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Welcome to Fantasy-Arts!

Fantasy-Arts is as the name says a fantasy related group, which means that only fantasy related art will be accepted.
There is no quality control here because imagination doesn't care about our skill level, but we still have rules that should be followed.

This entry is all about the group's rules. This is a big group and we are receiving a huge number of submission on a daily basis, these rules are here to help us AND you.
Please read the whole page and make sure you understand everything before submitting to our gallery. :)


List of folders with short explanations:
:bulletgreen: TRADITIONAL ART
    - everything drawn traditionally, on paper, canvas and such alike.
:bulletgreen: DIGITAL ART
   - everything drawn digitally.
   - well, literature and comics. Stories you write. FAN ART of books and comics does NOT belong here. Only submit cover artwork for original writing/comics if there is a link in the description; we won't accept it otherwise.
    - transforming a photograph into a desired image. I understand that's a part of DIGITAL ART, but I'd like to have them separated therefore please don't submit photomanips to digital art if there is a folder reserved for them only.
:bulletgreen: ARTISAN CRAFTS
    - everything you make: costumes, dolls, jewelry, sculptures, etc
:bulletgreen: PHOTOGRAPHY
    - you are wearing a costume? You are cosplaying? Then this is where you submit your photo! Still life?
Showing off your super cool new action figure or doll doing amazing things? Put it all here! The mysterious woods behind your house? Why of course! c:

    - like the title suggests: sketches, linearts, and concepts, but also studies and everything that falls inbetween.
:bulletgreen: FAN ART
    - fan art of books, comics, movies, TV shows, cartoons, video games, etc. Cover artwork without a link to original writing goes here.
    - well, reference sheets and adoptables! NO ADOPTABLE SHEETS. Maps go here too!

We are highly lenient when it comes to accepting submissions! :)
However, we DO have rules:

:bulletgreen: Submitted sketches must be clean and neat looking without random scribbles and doodles all over the paper. Blank paper is recommended.
We do reserve the right to deny something if we find it too messy or...too simple. 1 minute sketches can be easily recognized.
The art you submit represents you, try to submit your best and finished works only.
:bulletgreen: We will only accept mild nudity (slightly suggestive) without a maturity warning on it. If we consider a deviation not suitable for our gallery we reserve the right to decline it.
:bulletgreen: We would appreciate our members to NOT post advertisements/promotions for projects, contest/raffle/giveaway events, or personal gains outside the group. This group is to appreciate fantasy, and there are other groups out there that will accept promotions. If it is absolutely necessary to spread the word, please write a comment in the group profile. NOT the notes, thank you.
:bulletgreen: Please avoid submitting photos of animals (rabbits, dogs, fish, cats etc.) without any fantasy-related content in it. There are many Earthly, humanistic, and animal- related groups out there, but this one's focus should stay on fantasy. THERE WILL MOST LIKELY BE NO EXPLANATION IF ANY OF THESE ARE DECLINED.
:bulletgreen: PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS OF THE SAME ARTWORK. It's hard enough to go through 100+ submissions without people doing this.
The admins are very busy with their own lives as well as this group, and we'd like to ask that you have patience when submitting your work.
:bulletgreen: No resources: brushes, "bases", stock images, etc.; only artwork is accepted. Lineart/inking goes in the folder that accepts it.
:bulletgreen: We do not accept journals, tutorials, processes, alternate versions of the same art piece, or WIPs(works in progress).

NOTE: Administrators are not required to provide an explanation upon rejecting a submission for either of the reasons mentioned above, BUT we do reserve the right to reject a submission simply because we don't find it suitable for our group.

