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Luna and Nova - An unexpected View

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This piece got me actually into my "Luna-verse" and to be more exactly; I wanted to develop a style that is easy to reproduce and inspiring to the story too. Actually I ended up with a finished piece even though the style is a bit more impressionistic!

This is obviously a big nod to the master of flying ships; Ian Mc Que and that is what's so great about this story, I can do what I can do best, by referencing artists that I like, painting girls & Monsters or huge Machines into landscapes and having complete freedom as I'm not bound by limitations of my characters. The opposite is the case; I'm in the process of finding out what I can't do with Luna and Nova and so far it just expanded my horizon.

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■ Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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Love the vibrant colors here. It looks just like life, or even better :)

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Nice painterly, sky feel to this

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This looks amazing! It's really breath taking and very real

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thank you very much!

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you're welcome! ^^

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Your welcome 🙏

Cool, she's driving a VW Bus (T3)! A real classic!

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Exactly, there is even more to it, since the car is "Schroedinger" the morphing demons that is usually a Scythe ;)

Meet Luna and Nova New OCs

A demon called Schrödinger and a winged cat. Those names are no coincidence for sure!

Ein Dämon namens Schrödinger und eine geflügelte Katze, das kann kein Zufall sein!

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;) You are right, this is no coincidence!

So we don't know if that cat is dead or not until we open the box...

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I'm afraid its more complicated than that; the cat is dead and alive at the same time ;)

Till we open the box, yes.

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Since this is fiction and not bound to any existing knowledge, the story wants to take from existing things and put it into a new context. While the original Schroedinger experiment depends on observation of quantum-mechanics in combination with an everyday system (which is not possible to combine), I'd rather take this context and shape an interdimensional being that is able to perform quantum operations in order to resize real-life objects just by touching them. As this is the superpower of the cat in my story. It might be up for interpretation if that is due to quantum-mechanics or because the cat is an ancient deity or if that is just a philosophical experiment ;)

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Cool and so beautiful! <333

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