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Weekly winners are there, but our monthly winners too!
Weekly winners 05/11/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by MtnMist

TOTW © by Midnightvelvet

Toon It © by Rrkknight3  rrknight3

April Winners 2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
5th © by Fafnir dragonsfire6
4th © by FrahHawk Shango-ThunderStones  Portrait of A Stalker by Shango-ThunderStones
3rd © by Myquad
2nd © by Neimrok Denythe  Summoning by Denythe
1st © by JVRenderer  Chloe by JVRenderer
Grand Prize © by Artienne ValgerdKossmann

Always more delicate women are available at our store... or are they more than delicate creatures? Come and discover them with their new hair and locations!

DrTaj shares with you very sexy products for your Victoria 4.

And to accompany your renders, why don't you use the gamedever's product? It's available only on our store.

And for the backgrounds of your scenes, or for your scrapbooking, Redmysticangel proposes to you many environments.
They are exclusively available at Fantasies Realm Market!

Weekly winners and the winner of April COTM are now known!
Weekly Winners 05/04/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Scouseaphrenia

TOTW © by DarkAngel

Toon It © by renecyberdoc

COTM © by Dreamer  Dreamweever

Our new contests have started, and will end with the month, so if you are Fantasy Attic forum member it's the moment to participate!
:bulletgreen: COTM of May
:bulletgreen: Contest of May

Come and discover the new products of the week!

Art by Athene makes so many great characters, and now they are exclusively at Fantasies Realm Market! You have choice between V4, K4 and even Mavka.

Scraps by Silver Fae is here to help you prepare for Summer time!

And between our designers with only freebies? We have NitaB likes to do packs for Star.

Weekly winners 04/27/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by Heitaikai

TOTW © by xansplace  Xans3DArtplace

Toon It © by AmirA

This week so many products came to the light at Fantasies Realm Market, and all of them are exclusive!

The Laughing Lion Studio Likes to create characters, specially for V4, but also for M4.
Come, and discover was character is exclusively at FRM!

Between sun and snow, Kim.D.Designs proposes you great backgrounds for your scenes! They are exclusively available at FRM.

Art4sale is there to plundge with you is a world of fantasy!

Discover our weekly winners!
Weekly winners 04/20/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by Nemesis

TOTW © by Aelin  AelinNamarie

Toon It © by MilosGulan

And we are in the last right line of the month for our contests:
:bulletprink: Portraits of...
:bulletprink: COTM Home Sweet Home
The more the merrier! So why not come and become a part of Fantasy Attic family?

This week again we have welcomed several new packs, and even exclusive and free.

But wait! Like all other products on our store, they are under a reduce of 25%! Yes, it's our way to celebrate Easter and that until the end of month!

shadow_dancer has only exclusively sets for you. Characters or poses, follow the path to make your choice or grab them all!

Just in time for Easter, there is GillB Graphics with wonderful scrapbooking products!
Of course, you find more than just Easter. Enter, and take a peek!

To end today, we remind you than SLO Designs has great freebies

Weekly winners are there, and all members of DA community too!
Weekly winners 04/13/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by Rods  Rods-Lair

TOTW © by koonak  Mood For A Day by koonak

Toon It © by sidherose

And we have our March winners concerning the contest!

Mature Content

March winners 2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by Tparo
4th place © by AngellsGraphics
3rd place © by Midnightvelvet
2nd place © by Carolann  CarolannW
1st place © by RainbowGypsy
Grand Prize © by dRaCX

This week, we propose you 5 more new products, made by Katt Aelin!
Several are exclusively available on our store.

So come on in, and prepare already Summer!

And who are some other designers from Fantasies Realm Market?

Mirella likes to prepare characters or part of characters just for you. She also has several merchant resources.
Some of her products are exclusively on our store.

Panthia has exclusive products on our store. What do you desire to dress your V4 and A3?

suzuki.shinji has for the moment only an exclusive character to propose to you, but she has morphs for V4, A4 and G4! Choose your version!

