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Phase5 part4
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original title: plant (or not) ||

i slightly have to edit descriptive that this image has won a great snowboard competition: www.originalsnowboardart.com/A…
and is over there also available as print!


this is the third one of this series i used to make of the phase5 theme, this is a newer one,fitting into scene,as the insects,and rest of intelligent life on earth uses cyborgs as ships and platforms to life and travel...

cyborgs are the host of insects,the only rest of intelligent live on planet earth after the big bang...
so prepare for the next in line...

as the title says,there are at least five works intended to fit this theme... this is number four!

Other parts of the "Plant -series":
plantORnotPLANT by fantasio

Mature Content

Motherplant by fantasio

Plant Image by fantasio EXPLANT by fantasio

 Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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vasodelirium's avatar
hi!your work is featured in my journal:)
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fantasio's avatar
fantasio|Professional Digital Artist
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SugarRat's avatar
Beautiful and elongated, a very elegant line, with striking colours :+fav:
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cruzarte's avatar
cruzarte|Professional Digital Artist
Excellent, surrealistic treatment. Very emotive colors and great concept!!
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raza-d's avatar
Very nice my friend :)
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Kaguth's avatar
So freaking good.
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DeLaV's avatar
Absolutely great. Reminds me at the borg- queen from star wars.. or was it star trek? Doesn't matter, it's great :!: :+fav:
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giza's avatar
giza| Digital Artist
long interesting work... good choice of colors and shapes.
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FloatingAiko's avatar
Very surreal work, man. Yeah, I know, most of your works are surreal, but this one has... more contact with the reality. Incredible.
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Septuagent's avatar
nice touch ... nice.... very.
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DomenLo's avatar
DomenLo|Student Digital Artist
Amazing artwork once again. Just have to admit I would be faving half your gallery, hehe. The colors are very nicely chosen and the composition is super :clap:
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rabidwire's avatar
rabidwire|Professional Traditional Artist
i love these colors! i like the narrowness of the piece- quite nice. :+fav:
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mondayrunner's avatar
again amazing work + fav!
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trond's avatar

i'd like to comment, but unfortunately (that's a lie) this piece skipped my brain and went straight to some other place deep inside of me.
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lb1's avatar
lb1|Hobbyist General Artist
unique shape... great colours and texture
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godchilde's avatar
oh shit, how did i miss these?! incredible series... reminds me much of mckean...
Reply  ·  
cuperix's avatar
the mood in here is very powerful .. and the subject itself is fierce .. very powerfulpiece here .. Thumbs Up
simply stunning.
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n05feratu's avatar
n05feratu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow.. you rock.. :D (Big Grin)

All your works are impressive... :D (Big Grin)
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sirethomas's avatar
sirethomas|Professional General Artist
sorry for the short comment, but I*m kindof in a hurry...
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greenfaery's avatar
greenfaery|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Vibrating and energetic...and a very bizarre idea...great manipulation...great choice of colors...
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raphi-kun's avatar
Hm, was soll ich sagen? Das ist einfach nur noch geil ^_^
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larkie's avatar
larkie| Photographer
Yes, yes, yes. I love the red color, looks almost like flames or something like that (because of the yellow parts I think). But most of all I like the main character ofcourse, nice blending and the overall composition is absolutetly great.

Phase V gets a fav, after seeing them all once more I can't choose a 'best' one ;) (Wink)

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beyondlight's avatar
beyondlight| Digital Artist
love the head. love the body. looooove the background - awesome abandoned shore... but! there's always 'but' ;) (Wink) her... lower part of the body, ending with that 'tail' or whatever it is is somehow... too flat. not enough 3d. lacks something. or it's too thick. not sure... it looks like some sort of a blade. don't know. I don't like it. but the rest of the image is awesome. (her face fits so perfectly, with those eyes closed... ah, she seems so dead and so alive. truly a cyber-insect)
Reply  ·  
starblind's avatar
WOAH... this has got to be one of the best deviations EVER!

Beautiful work, stunning colour... all-around damn near perfect!

An easy +FAV from me!
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