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AT-AT Among the Sierra Nevada

By fantasio

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May the Fourth be with you!Use the force! 
Today is Star Wars Day

Full view is duty!

Explanation here: please read !!

I did only paint the AT-AT Walker in Photoshop in this old version from 2014.
I repainted this version and upscaled it with additional work in 2016 and quite recently in 2018.

So if you see this piece for sale anywhere, you can be sure it is this old and very low-res version.

Below is a close up of the 2014 version

Close-up by fantasio

and here one with the 2018 version:

Closeup-2018 by fantasio 

The walker is inspired by Dimitri Kaliviotis

The landscape is a painting from Albert Bierstadt - check out his amazing works:
The Landscape from Albert Bierstadt is in Public Domain since it was created in 1860.
The work I created combining the landscape with the imperial walker is transformational and since it was created first with the intention of education in mind it falls under fair use according to:…

Following are some interesting facts:

The work is ranking Nr. #1 as AT-AT Wallpaper according to google and Nr. #2 Star Wars Wallpaper in image search.

  • This version of the piece is plagiarized and among the top 50 most plagiarized Star Wars artworks.
  • On my blog post documenting only my case I have listed around 50 Webshops selling canvas pieces with that piece on it:…
Slowly taking down one-by-one at a time.

Why did I do the double tribute in the first place?
Actually the intention behind this is to learn from the old masters, Mastercopies are good, but actually there´s no better way of studying them than to get your hands dirty and spend 10 hours in the image and paint something that is not there.

I learned so much more from this painting than a 2 weeks stay at the Louvre would probably ever do. Especially in terms of appreciating the techniques of the masters and learning to emulate them digitally - a priceless exercise!

Additionally this was a nice way to practice light and color. My aim was to make the walker to be believable in the situation, as if it was meant to be there and part of the original painting. Still not 100% perfect but I wanted it to be finished for today:P

Here´s a process-sheet from the development of the Walker (from 3d-viewport shader to Photoshop painting):

Albert Bierstadt - Among the Sierra Nevada, Ca by fantasio 

Actually I´m positively surprised about how well my recent Kaiju-piece was perceived, thanks so much!
For the Kaiju Fans: Leatherback is in progress :nod:

This is part of a study-series, called "Ancient Kaiju project" (AT-AT is probably not a Kaiju, but it certainly fits the scheme of big things)

Suggestion for other Kaiju´s are welcome as well as also constructive comments!!

I like popculture and I love traditional art, so this project came so naturally to me and since the paintings are public domain, no one was harmed, not even the original paintings!

There is no intention to sell these images, I did them for learning purposes and use them in my classes as well, however, if you want it as a wallpaper, feel free to hit the download-button to get the 1900x1000 px version.


The blog post containing all works and information:…

The deviantArt-gallery:…

 Copyright notice and disclaimer:

   - Created by Oliver Wetter / Ars Fantasio.

    - You are welcome to share my work or repost it, but please don't claim or sell it as your own.

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This beauty cannot be denied, not toady! not EVER!

Conmac98's avatar

Beautiful. There’s even a mod for Skyrim on Xbox One that replaces the main menu with this remarkable image, along with the music Your Father Would Be Proud from Rouge One. It fits so well. It’s so beautiful to look at every time I opened the game. I also have some Star Wars mods in the game too.

ClaytoneCarpe's avatar

Très réussi ! ^^

actionassist's avatar

The fact it's a free download blows my mind, I would have totally paid for it

fantasio's avatar

Thank you! It is an older version, but if that is fine, I also have a ko-fi page where you can send a coffee my way if you are happy enough ;)


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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

wow, I mean just wow. it catch both wonderally awesome and emotionally tearjerker about this picture of this AT-AT. the emotion, just... the emotion of this picture is... is just sad. This great giant machine, a rusted, alone AT-AT, once a mighty war machine that saw many battle of many kind. now, it final battle and resting place... a inhabit, wooded planet, where it will be abandoned and be alone forever. a once great and mighty, powerful war machine is now a remnant of a past that was days of golden years, is now a abandoned and alone machine that will never be disturb. The Golden Age of The AT-AT... is now over.
lynx318's avatar
A chuckle to see an AT-AT somehow still standing on three legs, disabled. usually topple easy when the central stability computer goes offline.
Warriner-Animations's avatar
That is simply fantastic.
Black-Fusion-Studios's avatar
WOAH!!.....  PERFECTION!!!  :-o
migyanari's avatar
Wauh, the sky...
My computer background 
LigerTamer100's avatar
Beautiful, it feels like there is finally peace in the Galaxy and the Empire left everything behind and abandoned it.
ViperMk1SC's avatar
It kinda reminds me of a concept art for The Force Awakens. It was for the story and it had AT AT's in similar condition to this. You did a great job.
Sariel-Qiu's avatar
That is an amazing work <3
TheDoubleDeuced's avatar
Looks like the Empire finally decided to invade Earth at some point. Did they win or lose?
StarWarsFan-Art's avatar
Simply amazing, Fantasio! I've featured your artwork piece on my blog:…
WarriorcatsMaplespot's avatar
OML, this is amazing! I love Star Wars so much and this is so cool! You are so good! You just got a new watcher
fantasio's avatar
thank you very much, you are welcome! cheers!
CinderBlockStudios's avatar
Not sure if it falls under your terms of use or not, but figured you should know it was edited: Slow March Of Time
fantasio's avatar
thanks for letting me know. Difficult topic, will have a look, cheers!
catsdreams's avatar
someone has taken your work 

Slow March Of Time by OliverInk
fantasio's avatar
thanks for letting me know. Cheers
catsdreams's avatar
you are the most welcome.
glad it was deleted.
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