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Hello guys,
I just wanted to give you a few information.
This group was my baby for a long time, but since real life came, I can't be active here anymore.
You already know that.
There have already been questions for new admins.
I'm very sorry for that.
Since I can't be active anymore, I'll give all rights to my fellow admins.
I hope the group can go on this way.
Stay safe and have a good time.
Goodbye to you.
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General Information

:pointr: Do you like Fantasy? Do you know all the characters? Then show our members your deviations of Fantasy and Sci-Fi characters.

:pointr: I founded this group especially for deviations of characters from every fantasygame, -book or -movie.
Everyone can submit his deviations as long as these show a Fantasycharacter. It can also be your own Original Character as long as it's Fantasy or Sci-Fi.

:pointr: Whenever we get new affiliates, we will inform you about them in a blog-entry.

:pointr: When we get information about a contest holded by our affiliates, we will inform you about that in a blog entry.

:pointr: We will inform you about projects around dA in our blog. This will make you able to take part of every project you want and you can also tell us about your projects to inform others about it.

If you need/want more information or if you have questions, please send a note to Sabbelbina

Have fun by publishing your deviations!

We are officially looking for new administrators, who can vote, write journals and help with the updates of our group.
We are in need for one or two admins.

Everyone wanting to help, please write a note to the group or to Sabbelbina by saying you want to be an admin for Fantasy-Characters.


These are some of our affiliates. Take a look at these wonderful groups.
Maybe there are some for you, too.









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