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Robots in a Pine forest - NieR+Shishkin Wallpaper


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Full title: Robots in a Pine Forest - Bullet with Butterfly wings

Another new artwork which was released at the recent Comic Con!
This time inspired from Nier Automata. I really liked the idea of the robots imitating human behavior and I found this landscape from Ivan Shishkin from 1895 to be the perfect background and general inspiration for this little scenery.

In Shishkins work, originally there are 4 bears playing in the woods which I have replaced by 4 robots.

While the idea of robots playing on the trees like the bears do - was nice, the butterfly changed the whole piece dramatically.

I was actually in doubt if it would not distract too much from the original meaning, but then I decided it "should" lift the work to a complete new meaning and it makes the whole scene look as if it was always meant to look that way. This is the core of the hand-painted-Inceptionism as I envision it; to grab something that everyone knows and create a new surprising connection that bears also a new meaning to the viewer. 

And if you want to see desktop-candy like this before anyone else, you could have your cake over at my Patreon page (link on top), but you also can buy me a coffee over at Ko-Fi or get a print of this painting here:…


■ Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

   You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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Omg I love this game and this illustration is incredible. Awesome!
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Fantastic (in both senses) work !!     Approve [YT BadComedian]   Bravo  
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thank you very much!
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Your work is brilliant, but substituting the bears with robots is mildly said disturbing to me, especially in such a beautiful natural landscape.... Kinda wish it were only landscape. Your work remains incredible in that regard.
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Thanks for your comment, appreciated! I might add that without the context (Nier Automata) the robots do not make much sense, other than that I would not call them a substitute for the bears because the meaning has been radically altered because of the robots and the interaction with nature and gives food for thoughts on its own. 
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Indeed, I am not familiar with the context so I only can see the work out of it. I called it substitute as in how the image speaks to me, so to say.... that's my thoughts. I feel alarmed by the destruction of Nature and the way the natural world is "substituted" by technology and artificial things in the minds of people, they don't give it a thought way too obsessed with their own products, which however can neither feed them nor last. So I suppose that made me interpret the painting in such a negative way. Call it my personal bias.
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I really appreciate these kind of discussions, so your thoughts on this matter are more than appreciated of course!
At the core I am totally with you! And even without the context of the game (which has an interesting stance about that matter) it also bears another meaning: What if robots would be the better humans? I refer to a posthuman vision here, but given we had fulfilled our mission to create a better version of ourselves that don't need much resources and don't pollute emissions as much as we do - would that not be better for nature and the earth in whole?

I sure tend to see things in a slight positive way, but that is why I gravitate so much towards posthumanism and am intrigued by the idea that humans are not the crown of evolution, but hopefully that what we are going to produce from here...
lapis-lazuri's avatar
I honestly wouldn't think so. I don't believe machines can be a substitute to any life form, not even humans, and I don't believe they can be "better" than one. Better in what? They can be better at certain tasks. But at life? At living? As living beings? They are not ones and never will be. Sure they can exist with less and exerting less impact on the environment, yes, but their existence would be pointless because they have no soul. Life finds purpose in experiencing things, in feeling, in living itself, even in the struggle for survival. Robots are not capable of any of that and I don't believe they ever could because they are not alive. The fundamental difference between the machine and the human is not the computing power, but the soul, and it cannot be reproduced or imitated by any technology. I mean.... I know some people don't see things like this and believe a machine can emulate personality (which is still not quite a soul). But that creeps me out because to me that's like to erase the very thing that makes Life alive, if you know what I mean. To believe who we are is just chemical reactions and synapses in the brain. It's just wrong, and in a manner of speaking, it's the end of Life.

I do not believe humans to be the crown of evolution. If anything, they are turning into a grand mistake.... The only way they can create a better version of themselves is by evolving their own species.... but they don't seem really keen on doing that currently.
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I would not say a posthuman lifeform would be better at anything than we are, but if there would be an artificial species that is able to maintain nature without exploiting it like we do, that lifeform has a much better chance to survive in the grand scheme of things. And if it is our goal to invent such a thing, our life has a meaning. I don't see this as a bad thing.
lapis-lazuri's avatar
Life is a meaning of itself. It doesn't need a goal to be fulfilled, it just needs to live. Only a living being can do that. That's why I find the fascination with machines over living beings to be scary. Because machines can never have any of the worth of a single living cell.
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I see that differently and many teenagers wandering around with suicidal tendencies do the same. If there is no goal, no purpose, what special meaning is there? Love, marriage, children, and then? For what? What is the deeper purpose of any of this? 

I disagree, I mean, dogs and cats and animals as a whole need no purpose in life to live a fulfilled one. It is just not in their DNA. But that is the difference, I'd say no living human could do this for a very long time without getting sick. And our society is making us sick by forcing us to do things we do not like to do, to make a living and to live day by day in a rat race. For what? What is the sense? 
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.   Cool  and  funny ... I'm  don't  remember : at  Shishkeen  teddys  was  watch  a  butterfly  too ??
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Thank you, and no, in the original painting there is no butterfly, so the inceptionism is working I guess ;)
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Very Good. 
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Very gorgeous! NieR Automata is a favorite of mine <3
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This is stunninggg
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You're welcome! Thanks for blessing my eyes with your art :P
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This is so wonderful
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