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me again, with a new painted one,somehow i try to evolve my digital skills a bit, but unfortunately i need a new tablet, my artpadII has tooo much scratches and no spare lead:-(

anyways, thanks to those whose commented on my last deviation so far,i´m kinda busy at the moment, cuz i have to do work and learn a lot for exam next month...:nod:

i have some lines here, to go with this image, dunno, but i thought they might fit...
hope you like both:P

“...her victims are spellbound by the beauty of this magic-siren,
before she loves to gut them, and enjoys to prepare them for dinner...
Oh, now you fools, ...
take a pretty look, before you decide to end up in front of her feet.
This is the real bloody face of death!”
Permission granted for an image usage as reference from:
morgana-stock / Ladymorgana

as always, constructive critique and comments are welcome and appreciated,

 Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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Lovers it to death...:)
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This is a beautiful creation, nice work!!
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really beautiful
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that is absolutely stunning!
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What can i say great piece of fantasy artwork here.
Lange nichts mehr bei dir commented, wird mal langsam zeit.

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extremely nice, everything is so detailed and well put together.
kristyvictoria's avatar
incredible! i would be honored to have you use some of my stock sometime!
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Love the pose and the contrast it has. The softness of the body vs the hard metallic look the armour has. And the skulls. nice touch.

The scratches on the tablet are worth it when the the result of the many brushstrokes is something like this ;)

Nice work

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And your painting skills evolve with every submission it seems...

Fantastic work! I love the details and how you tied it in with a bit of a background story...

Something seems a bit odd about the legs though... The left one in particular...

Either way, Great Work my man!

.: M :.
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Lady Morgana is ja schon super genug, aber was du draus gemacht hast, Respekt!
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That came out cool. I like the staff and skulls. And the little description is nice :).
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wow. :faint:
very beautiful.
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Beautiful work Oliver sweetie, stunning!!!

Mr-Frenzy's avatar
great job as per usual :clap: keep up the good work
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Wonderful piece and very sexy too ;)
jen-r8r's avatar
This is beautiful! Really nice work Olli! :+favlove:
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kicked stuff man, and the little details like the tatoo really set this off
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she was feeling pain. but nothing was hurting. she felt tears but she wasn't crying. she heard screams but the room she was kept in was quiet. this lady was born in this room, lived in this room and will eventually die in it. she wasn't allowed to leave the room because she was something special. rather she had a special ability that made her that valuable for others. people who actually know of her existence didn't want to exploit her, they rather supported her in her way of living. she saw people suffering in her inward eye. her spirit was roaming the universe. only her body was kept but not her mind. this spirit was not invisible, it is believed that the spirit always show up when something bad is going to happen. if she was able to she would prevent people from getting harmed. but her abilities are finite. she is capable of destroying the evil by making the evil a part of her. those parts become black. of those black dots reach their heart, her time is over. but until then she is trying to help as many people as possible. when misfortune doesn't happen, she might be responsible for that. a painter, prevented from being murdered by a noble's guard painted her to say thanks, altough she has never seen that picture she knew it was painted. that picture shows her while using her ability.

i simple love her pose, it seems to me that she is physically there but far far away in mind. the skulls and the little tattoo of her are especially well done.
well done.
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its very seldom that one can interpret so much into a piece, thats what i like and i really appreciate that you´ve taken the time to say what kind of story is behind;-)

glad you like,

ya welcome;-)

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It looks fabulous!

If you use a wacom artZ II with the default pen, I might be able to help you with the leads. I have a bunch, I could mail you 3 of them.
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oh das drachen tattoo is ja... scharf ;) die frau hat was... kenn ja die stocks auch - und für solche projekte lassen sie sich wirklich gut verwenden. ich mag die pose hier und all die additions die hinzugefügt worden.
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danke,danke,..nun ja die stocks von den schädeln kennst bestimmt nicht, sind nämlich eigene, und sozusagen "echt"auch wenns überpainted ist..
aber pssst, nicht weitersaagen:lol:
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