We have our weekly winners but also our COTM winner!

Weekly winners 04/06/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by ali_sen

TOTW © by oldeekdog  Garden of Eden 2019 by oldeekdog

Toon It © by Wingedwolf

COTM © by sriesch

We have started a new month, and with it we have new monthly contests!
:bulletyellow: Portraits of... until April 27th.
:bulletyellow: COTM: Home Sweet Home until the last day of April.
Those contests are for our members only, but you have just to subscribe on forum to enter in the dance if you wish to!

So many great products were added this week!

Keep in mind than tutorials are free!

Morganahope loves to share with you her backgrounds, from 3D world or from her own photographies.
Everything she has at our store is only available there.

ForbiddenWhispers makes diversity, from props to characters and their merchant resources and their hair, clothes...

Dresdenwitch proposes also a lovely prop for when Summer becomes too warm for animals and humans.

This is exclusively available at Fantasies Realm Market

Weekly winners are known! Come and discover them!
Weekly Winners 03/30/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by BronzeDragon

TOTW © by MtnMist

Toon It © by Jherrith

This week, take the Summoner's super team!

And here are 2 of our exclusive designers!
Missgrin loves to do female characters for V4, V3 and A3.

Anima Gemini shares almost all freestuff in our store, but not only! Find props, clothes, shaders... for Poser and/or Daz Studio. You have even backgrounds.

Here are weekly winners!
Weekly winners 03/23/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by musicat  Behind it all by musicat

TOTW © by JVRenderer  Kate by JVRenderer

Toon It © by deeleelaw57

This is almost the end of the month for our contests:
:bulletgreen: March contest
:bulletgreen: March COTM

With the new season, we have now some great products, all exclusively at Fantasies Realm Market!

And what have we between our "older" products?

RenderCandy loves to do exotic and fantasy characters to allow you having more diversity in your runtimes. V4, A4, M4 and even K4, discover dozens of them at FRM, where several are exclusively available!
There are also several packs of poses in her collection.

Mylassen's Muse prefers to do backgrounds, and all of them are exclusively at FRM!

Originalkitten shares always a cool V3 character with us, and she is exclusively at FRM!

Come and discover our weekly winners!
Weekly winners 03/16/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by NapalmArsenal  What Pixie Dust ? by NapalmArsenal

TOTW © by Agent0013  Agent-0013

Toon It © by UteBigSmile  UteBigGrin

Mid March has passed, and yet the contests are always waiting for you!
:bulletgreen: March contest
:bulletgreen: March COTM

We have always new products coming for the happiness of your runtimes or ideas for scrapbooking. And they are eligible for the March Sale and the reduce of 25%!
But what do we have for example between older products?

NGartplay shares mainly backgrounds and all needed for scrapbooking. Yet few products are also for 3D world.
Everything NGartplay put at FRM is available only there!

Winterbose sells little programs to help you in your creations, but also tutorials for DS4.
If you like poses for Daz Studio, no matter animals or humans, take a look to his store.

And for all lovers of Antonia,  AfroditeOhki shares exclusively at FRM her Advanced Antonia Morphs. And the plus: they are free!

From today until the end of Winter we have a special sale with a reduce of 25% on all products, including the new ones!
It's time to prepare the coming of Spring now!

There are more than 1300 products in our store, and hundreds are exclusively available there!

Week starts well with the new great products we have in our store!

And what is better than continue to take a look on our other designers?
Sidhe-Rose Graphics makes characters of quality for V4 and M4. Yes, if you need pretty people for your renders, they are there!
She has also some skin textures, backgrounds... Everything is exclusive.

And sidherose is part of team Dragon Rose Studios who made a delicious set for all celebrations of your characters!

A product exclusively at Fantasies Realm Market!
Today our weekly winners are there!

Weekly winners 09/03/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Paul  Shadowbane-EQ

TOTW © by Seliah  Childe-Of-Fyre  Memory Bound by Childe-Of-Fyre

Toon It © by rrkknigh3  rrknight3

But we have our February winners too!

