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This group is for MLP OCs, and MLP OCs only. Any generation is acceptable.

:bulletred: No canon ponies. Period. No Woona, no genderbends.
:bulletred: No blank bases.
:bulletred: Your OC must be generally aesthetically pleasing. This is not a group for chaotic joke OCs.
:bulletred: Neon is only accepted if used sparingly to accent dark colors. No full-body neon.
:bulletred: Absolutely NO Moonlight Mares.
:bulletred: Crossover ponies are not OCs. Do not submit ponies that are canon characters from other series.
:bulletred: No open adopts, auctions, gachas, etc. Closed ones are allowed.
:bulletred: NO NSFW. This is a family-friendly group. Pictures with clothing/butts will be decided case-by-case.

:bulletgreen: Second Generation ponies are acceptable.
:bulletgreen: USED bases and open collabs are allowed, but must include credit for the base and a link to the base in the description.
:bulletgreen: Any generation is acceptable.
:bulletgreen: Any pony race/species is allowed. (Wereponies, seaponies, merponies, batponies, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Any medium (digital, traditional, ceramic figure, plushie)
:bulletgreen: Non-pony OCs are allowed, but it must be clear that it's from the same universe.
:bulletgreen: If there's enough art for your pony, or enough requests for it, you may get your own folder.
:bulletgreen: Humanizations are generally acceptable, as long as it's clear it's an MLP character.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Gallery Folders

Autumn Blaze by Coramino
2 unnamed ponies I made that I love by grateful-dead-raised
Apple Brand by KyuremGirl
Shout Your Faves Out by grateful-dead-raised
Corona Meeting by SilverKatu
A Peaceful day in the coldland by KRX34
Queen Ashi by SilverKatu
The Shark Prince by SilverKatu
COMMISSION- Nimbus and Jacquelyn (2018) by songbirdDEIGE
[AT] crowsnestart by DiableDiablo
Cutie Marks
Cutie Marks Examples (2017) by songbirdDEIGE
Cutie Marks by EpsilonTLOSdark4
Cutie Marks: Sub 6 by adamlhumphreys
Someone's CutieMark by xKorneruKun
How to draw Ponies: 1- Basic shape of a pony by Arkwys
NSFW Content And Censoring It by ShadowInkWarrior
Tutorial: Nightmare Moon's mane by ZuTheSkunk
Wings by Arkwys
Wave Glacier - Kellezia
Wave Glacier Icon [commission] by Blitzkatze
Wave Glacier by Si3art
Wave Glacier Chibi Pagedoll [commission] by Blitzkatze
Wave Glacier Balloon Pagedoll [commission] by Blitzkatze
Honeycrisp - Honeycrisp1012
CSSC: Honey Crisp by Ipun
Herneh Creesp by KyuremGirl
Honey Crisp by xWhiteDreamsx
Honeycrisp by KyuremGirl
KyuFlake - KyuremGirl
Kyu by KyuremGirl
Kyu Flake [gift] by ZauriArt
COMMISSION 2018- Birthday Present Kyuflake by songbirdDEIGE
Familial Bond by KyuremGirl
Dreamscape - CompassRoses
Jessica Meets Compass Rose by askbloodydash
Request for CompassRoses by TheShadowgirls
Bitty Dreamscape by TargetGirl
Destrier - Honeycrisp1012
Special by Honeycrisp1012
Blue Light Special by Honeycrisp1012
Request Honeycrisp: Destier and Honey by kyo4kusanagi
[Point Commission] Flank Love by KyuremGirl
Annabelle - PookasTrainer
Annabelle cover Vol 2 Platinum by PookasTrainer
Surprise - ScorchedPoet
Commission: Surprise by Rannarbananar
Moonlight Blossom - MoonlightBloome
Moonlight Blossom (Raffle winner) by Duskie-06
Cabaret - ScorchedPoet
CM: ScorchedPoet by illvmination


This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Canon ponies and crossover art now have folders in Favorites. While this group is intended for OCs only, I've noticed a flood of canon ponies being submitted. You may now direct these to Favorites.
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inside-our-mind Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We would normally like to see a few submissions before making the folder, but I've made the folder and it should be open for submission. :)
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KyuremGirl Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So what is this group about? Do OCs get folders, then?
inside-our-mind Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is an OCs-only group, for both pony OCs and non-pony OCs, as long as they're for MLP.
If your OC has enough pictures (16 or more), then they will get their own folder. Otherwise, it'll just go in a general folder until there's more art available of said OC.
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