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Laputa: Castle In The Sky Over Achensee - WP


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Worked on-and-off on this one to have it finished as a patreon reward for June, there you go!

It is another piece for my "Ancient Kaiju" series, the title may be misleading a bit, inhabitated landscape or a new artform like "inceptionism" does fit too;).

The original painting, on which the background is based, is from Franz Richard Unterberger (1838 - 1902) called "Achensee with view on Scholastika".

This one is based on the Ghibli movie, not the Jonathan Swift novel ;)
Hope you like.

My dear patrons will exclusively get:
- a process sheet 
- Hi-res printable version
- Bigger Wallpaper (2560x1440px) without text

Video Process
Laputa-demo by fantasio 

Here are some close-up´s:
Close-up1 by fantasio  Close-up2 by fantasio  Close-up3 by fantasio   Close-up5 by fantasio  Close-up6 by fantasio 

The blog post containing all works and information:…

The deviantArt-gallery:…

 Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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Absolutely amazing and fantastic. I love it.

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It’s so awesome!
Zugalu's avatar
awww i remember laputa i used to watch it with my wee sister
AzureKate's avatar
THIS. IS. AMAZING. I am so in love. This picture is soooo gorgeous. And the trees on the right kind of remind me of Ursula's painting style from Kiki's Delivery Service! God it's great
Mu1tiFand0mist's avatar
Ah... My childhood in one drawing XD
MatiasPage's avatar
Laputa sounds exactly like "the bitch" or "the whore" in Spanish. Just wanted to point this out... Great work!
fantasio's avatar
Haha, good to know. As for the work, it is based on a movie / Novel with the same name ;) Thanks, glad you like!
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It was originally an allegory for Parliamentary Bureaucracy and corruption. In Swift’s view, the average MP was NOT faithful to their constituents but was in fact a political prostitute, selling himself to the highest bidder. The insane behavior of the Laputa elites (such as spending 50 years trying to turn 💩 directly back into food) that Gulliver observes pokes fun of stupid boondoggles that parliamentary fools were wasting taxpayer money on. The Laputans’ cruel oppression of neighbors was symbolic of the Tory abuses of Ireland.
MatiasPage's avatar
Thanks for your input!
MatiasPage's avatar
Oh, I know Laputa! It's originally form Gulliver's Island. Your art is based on studio Ghibli's version I guess.

Great work!
I love this one you made a while ago (among others): AT-AT Among the Sierra Nevada.

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Hah! I’m surprised that that 300 year loss of translation doesn’t get brought up more. The director, Miyazaki, (and main writer) had once read a direct translation of Gulliver’s Travels that had no Annotations but kept the non English words transliterated into Kanji; apparently the translators only knew English and Japanese, no Spanish (Swift was fluent in most European languages).
Poor Miyazaki honestly thought “Laputa” was only a harmless fantasy word! NO one who greenlit it had any experience with Spanish! Imagine the embarrassment when the first addition of the film came to Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries for CHILDREN. 😅😬😳
Stripped of all satirical and historically political context, “Gulliver’s Travels” can ONLY be viewed as high fantasy adventure.
MatiasPage's avatar
Love your thorough replies! Thank you.
fantasio's avatar
You are welcome!
NewShardKitty's avatar
I want to frame this and hang it on my wall
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
So, these Laputians never spent 50 years on tax boondoggles to turn poop directly back into food?
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me gustaria bajar algun fondo tuyo para mis montajes de aprendiz,los uso para saludar a  mis amigo? 
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Is that Teto on the robot's shoulder? ^-^
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muy bueno, me encanta el gran trajo me gusta
this is soooooo cool!!!!
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where is pazu?
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