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Luna + Nova - 3 Swords after Wilhelm Leu


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Actually this started as an Ancient Kaiju piece that I wanted to paint for the 3rd artist grant I received this year - however things took on a kind of their own "life" and so it happened that Luna and her companions occupy this scene ;)

Attached you find some process/slideshow.

The background/landscape is based on a piece from Wilhelm August Leu from around 1880, the jpeg had such a bad resolution that it took a long time to recreate all this, I guess around 80 hours or so :P

This piece was also painted with the XP-Pen 22" Artist Tablet second generation.
A thorough review about that tablet can be found here:…

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Thanks for your consideration!

■ Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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:) fantastic work! :thumbsup:

fantasio's avatar

glad you like ;)

Wytherwing's avatar

:nod: it's my pleasure... cheers!

let-time-stand-still's avatar

Simply stunning. The background is as good as the original work by the landscape master August Leu.

fantasio's avatar

Thanks a lot. Much of that series evolves around the necessity to transport the aura of the original but with a modern twist- I know for me it is technically not possible to be as good as August Leu - but I believe that is not necessary at all if the vibe comes through combined with some fresh air ;)

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...most excellent work my friend ...:clap:...

DaveSheepek's avatar

WOW!! :-o ... das sieht aus wie ein Konzept für ein Video Game 8-)

Make it real Fantasio! :headbang: :#1:

fantasio's avatar

Danke, Wäre schön wenn da mehr draus wird. Ich arbeite jedenfalls dran ;)

DaveSheepek's avatar

Kein Ding, bitte bitte ^^ =)

ok ok :aww:

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gorgeous! love the epic feel of this one, and the fish-eye lens effect. great colors and i love the grounding of the characters in the front, so the eye travels through the piece

fantasio's avatar

Thank you, glad you like! I really like to play with composition and how the eye travels is an important part of it.

ArtofLucien's avatar

you are very welcome :)

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could be salty as well ;)

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Hi Elven-King, thanks for the comment!

However you know a city does not build itself, it needs a huge staff to do that, wage and pay to feed all the trolls doing the hard work for all those snobby... forget that part.

As artists I'm in the same boat as you, I wish I had artists painting all the nice ideas I have in mind, but there is just me who I can ask, so I'm really sorry that my talent is already taken to full extent by myself.

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Terrific work Oliver. The sense of perspective here is fantastic as well as the lightning and the overall scene is packed with great features! I would appreciate one of those swords for my garden if you please ;)

fantasio's avatar

Thank you very much! I believe a sword so huge would make any garden stand out :p

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