February 2019 winners by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by inonit
4th place © by oldeekdog  Pyramid 2019 by oldeekdog
3rd place © by LaMuserie  Steampunk Spirit 21 by LaMuserie
2nd place © by Aelin  AelinNamarie  Time Travel by AelinNamarie
1st place © by myquad
Grand Prize © by Heitaikai

There are also our contests for March which are waiting for you!
:bulletgreen: March contest
:bulletgreen: March COTM

So come and enter in the fun!

Today is time to present our weekly winners and the winner for the February challenge!

Weekly winners 03/02/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Amira

TOTW © by midnightvelvet

Toon It © by renecyberdoc

COTM © by Nemesis

Our contests for March began:
:bulletgreen: Spring Flower Fairies
:bulletgreen: March COTM

And this week we have a lot of new products! Almost all are exclusive.

OldFashionedWoman has only exclusive products to propose to your characters. V4, M4 and K4 are proud to wear her textures when they enter in your scenes!

Estevez-Art has a wonderful and huge set of skies to share with you! And when we say huge, it's for the number of skies but also their sizes!

Our new weekly winners are now there!

Weekly winners 02/23/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by FractalFantasies

TOTW © by Fruity  Fruity1972

Toon It © by MilosGulan

This week we dive in a world of secrets with one of our new packs on the store! Follow also Elise!

And because Spring is in less than one month, it's time to take a look on Napalmarsenal's store. Almost her products are exclusively available to our website. She makes products for Poser and Daz Studio, but also png for all your kind of scenes!
She has several freebies too.

Hinoto has some exclusive packs to our store. Yes, you find them nowhere!
They are mainly for toons, but you have also for V4, and few png.

Our weekly winners are this time also all members of Deviantart
Weekly winners 02/16/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by TheKatster

TOTW © by Dreamer  Dreamweever

Toon It © by Rods Rods-Lair

We have passed the half of month, yet our contests will continue until the last minute of the month:
:bulletpink: Steampunk: vision of...
:bulletpink: February COTM

To celebrate the last day of the Valentine's sale, we present you our 2 last additions - and they are exclusively at Fantasies Realm Market!

Remember, it's the moment to profit of the reduce of 25% on all the store, even on new products!

But we have so much to show to you with our designers. Today, some more examples.

Faerydae makes lovely backgrounds, but also png. Animals or hair, fantasy or Halloween time, discover that store!

Do you love png of young and pretty ladies, or textures for their clothes? All products by MtnMist Designs are exclusively available at FRM!

Also between our designers we have Amlaborde who made a great and free V4 character: Liliana is nowhere else available!

Just before Valentine's time, discover our weekly winners!

Mature Content

Weekly Winners 02/09/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by xansplace Xans3DArtplace

TOTW © by  Katt DivaKatt

Toon It © by sidherose

Our winners for January contest are also there!
January contest winners 2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket
5th  place© by wingedwolf
4th place© by rrkknigh3 rrknight3
3rd place© by BronzeDragon
2nd place© by reserv888  What if 2 by reserv888
1st place © by Jherrith
Grand Prize © by EnchantedPixie

And today we begins a short sale! A reduce of 25% is available on all products in our store, including new ones!

Sale will end the 16th of month!

And to show you some other products available on our store, look those designers. Both have products exclusively at Fantasies Realm Market!
Heavenlee Designs does a lot of png, to add in your scenes or to do scrapbooking. Enter in the round of seasons, myths and fantasy!

Another of our designers, AngellsGraphics, is able to propose you poses, morphs, props, texturation of clothings, backgrounds... A multi tasks designer! And she does that for Daz Studio (for example Genesis generations) and Poser.

So many way are available to celebrate Valentine's Day!

It's just February, and the first winners of the month are known!

