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category edit, dunno how, but it was categorized as digital(?) now its right:nod:
Decided to submit this to the contest "Lust" over at :iconaus-art:

as for the standing of the title of this concept work i might say this is mainly leaned on a chapter of William Blakes marriage of heaven and hell, (excerpt: Isaiah XXXIV & XXXV Chapter) the basic interpretation contains to declare that good is heaven and evil is hell,but what is evil,what is good,i think man and women are energetic counterparts,in form shape and hormonal-consistence...
and in real life the differences are tiny too,but yet its on YOU to decide which one is good which one is evil...;-)

here some stats:

original size: 22X34 inch
time approximated:20 hours
tools used: physical airbrush,watercolor, polychrymos and pencil on black photo board

in case someone is interested in getting a signed and numbered print, please note me for further details on this subject...

Conceptual drawing:
theMARRIAGEofHEAVENandHELL by fantasio

Another version on car -hood:
theMARRIAGEofHEAVENandHELL III by fantasio

Similar version(newer):

Mature Content

Nite and day by fantasio

 Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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© 2003 - 2021 fantasio
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Alright Over roll this is a very interesting painting and I really love the way you did the characters that interact as the main subject and focal point of it, my own critic about this is that I can't see the concent of marriage of Heaven and hell in the characters due to their similarity.

One would think that maybe you wanted to represent that regardless these are supposed to be two very different places they are indeed very similar, in my opinion it looses the concept but there is so much richness in color and realism made possible by the technique that I really appreciate the piece of work.
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Thank you, i take the chance to point it out here again; the concept of "heaven and hell" is depicted in a very diffuse manner. People always tend to think in black and white, but the unobvious is the key, so it needs a closer look, to simply recognize that its the old battle between male and female here again.
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I recognized they were male and female, but the point is why representing one as heaven and the other as hell, and which is heaven and which is hell?

is stereotyped.

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you´re welcome...
for the answer you need to read William Blake´s novel;P
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I have no intention or time to do that :D but
you could explain this to me in a short way as if I
was 5 years old more or less :)
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no problem, its in the description:P
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both male and female are equally good and evil

that's what I choose
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خیلی عجیب است
Very wonderful !
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always nice to see this one again
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Their headpieces remind me of lobsters! :giggle: No seriously this is KICKASS Oliver!
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thank you, I had to think back and agree, it was inspired by frutti-di-mare, I´m guilty;-)
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Haha, love food inspiration! :lmao:
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Hey, I never saw this before. What a brilliant render!
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thankies, glad you like!
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Congratulations :clap: :clap: :clap:

Your work has been selected as one of the FINALISTS in the 7 Deadly Sin: Lust Contest!!!!! [link] :excited:

Winners will be announced shortly.
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The 7 Deadly Sins: Lust contest is now closed. Thank you for your entry. 10 Finalists will be announced shortly.

Please make sure you update your artists comments to mention the Contest and Aus-Art or you will not be eligible to win.

See the Article featuring all entries
[link] :horny:
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I feel touched; good job. :)
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