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Frequently asked questions and answers:

:star: Why was my submission declined?
Most likely because it didn't follow the groups rules. One of the main reasons why we decline submissions is submitting to the wrong folder.
Please make sure you have read and fully understand the group's submission guidelines and rules fantasy-arts.deviantart.com/jo…
If you are still unsure about the reason behind the rejection, please feel free to note us. Mistakes happen!

:star: My submission expired?
Please understand that we have a great number of members, that means that we get over a hundred submissions in no time. We all try to vote on them, but some get lost in the process and expire. You are, of course, welcome to resubmit!

:star: How do I join?
Just click ''Join our group'' at the top of the group's page. Please read the group's rules and submission guidelines before joining!

:star: How many times can I submit to gallery?
The limit is 4 per week.

:star: Where do I submit Animation?
Since there are not enough animation deviations in our group, a new folder won't be made. However, you may submit your work to 'Digital art'.

:star: Can we submit WIPs/unfinished work/sketches that I'll finish later?
No, we don't accept unfinished work, even if you'll be finishing it. However, if you submit sketches you don't plan to finish please submit them into the Sketches, Doodles, and Studies folder.

:star: How can I help the group?
You can send us your suggestions and ideas, or you can ask for an admin position and help us with the submissions.
Point out problems if you see any, help us become even better!

:star: How can I be listed under ''Supporters of The Group''?
We've started organizing contests and we are trying to make this group a Super group.
To be featured you can donate prizes to the winners. It can be art or points. If you want to donate points to the group for contest purpose (prize for the winners) or to help us upgrade, then please send us a note! All donated points will be used for the group and this group ONLY.

:star: One of the folders is full!
Thank you for telling us!
Please tell us when the folders get full so we can fix that as soon as possible! Otherwise we will have to decline over a hundred submissions. :(
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as me I can join?