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Fantasy leather armor

This set includes a quiver and a helmet
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It will be cool to se it in a black Gambeson

Maby a drak black

man, i really wish i could have the patterns for this armor set. id love to make it myself. It's Awsome.

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Pretty damned cool.
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Stunning piece of craftsmanship  ^^
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This looks like something Loki would wear! Awesome!
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were can I buy this and how much
Christof1902's avatar
shut up and take my money!
I would love to see what this looks like if the pauldrons were removed and the trim was a deep crimson instead of gold
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Absolutely amazing. Really, really love the design.
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Man, this is a great armor ! Do you mind if I use this as a reference for a Green Goblin redesign ?
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good job! invested a lot of work .. :)
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Please tell me where i can buy this! please!
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" shut up and take my money ! " xD
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This is a beautiful design! To me, it is the perfect ratio of simplicity to flair. I don't tend to like the armor that is too fancy and flamboyant (except to admire the skill necessary to make it). But this... I could wear something like this. If, you know, I were planning for a battle. :D
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mind if i try to make this armor?
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О боги, это потрясающе!
That is awesome! I'd love to see a female version.
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Does it come with the undercoat? That's AWESOME!
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wow.. definitely for an earth bender.. lol
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