодку,
Фея плавает везде.

Под стеной речного срыва
Показался ей налим,
Он мелькнул пред ней красиво,
И исчез, неуловим.

Дальше, больше Дышат травы
В светлом зеркальце реки.
Целым островом – купавы,
Целым лесом – тростники.

Ей тритоны удивлялись,
Проползая бережком,
И, смешные, похвалялись
Ей оранжевым брюшком

Плавунцы в воде чернели,
И пускали пузыри
Обещались – в самом деле
Быть ей свитой до зари.

Все бы, все бы было складно,
Да внезапно с ветерком
Стало сумрачно, прохладно,
Громыхнул далекий гром

Лодку Феи ветер, вея,
Опрокинул, – не со зла,
Но однако ж вправду Фея
Утонуть в реке могла.

Но она лишь усмехнулась,
Миг, – и в замок, до грозы,
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This is so beautiful. You make real the unreal. Are prints of this work available?