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Frequently asked questions and answers:

:star: Why was my submission declined?
Most likely because it didn't follow the groups rules. One of the main reasons why we decline submissions is submitting to the wrong folder.
Please make sure you have read and fully understand the group's submission guidelines and rules fantasy-arts.deviantart.com/jo…
If you are still unsure about the reason behind the rejection, please feel free to note us. Mistakes happen!

:star: My submission expired?
Please understand that we have a great number of members, that means that we get over a hundred submissions in no time. We all try to vote on them, but some get lost in the process and expire. You are, of course, welcome to resubmit!

:star: How do I join?
Just click ''Join our group'' at the top of the group's page. Please read the group's rules and submission guidelines before joining!

:star: How many times can I submit to gallery?
The limit is 4 per week.

:star: Where do I submit Animation?
Since there are not enough animation deviations in our group, a new folder won't be made. However, you may submit your work to 'Digital art'.

:star: Can we submit WIPs/unfinished work/sketches that I'll finish later?
No, we don't accept unfinished work, even if you'll be finishing it. However, if you submit sketches you don't plan to finish please submit them into the Sketches, Doodles, and Studies folder.

:star: How can I help the group?
You can send us your suggestions and ideas, or you can ask for an admin position and help us with the submissions.
Point out problems if you see any, help us become even better!

:star: How can I be listed under ''Supporters of The Group''?
We've started organizing contests and we are trying to make this group a Super group.
To be featured you can donate prizes to the winners. It can be art or points. If you want to donate points to the group for contest purpose (prize for the winners) or to help us upgrade, then please send us a note! All donated points will be used for the group and this group ONLY.

:star: One of the folders is full!
Thank you for telling us!
Please tell us when the folders get full so we can fix that as soon as possible! Otherwise we will have to decline over a hundred submissions. :(
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mussa44's avatar
as me I can join?
CanisAnthus's avatar
Hello! First of all, I apologize for taking so long to answer.
I have read your message the moment it came in, but I simply didn't have time to answer sooner. I've used that time to try and come up with a proper answer, but still after a day of thinking I am no closer to it.

What I mean by that rules is: artistic nudity, nudity in general and sexual content are all fine, as long as it remains inside the boundaries of what is....normal? As long as the questions ''can it fit?'', ''how the hell does it fit????'' and ''????? what''  are not the main focus of it. Pieces that purely evolve around exaggerated genitals or anything at all that takes the focus off fantasy are not something I accept. However, pieces that keep the focus on the intimacy and romantic of the moment and act are welcome. Oh dear I have no idea how to explain all this.
English isn't my first language and I am having difficulties finding the right words...but I do hope I explained it at least a little bit? :( Please let me know if it's all still unclear and I will do my best to try and explain it again, but (hopefully) better!

Or maybe if you are concerned about some specific artwork you'd like to submit, you can send a link in a note to the group or in the group's comment section and we can tell you if it follows the rules?

I am so terribly sorry for not being able to explain it any better :c
Karla-Chan's avatar
That is not terribly clear, I know I could probably show you examples since DA does only allow mildly soft core porn any way. I
put my harder stuff on other sites but it stays fantasy based. However it is best to have a clear rule for all the members. Like:

Artistic nude, and mild sexual themes and content is okay as long as it is fantasy themed, and stays within the guild-lines with DA's Rules. However we reserve the right to refuse a picture if we feel it does not have enough of a fantasy element, or is too extreme. 

That way it would give people a better idea of what you allow, and gives your room to reject things you see as too bad. 
CanisAnthus's avatar
Yes, I fully agree, but have you seen how much dA staff ''cares'' about the rules? There's porn on every corner and the fact that most people simply don't see or don't care about the difference between mild sexual content and hardcore stuff is the main problem I am facing here and have come to the point when I'd rather have them sending me comments or notes with the link of what they want to submit than let them submit and refuse their submission and then have them flay me alive for refusing their perfect drawing that ''follows all dA rules, is not hard stuff and has lots of views''.
Of course this doesn't apply to everyone, there are still people who actually care about the rules and follow them, but unfortunately the others are the majority of what I've seen.

Right, this got too long. Yes, I will change the rule soon and thank you for wording it much better than I did.
Much appreciated!
Karla-Chan's avatar
Yes I agree it is a huge issue, however if you put it down as a guild-line then it is a fair way to decline it for people who are offending. It sets out a clear idea which some people will think about before submitting. Since some groups do have varying rules on mature content, some are more strict then others and only allow artist nude, or only allow it if it is not full frontal nudity etc. 

Since yeah I do want to follow the rules, but this is the level I put on dA that is the "hardness": karla-chan.deviantart.com/art/… and karla-chan.deviantart.com/art/… which under some groups I can see why they would turn it down. However it is still soft in terms of actual porn, and within the dA rules. However I do have full on lesbian porn or female masturbation on other sites. However they are on other sites since I know what dA's rules are like. 
CanisAnthus's avatar
Thank you for your understanding, thanks a lot! :)
CanisAnthus's avatar
what? wait...no! FANART of comics and books doesn't belong there. Comics do. If that makes more sense? ^^;
IceDragon94's avatar
aah! now i get it... ok! :icondragonnod1:
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