If a member cannot take the time to read the group's rules or submit to the correct gallery folders, then us administrators should not be expected to waste our own personal time explaining why we had to decline your submission. If a submission of yours has been declined without an explanation and you are still unsure what the reason may be even after reading the group's rules, you are more than welcome to request one, but please ask politely & treat us with respect and in return we will do the same. It is perfectly possible that we rejected something by accident so please don't hesitate to ask! :aww:

Also, we are all approachable and nice people. We will gladly help with any confusions or anything at all regarding the group or art. All you need to do is send a note to the group or one of us directly. :aww:
 :bulletgreen: Do you have any suggestions or ideas?
 :bulletgreen: Do you want to become part of the admin team and help us accept/decline submissions?
 :bulletgreen: Do you know how to make this group even better and more awesome?


Have a nice day and thank you for being part of our group! We appreciate it, we truly do appreciate every single one our members.
Without you and your amazing submissions, this group wouldn't even be alive now.
Thank you all! :tighthug:

CanisAnthus (co-founder)

[EDIT]: Just a few spelling errors. ~fluffythehedgehog12
[EDIT 2]: Update on self-advertisements and cover artwork for writing/comics. ~fluffythehedgehog12
© 2015 - 2021 Fantasy-Arts
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KnightingaleSong's avatar
Hi there! I'm considering joining - are yaoi themes allowed? 0v0
CanisAnthus's avatar
For as long as it follows the group's rules, I see no problem with it!
KnightingaleSong's avatar
Darksh1ne1's avatar
Only one question. Since you don't have a specific folder for it, and I didn't find any mention of it in the rules... what about mature content fantasy art?
CanisAnthus's avatar
''We will only accept mild nudity (slightly suggestive) without a maturity warning on it. If we consider a deviation not suitable for our gallery we reserve the right to decline it.''

That's pretty much it. It really depends on the theme of the artwork and the admins themselves, to be honest. :shrug:
luvstruckshipper's avatar
No resources: brushes, "bases", stock images, etc.; only artwork is accepted. Lineart/inking goes in the folder that accepts it.

^^ for this rule does it mean that we can't redraw things ?
For example, there is this photo I saw and I painted it, looking similar - does this count as a stock image?
CanisAnthus's avatar
That is still a drawing, you used the photo as a reference, right? That's perfectly fine and is welcome in the group! :aww:
Stock image would be submitting the photo for the sole purpose of having people use it for art.
luvstruckshipper's avatar
:) Yeah I used it as a reference, thanks!
DoodleBerryAsh's avatar
Oh geez, I am sorry. I haven't been on DA in a long time, and when I was looking for the right folder, I accidentally submitted my art to the 
"wrong folder". Gosh I am dumb. I am sorry about that. I quickly tried to retract what I did, and then submitted the work to the digital art folder... I just feel bad that I didn't understand the uploading process, which may cause an inconvenience to you.. Again, I am sorry. :(
fluffythehedgehog12's avatar
Don't worry about simple mistakes! Just as long as you don't do it on purpose. ;)
DoodleBerryAsh's avatar
Oh thank you for understanding<3
DoodleBerryAsh's avatar
actually, I think I fixed it! :) onion head 'sigh' 
AlienorBelinor's avatar
Understood! But if my work is just inked in black is it considered as not finity?
fluffythehedgehog12's avatar
I don't understand what you mean. Were you asking if line art was unfinished?

If you do not plan on finishing your artwork past the inking stage, then it is considered finished and can be submitted to the Linearts folder. If you are not finished, then please do not submit it. Thank you!
cyberpunk87's avatar
So if my artwork has no relation with fantasy it might be declined ?
fluffythehedgehog12's avatar
Yup! This is a fantasy-focused group, so if it has no relations to fantasy it will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding!
MisiasArt's avatar
Really nice creally written rules ;)
Aeryma's avatar
I'm not sure if I missed anything, but is there a certain limit one can post? Eg. 1 per week, or?
CanisAnthus's avatar
The limit is 3 per day.
Aeryma's avatar
TypingYazzer's avatar
Understood  ^_^ 
Looking forward into it :D
HarryPriest's avatar
EliSato-chan's avatar
Read and agreed.Hug 
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