Weekly winners 02/02/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by LaMuserie  Dark Fairy 10 by LaMuserie

TOTW © by  Ali_Sen

Toon It © by Charly

COTM © by Tparo

While we are waiting for January results, our new contests have started!
:bulletpurple: Steampunk: Visions of... contest
:bulletpurple: February COTM

In this beginning of month, we have also new products to show you, by Manic3D and Aelin Namarie

Having more or less link with Valentine time, we have some designers to present you this week.
Schonee loves to create backgrounds for your renders or scrapbooking times. She made also few packs for V4 and Mavka.

She worked also with Lunchlady on one pack composed of backgrounds and poses

All those products are only available at Fantasies Realm Market!

DejavuGraphix concentrates around Cookie and V4, to dress them with taste. Come now to discover more!

Don't miss all the great designers we have at Fantasies Realm Market. Come on in now to discover more!

It's the moment to show you our weekly winners!

Weekly winners 01/26/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Seliah Childe-Of-Fyre Doodle-A-Day #3 : Natalia by Childe-Of-Fyre

TOTW © by  tadkmn  Lass N Pirate Final 012319 by tadkmn

Toon It © by Heitaikai

And there are few days before the end of the month - and our contests!
:bulletgreen: Dragons be here
:bulletgreen: COTM of January

This weekend is also the moment to present you the new products just arrived in our store!

And all of them are exclusively at Fantasies Realm Market!

Last week we talked of freebies made by Eblank with Glitterari3D. This time we talk of products by Eblank only, which are all exclusive!
She makes a lot of textures for clothes, and that for Kids4, Star, Hitomi, Dusk... and even for Genesis and Toon Generation 2!

Keihan shares mainly weapons, but also some props for Halloween!

Our 3 weekly winners are now known, it's time to give you their names!

Weekly winners 01/19/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by reserv888  Evul n Badazz - Skirmish under a bridge by reserv888

TOTW © by nemesis

Toon It © by oldeekdog  Chocolate 2019 by oldeekdog

We'll discover 3 new names the next week!

Middle of month is gone, and our contests are always opened to all our members. But for January there are only 12 days!
:bulletblue: Dragons be here
:bulletblue: January COTM

Come to the altar and get ready...ready for what you might ask? Well that is entirely up to you. Travel to another time, universe or have a place for your sacred rituals. The scenery is in your hands. What will you and your characters do?

Discover new possibilities with these textures!

We continuing to present our designers like we do since the beginning of the month.
This time, we talk of Mythical Butterfly Design Studio also knows like MBDS. She is one of our exclusive designers. No one of her products will be available elsewhere - nor her freebies.
She makes backgrounds, frames, characters, textures (for skins or clothes). But she creates also jewelries for V4.

Those examples are very few compared to her store. Check sooner what she proposes!

Another exclusive designer is Zollster. Between 2D and 3D world, he offers to add details to your worlds! Props, textures for clothes, morphs are for 3D world; brushes, png and backgrounds are dor 2D world.

We have also several designers which offer only freebies. This is the case of Glitterati3D & Eblank Designs. Two of the three freebies by the duo are exclusive.
They are for Dawn and Dusk.

In this second weekend of 2019 it's time to share the names of our weekly winners!

Mature Content

Weekly winners 01/12/2019 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by MtnMist

TOTW © by enchantedpixie

Toon It © by carolann  CarolannW

Remember, the January contests are there!
:bulletgreen: Dragons be here
:bulletgreen: January COTM
They are available until the last day of month!

This week we have some new products to propose to you, and they are all exclusive

More products will come these next times, for the happiness to your runtimes!

In a little more than 1 month it will be Valentine's Day. To celebrate that moment Kethaera created a lovely set of hearts. And that set is exclusively at our store, working in Poser and Daz Studio.
She has also a freebie.

Farconville is one of our bigger designers with more than 200 products!
He loves sharing only morphs or complete characters, hair, beards, expressions, poses, clothes... Sometimes all in one! His products cover mainly V4, M4, Dawn, and the different Genesis generations!