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After the weekly winners we saw yesterday, we present you our winners for our both October contests!

October winners 2018 (2) by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by Nemesis
4th place © by QXI
3rd place © by Heavenlee
2nd place © by Prae  DarkPathos
1st place © by deeleelaw57
Grand Prize © by fruity  Fruity1972

October winners 2018 (1) by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by Anna
4th place © by M-Callahan  MRC1
3rd place © by Carolann  CarolannW
2nd place © by Heitaikai
1st place © by Radkres
Grand Prize © by Dreamer  Dreamweever

And there are always a chance to win this month for our November contest, and also for our Challenge Of The Month! Find back their links in the journal entry of yesterday, with a lot of thrilling news!

We are so very proud of our Attic members when we post their images and would love to have our DeviantArt deviants to also come in, post images and join our extended family here too. We would love to have you join our group.
If you are not again an Attic member but you are using products of the Fantasy Market or Attic Free Zone, we will happy to see your pictures there also.

Don't forget to choose folder(s) where you want to post your pictures before to submit them.

Happy Veterans Day! Animation Remember Our Veterans 
Our winners for that week are now known

Weekly winners 11/11/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by musicat  Elephant by musicat

TOTW © by mtdana

Your Art © by Aelin  AelinNamarie

And we have always our Contest and COTM until the end of the month. All members of Fantasy ATtic forum can participate.

Also we are working to fulfill our next event page, for Christmas time. Details can be find there . Over the years, many members and non members of forum participated, why not you?

And this week we have new products to propose to you

Discover too some Winter packs to prepare the celebrations of December.

And don't forget: until December 31, AlienSkin offers 10% off on any of your orders. ALl you need is to you a coupon code: FAC0616
This is the moment to present you our weekly winners but also our Challenge of the Month winner!

Weekly winners 11/03/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by FrahHawk  Shango-ThunderStones  Wrong Treats by Shango-ThunderStones

TOTW © by CathyY

Your Art © by Wingedwolf

COTM © by Scouseaphrenia

And our contests for November have already started.
:bulletorange: November contests
:bulletorange: November Challenge Of The Month
To enter you must be a member of the Fantasy Attic forum. Until 3 pictures are allowed, and they must be posted before the end of the month. Look further in each topic to see more explanations.

Halloween came and is already expected by all children souls the next year. But our Carnival of souls freebie pages isn't ended. No. We have there always more than 30 freebies just for you. Take a peek, take was you need... and all you want!

Our Halloween sale is also over at Fantasies Realm Market, yet that doesn't prevent us to have many products exclusively available on our store for cheap prices.
Do you want ideas for Christmas?

Last weekly winners of the month are now known!

Weekly winners 10/27/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by reserv888  Sky - Apocalypse by reserv888

TOTW © by mstene  nos02Bopt by mstene

Your Art © by Nemesis

Halloween is almost at the door! Don't hesitate to do one more step in that crazy time thanks to Fantasies Realm Market!

There are also new packs for your runtimes, and like all products at FRM they are under the super reduce of 30%. But take care, that offer will end October 31st.

So take the power now on your runtimes!
And Happy Halloween!
This is time to show you our weekly winners, a lot of portraits!

Weekly winners 10/20/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Seliah  Childe-Of-Fyre  Portrait : Alma by Childe-Of-Fyre

TOTW © by MilosGulan

Your Art © by Artienne  ValgerdKossmann

After the great GlassyLady's sale we had until yesterday, it's time to present you another one. Yes, you read well, we have a new sale NOW and until the end of month! Are you ready for adventures in stores during the Halloween sale?
During these 11 days, all stores at Fantasies Realm Market have a reduce of 30%, even the new packs.
And what are the new ones, you are asking. Take a look below, and click on pictures if you want to know more.

And do you need something special for your characters? Maybe hair, maybe textures for them or their clothes? We have what you need.

And like that journal entry comes to its end, we remember you there is also some events at Fantasies Attic forum:
:bulletorange: First contest
:bulletorange: Second contest
:bulletorange: Challenge Of The Month

And our Halloween freebies 2018, Carnival of souls
This is almost middle of month, and our weekly winners are know!

Weekly winners 10/13/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by M-Callahan  MRC1

TOTW © by renecyberdoc

Your Art © by oldeekdog  Eye of the Beholder by oldeekdog

After the last pack created by Art4Sale for Halloween, we have also some new products this weekend.

Prae loves to do outfits for characters, but she is also able to do hair. One between them is this one

Summoner keeps us in an Halloween mood with

You must know also we have a freebie coming with that character

And maybe have you seen, ContentParadise will close its doors during the next weeks. Winterbrose is migrating a part of his store at Fantasies Realm Market! And between his packs you can find some wonderful things, like that program

And remember, we have some great contests:
:bulletwhite: Contest 1
:bulletwhite: Contest 2
:bulletwhite: Challenge Of The Month
For 8 days it's always the GlassyLady's sale with that special reduce of 75% on all her 75 products! Not a joke on the size of her discount!

