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So, finally here is the full version of Vampirella, another piece for FG, i had in mind a long time ago.

Next time i will make a collaboration piece again, if time permits.

full view is duty!

here some close ups:
Vampirella - FG teaser by fantasio Vampirella -close up1 by fantasio

hope you like,

 Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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The is well executed. Not only am I glad to see that this is done as well as it is, I'm more happy that its done traditionally and not digitally. There's too much of that going on if you ask me. There are a few things throwing me off though. One is that its a very warm piece. I can't tell if thats the sun or the moon in the background. It looks and feels much like a warm setting sun but the bats and name of the piece make me think I'm wrong. Also the hair seems too hard edged. Id like to see some softness to it and especially some static frizzies (some stray hairs) in the hair glowing the sun/moon light.
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Thank you very much!
I´m sorry if i must disappoint you -as its done digitally -but that proves my goal is reached.
Started working traditionally it has taken me years to bring that charm and life into digital pieces!
Sure you are right on the hair and the edges, but i was intentionally going for a rather -"comicstyle" outlined look that is sometimes harsh edged, its indeed a little to not visible on the hair where reflection should be.
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oh i thought i saw you say it was completely painted somewhere. either way its still a good job
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yepp, completely painted is right, but with wacom;-)
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im gonna have to put my foot down and say thats not painting.
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welcome to the 21 century, nowadays artists sculpt digitally, the correct term for this is 3d sculpting or modeling - and so is digital painting - painting. [link]
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Well then there you go haha. I guess just because I'm a traditional painter I feel its more rewarding to be able to get your hands dirty and be able to touch and feel the artwork. To me it's like it's that extra something art other than simply making a picture.
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When i want to get my hands dirty i work in clay and make sculptures.(no joke)
Making "just" pictures is a pretty way to get images straight out of the head, maybe the pencil isn´t as much dirty as painting with oils, but it does the job and besides that a requirement for every working picture- i compare working digitally rather with a "fancy pencil" works the same way, but with more possibilities.
I know whats your point -its the "original" piece- that is important for you, but as illustrator isn´t a neccessity anymore, if you havn´t dozen of galleries buying or selling your work.
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She's strong, she has the power
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This is amazing work! 
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so beautifull!!! :)

I love it! tnx!

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I love how accurate the anatomy is. Makes it much more sexy than twiggy snakes with balloons for breasts :D
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awesome work! :thumbsup:
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Stunning! Incredibly life-like!!
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One of the most erotic Vamp´ I ever seen !!!!!
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exellent my fav vampire.instant fave love it
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Very well done! I didn't think that someone would take the time to develop a well done rendition of this character.
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Excellent work:)
Very beautiful:) amazing detail:)
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After reading the critique, i have to say that I can tell it is the moon based on the shadows in it, but they are so light that i can see how they could be missed. It is a simple fix to make this more evident and that is to add some darker shades to the already present shadows. Someone else might have stated this but i didn't read that far down. This is a very good piece in my opinion. And I like how she is a very real looking woman instead of the overtly fantastical Vampirella we usually see. good job.
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I especially LOVE that its moonlit but WARM, thats a nice paradox and very different.Excellent work.
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