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Welcome to Fantastical Fauna!

This group is dedicated to all of the creatures created by our imaginations. From Arcanaloths to Elves, Dragons to Xorns, anything and everything imaginary is covered here!

So come in, Submit and look at some art, or just chat about your favorite creatures.


1) Anyone can join!
2) Be polite, and if giving criticism be constructive.
3) When submitting art be sure to submit it into the right category! If unsure where to put it, submit it into OTHER.
4) Please don't flood the gallery with art. Only submit a few of your best pieces!
5) If your art has been submitted / faved against your wishes, please send the group a Note and we'll remove it.
6) If there is a category you would like added, feel free to note the group and ask.


We have been getting a lot of awesome submissions, but I need to go over one or two things:

1) Please don't submit furry art! This is not a group to share your anthro characters, there are plenty of other groups for that. I understand some things might cross into that realm, but try not to submit fursona pictures unless they are somewhat original.

2) Plant like creatures does not mean some human/elf wearing flowers or a plant like outfit. It means the creature itself is a plant like organism.

3) If you submit a lot of pictures at once or within a close time frame from each other, expect to have a few denied. It's not that I don't like them, it's that I don't want to flood the group with just one artists at any given time.

Anyways, Thanks!


Interested in becoming an affiliate? Send us a message! As long as your group is Fantasy based, we will most likely accept.


I am only on DA intermittently, and as such find myself missing submissions before they expire. I'm looking for a staff member just to accept subs that are submitted to the correct categories or to look for art that can be submitted to the group.

Looking for someone on here more than me to help, that's about it.

Rules of accepting art:
Not submitted to featured
Finished drawings (sketches fine, just nothing on notebook paper, missing a head because they didn't get to it, ect)
Has made an attempt to categorize it
Is not someone's random Furry/Show OC
Fits the theme of the group

That's it. Pretty simple to do, as you just hit accept if it fits in here, or decline if it doesn't. Much work. Very staff. So hard.

If you're interested, send the group a note.
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Hmm.  Just a thought:  perhaps there should be a "Fauna" folder or similar - a place for fantastical beasts like jabberwockies, catoblepas, chimæra and so on?
Just a suggestion.
Carancerth Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Professional General Artist
Still alive ? =D
AmethystSadachbia Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ack, I think I accidentally submitted some art to the Featured folder >_< "Satsila" should be in the Humanoids folder (she's a Canyon Giant), "Blaefedhwyn" should be in Elves/Fay (she's Gwragedd Annwn), and "Lizard Battle" I'm not sure if you have a group folder, because it depicts a reptilian race (unrelated to dragons) and a naturally-occurring demihuman race (not a hybrid or crossbreed).
halmtier Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll move things into the proper folders, don't worry. =D
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Hi, thanks for accepting me to the group! I messed up submitting to right folder so sorry about that D: my computer decided to be a jerk...
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Not to worry. I will deal with that later. =)
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Thank you for accepting me to the group. I submitted some of my art but not sure if i added to the right galleries. Sorry if I messed up.
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That's fine, I can move it later. =3
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