Besides GlassyLady's sale, we have a new products made by Art4Sale

Click the picture to know more about his product!
That special price for backgrounds will end tomorrow.

Those great backgrounds bring us toward Halloween time. Do you need some details for you characters in this season? Our designers can have what you want!
Today, focus on gothic, jewels and tattoos.

<a href="…" target="_blank" title="Abigail doll K4 EXCLUSIVE"></a>

This is a busy weekend because we have already results for our September contest winners! Theme was "hot teacher".

September Winners 2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by TheKatster
4th place © by Bronzedragon
3rd place © by Wingedwolf
2nd place © by Agent0013  Agent-0013  Teen Crush After School Volunteer by Agent-0013
1st place © by Radkres  Radkres
Grand Prize © by Aelin  AelinNamarie  The New Teacher by AelinNamarie

Yesterday we remember you the super sale by GlassyLady so we won't tell more today.

But we talk a little on Fantasies Realm Market because it's Halloween in 3 weeks.
Do you need something for your characters or environments in this occasion? Or maybe for a contest?
Or do you prefer just scrapbooking?
Anyway, we have many packs related to Halloween just for you!

Today is the presentation of our weekly winners with our COTM winner!

Weekly winners 10/06/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket


TOTW © by LaMuserie  Fairie 19 by LaMuserie

Your Art © by Rods  Rods-Lair  Wanna Play? by Rods-Lair

COTM © by mtdana

Congratulations to each of them!
And sooner judges will give their results for the Contest of September. But waiting that moment we have 3 events to share with you
:bulletorange: October contest 1
:bulletorange: October contest 2
:bulletorange: COTM
Will you join the fun? Contests and challenges are for all members of Fantasy Attic forum. They will end the last day of the month.

We have always our GlassyLady's sale running until October 19th with a great reduce of 75% on all her store!

Click on images above and look better her products. Of course she has many more!

But we have also many new products to present to you. This week they come from Farconville, ForbiddenWhispers, Prae and Summoner.
Take a look on their new ones!

Congratulations to all our weekly winners!

Weekly winners 09/29/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by xansplace  Xans3DArtplace

TOTW © by Dreamer  Dreamweever

Your Art © by sidherose

And we come to the end of month, where tomorrow is the last day for:
:bulletorange: Hot teacher contest
:bulletorange: September COTM

Fantasies Realm Market has a special GlassyLady sale running until October 19th. You can buy all her products with a reduce of 75%!
It's time to profit of that great advantage, no matter you do scrapbooking or 3D renders - or even both.

Tomorrow is the last September day, before a beginning of week in October. And we know Monday isn't always a happy Monday. Fortunately, it will be the first day for our Annual Halloween Gift page!
Be ready for the Halloween fun each day until the end of the month, thanks to 1 freebie minimum by day during all the month!
From today and until October 19th Fantasies Realm Market knows a mega sale on all GlassyLady's store! Yes, all her products are under a reduce of a reduce of 75%!
She has presently 75 products, most of them being textures for clothings of Victoria 4, The Kids 4, Antonia, but also Mavka, Cookie, Nana, Kiki, Chip...
But GlassyLady has also several products for scrapbooking.

Several of GlassyLady products are exclusively available at Fantasies Realm Market.
Today and tomorrow are the last days for the End of Summer sale with the reduce of 25%.
Have you noticed the new products we welcomed this week?

Well these packs are also under the reduce until tomorrow! It's time to profit of cheap prices for them.

One of our sponsors for contests, AlienSkin, offers a reduce of 10% on any order and that until December 31st.
To obtain the reduce, you have only to use one coupon code which is: FAC0616

And justly talking to contests, we approach the end of the month but all our members at forum can always enter until September 31st:
:bulletyellow: Hot teacher contest
:bulletyellow: September COTM

Join the fun!
The new season is coming and our weekly winners are already there!

Weekly winners 09/22/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Justmel  Art-By-Mel-DA  The Crimson Guard by Art-By-Mel-DA

TOTW © by Prae  DarkPathos

Your Art © by UteBigSmile

Only few days until October, and our annual Halloween gift page at Fantasy Attic forum!

But waiting that time we have a sale at Fantasies Realm Market, and all our products are under a reduce of 25%, including the most recent.
Of course our freebies stay free.

And like Halloween is at the corner It's time to show you more than the last journal entry.

