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"the endless space of a room definitly starts to shape its form in your head, nothing less should you expect from a brain...."

well, some manipulating stuff again, from my recent photosessions...
also this is one of my submissions for RASTER!…
so take a look, if you have the time, to step in a really wicked world of art!

thanks for your c0mments and crits, but even when i´m not so much online at the moment, you should know, your opinion means a lot to me and is also very appreciated.

 Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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© 2004 - 2021 fantasio
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Your art is wonderful! You should be on top of the greatests at dA :]
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fantastic work, i would love it if you used my stock sometime in a deviation. Keep up the great work!
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I have seen this before... where?
Mmm... Have you ever been in something worldwide?

Anyway... this rules. I love it.
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yep, some other communities, and online galleries...
but maybe someone else has just used it in a blog or something like that...;-)

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THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTWORKS FROM MY 100000 ARTWORKS I GOT IN MY HDD!!! i love it! respect!!! absolutely amazing
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Impressive work.. once again very surreal.. as I'm going through your gallery I noticed some influences from such different artists as Dali, Magritte and Giger..

Beautiful in its meaning and technique.

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so ein schönes bild!
und es passt soo gut in unser wohnzimmer!

grüsse von bill

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creative. imaginative. original.
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The whole thing is fantastic, but I absolutely looove the colors in it!
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man, this is so cool
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This is a wonderful concept that I adore. Talk about being blinded by love and creating your superb scene.
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Wonderful ! Amazing! Inspiring ! Good Work .. the idea is really cool.
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this is one of those pieces-- where when an artist looks at this artwork they think "man, i wish i would have thought of that"

extremely creative, love it
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thanks for commenting,
its often what you said...
i know too well...;-)
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aooooooowwwwww, this is art
this is weird to the uttermost regions of fantasy

oh dear i love this

another favorite coming i feel

goddamn great i say!
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lol.. trippy ..but somehow its funny
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