What do you like LEAST about being an artist?
320 votes
Blank canvases
Getting asked to do stuff for free
Too less time to do the work that personally matters
That people don´t get, its actually work I´m doing
Worries about how to generate income
The big insecurity all along the way
The business aspects and the paperwork
The inherent feeling of selfdoubt

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for me it's a tie between being asked to work for me and the people who don't take me seriously about wanting a career out of it
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always on the razors edge, I know that feeling!
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Back when I was a more active artist (I know, I know.. I need to stop being LAZY!!) People would be asking me to draw something for them.. or clean up the light balances in photos, etc. all the time! I've finally come to the point where I'm not afraid to instantly respond with my hourly rate. hee hee.
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Yepp, thats the right attitude. I also do love to compare my working time to any job and ask people if they ever asked a mechanic to do work on their car for just good exposure:D
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Selfdoubt for me.

Money I could care less about, I have a normal job for that.

Asking to do stuff for free, I don't mind either since I see it as publicity for me (gave a couple of shots away to bands that wanted them for their promo stuff).

But I'm always comparing myself to the other guys, and feel lacking. Especially when they are toting around 10k worth of camera equipment.
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Interesting, I also was very much wrapped in selfdoubt when I worked fulltime in dayjob.
Since I did the freelancing fulltime, I see things different and doubt is something I cannot afford.
This leads to a conclusion that a dayjob IS a serious brick in the road here.

I´d like to invite you to my blog [link] about the problem with "comparing oneself with other artists" I also have an upcoming post about the "power of doubt".
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My "day job" is a major brick in my road for one reason.

I work nights, which means I have to take time off from work if a concert I want to photograph is during the work week. So it kinda blows but I think I'm switching to day shift as soon as a new position opens up. I'll check out your blog.

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The self doubt for me, everytime i finish a piece i dnt upload it because im worried it will not suite other people tastes...
Can never bring myself to do it
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I worry about how to generate income, and I'm always thinking, what if I fail as a designer/artist? No matter how much I improve, and how much I work, it always seems I'm one (or 10!) step short of how good I'm supposed to be. Then I start thinking that if I'm a failure, I'll never be able to work for proper amounts of money and I'll live the rest of my life poor in some crap apartment, known amongst others as that fail artist who couldn't make it to a decent level.
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Your photography is really good, so no worries on that end, other things in life, circumstances and habits, such as procrastination are always stones in our ways that we need to either accept or find and eliminate. Its up on you, I wish you the best!
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Especially in doing collaborations, i bercome insecure. especially in blind collaborations like #TheExquisiteCorpse drawings.
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I always have great respect for these Exquisite Corpses, although I couldn´t imagine to do one, because of the same reason.
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all of them :(
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That's annoying too. People will want something wonderful for the cost of something cheap as though there is some kind of Walmart for the arts.
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It takes time to raise prices, but it all starts with the mindset and what you are worth to yourself.
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A close second would be that people, in particular those at my part time wage slave job, don't get that this is a serious career that I'm dedicated too.
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Every here and then I have to think on the following quote: "Never argue with idiots, they bring you down on their level and beat you with experience"
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deadlines make me don't want to do the work (exept for school, i managed that now). And i'm a procrastinator, so i rarely do big art by myself, wich worries me for the futur.
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Interesting that you mentioned procrastination, I have a blog post, some thoughts about time management, maybe you find something helpful: [link]
Other than that, a look too much in the future by contemplating your present self, unconsciously leads to a bad image. Even if you don´t like to hear it, but changing habits leads to a better image of your future too;-)
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Too less time to do the work that matters. That and not knowing whether Im gonna eat next month lol ;p
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Absolutely agree on the first point:nod:
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I picked the big insecurity.

I guess it's not that common since many people aren't really making their living off their art alone. But in my case, the insecurity is the ongoing worry: you wonder if you'll get a job, then you wonder if you will get paid. You wonder if your last job is going to be your last, or if the next job is the last. You wonder if you are doing well because you are in fashion; when you are not doing so well you wonder if you fell out of fashion. You can't easily make any big purchases because the money is unsteady, and its hard to plan for your life because nothing in even halfway certain.

It's a work lifestyle without guarantee, and sometimes that fact gets pushed into your face more than others, and it hurts. Like you can't even plan a holiday without worrying to death about whether it's going to be a really bad idea.

So it's my least favorite thing about being an artist because it's probably the #1 thing these days that makes me sit up and wonder why I do what I do and whether or not it would be more worthwhile to trade it for another job with more security and certainty (although these days nothing really seems certain anymore, least of all job security).
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Wow, thanks for your honest opinion on that matter, which I didn´t expect.
I know exactly what you mean and its something I can relate too as a freelancer.

But in our current society I feel its the best thing to do, where no job has any security at all, its the best thing to do what you love to do. Relying on your abilities isn´t a bad thing, you are not dispensable. If that transcends and you have the "just-right" clients, I guess anything is possible and its even better than to trade your creativity for the illusion of stability.
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Many emails or notes asking if i could do something for free.... it's really annoying
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