Only few days again for Summer, and we celebrate End of Summer at Fantasy Attic. So until September 26th you can buy any products on our store with a reduce of 25%.
But like October approaches, let us show you some Halloween related products.

There are many more products waiting for you, no matter they are for Halloween or other times of the year!
Names of our weekly winners are now available!

Weekly winners 09/15/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Fruity  Fruity1972

TOTW © by roni190

Your Art © by Paul  Shadowbane-EQ

September sounds like the end of Summer, yet we thing a last perfum of holidays is great, specially near water. For that reason this week Fantasies Realm Market welcomes 2 boats by Summoner. And one of them is free!

As you can see on the banner of FRM when you go on the store, a sale is coming tomorrow: a reduce of 25% will be applied on all products, and that until September 26th. Profit of that moment to make your choice between hundreds of products and many exclusively available on our store!
This is also the time to prepare Halloween for you and/or your 3D renders. And why not to send cards? All of that is possible thanks to our vendors.

But you see here only a little part of the creativity of FRM vendors. Come at Fantasies Realm Market and see more!
We begin like each week with our weekly winners!

Weekly winners 09/08/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Wayii

TOTW © by Heitaikai

Your Art © by ali_sen

But the moment to present you our winners for August contest is also now!

August winners 2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by reserv888  Sci-Fi Warrior by reserv888
4th place © by artienne  ValgerdKossmann
3rd place © by deeleelaw57
2nd place © by QXI
1st place © by M-Callahan  MRC1
Grand Prize © by FrahHawk  Shango-ThunderStones

Maybe have you seen this week our great new products made by Summoner. Or maybe you were so busy you missed the news. Fortunately, we show you them once again :)

We stay with science-fiction this week again, but this time be ready to embark for action! Sky or space, warships or cargo, decide what happens around your world!

It's already the second week of September, and at Fantasies Realm Market we have always fun, around our contests of course, but not only!
:bulletyellow: Contest: Hot Teacher
:bulletyellow: COTM: Throught the Window

We are so very proud of our Attic members when we post their images and would love to have our DeviantArt deviants to also come in, post images and join our extended family here too. We would love to have you join our group.
If you are not again an Attic member but you are using products of the Fantasy Market or Attic Free Zone, we will happy to see your pictures there also.

Don't forget to choose folder(s) where you want to post your pictures before to submit them.
First day of September, and we have our weekly winners more our COTM winner for August!

Weekly winners 09/01/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Star4mation

TOTW © by eblank

Your Art © by midnightvelvet

COTM © by inonit

Congratulations to all! And next week, other names will appear.
We are also waiting the result of our August contest by our judges.

We begins the month bringing us toward Fall - and Halloween!
Slowly but surely we fullfill your basket of freebies in preparation of the October event. Everybody can participate, look there to know more on the question.

But before thinking of October we have September, and our great contests:
:bulletblue: September contest
:bulletblue: COTM of September
In both cases, members of our forum can enter 3 times until the last minute of the month.

Do you want to prepare Halloween now with your scenes and scrapbooking? We have what you need, just take a look here!
From despair to joy, discover our weekly winners!

Weekly winners 08/25/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Artienne ValgerdKossmann

TOTW © by AA3DStudio  Love3D  :thumb760779336:

Your Art © by renecyberdoc

The month is almost ended, and with it our Challenge and Contest too. There is very few entries and participants concerning the challenge, it's time to try your luck if you are member of our forum!

It stays also only 5 weeks before October! We are always preparing our Freebie Event for Halloween, and of course for Christmas. If you wish to help us (forum member or not) look at this topic to know more details.

Today is also the time for the coming of new products at Fantasies Realm Market. 3 more great products by 3 different vendors. And one of these packs is exclusively there!
Click on images below to follow their links.

Here are our new weekly winners!

Weekly winners 08/18/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Margy  MargyThunderstorm

TOTW © by Anna

Your Art © by Alan

And besides the weekly entries in our gallery, we have also
:bulletpurple: August contest
:bulletpurple: August COTM
It's always time to enter until the end of the month.

During the week we had also some new products at Fantasies Realm Market

Well, today we are happy to show you 2 new more!

If you wish to follow regularly what happens at FRM and Fantasy Attic forum, you can suscribe to our newsletter
One more week, and we have new weekly winners at Fantasy Attic forum!

Weekly winners 08/11/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by DarkElf

TOTW © by CalieVee

Your Art © by Nemesis

We are so very proud of our Attic members when we post their images and would love to have our DeviantArt deviants to also come in, post images and join our extended family here too. We would love to have you join our group.
If you are not again an Attic member but you are using products of the Fantasy Market or Attic Free Zone, we will happy to see your pictures there also.

Don't forget to choose folder(s) where you want to post your pictures before to submit them.