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Our shop is very interested in giving a merchant a chance. We do not just want someone with a name and a following already, although that is nice too. We believe in giving the up and coming artist/merchant a chance to sell.

We try to take most items for our store from 3D Models, props, backgrounds, kits to create you own web pages. Our experienced and very detail oriented testers go through each and every item submitted. They check to make sure there are no seams, that the textures match up and are not miss aligned. They make sure your read-me document is free of misspelled words and includes your terms of use to help protect your product. They also try to ensure that a merchant resource that is used is also used as the original creator describes in their read me .... meaning that if it is supposed to be changed for use or NOT used to create free items we will follow that rule.

This process may mean having to re-do your items several times but the end product will be the best that it can be and worthy of any consumer purchasing it. They not only inspect the items and report the problems they find what needs attending but also if the merchant is having trouble getting the "fix" to behave itself, then the testers and the coordinators both will be there to give advice, ideas and pointers as well as encouragement. Our merchants may create by themselves but they are not alone, all here are ready to help with suggestions for them to get their product polished.

As well as the testers we have some excellent Promo Artists that make promos for our merchants, either adding them to the ones submitted with the product, or if the merchant requests it, then we will make the promos for them.

Our store prides itself on attempting to gather items for each and every runtime out there --- however --- we do not accept certain things since our store is accessible by young impressionable minds. We have an adult section but anything there should be considered PG to Light R rated. This is a list of some things that we consider unacceptable:

- No rape

- No child nudity

- No racism

- No harassment

- No violence (not to be confused with bloody/cut/bruised textures)

Since we are a new store things may be added to this list, so do visit this page again.

Thanks to our staff, merchants and customers which we hold very dear to us. If you have any questions or suggestions then please Contact Us.

Fantasy Realms Market Management

Wow, we already are approaching of June. Time is flying! But before the end of the month, it the moment to gather some great stuff for your runtimes. And why not with FuzzyLogic Creations' store? Until the end of May, everything is only at $2. Yes, even the newest ladies for DS4 users! Don't forget to check also all the other stores on our market! We also want to tell thank you to our benefactor for the Core Membership of this month! We aren't sure that Deviantart member wants to be named here, but it was a good surprise when we came here to load new stuff in our gallery. We are still trying to come here more often, but you have more chances to find us on Fantasy Attic forum. Everyone is welcome in our corridors!
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After few days where we had to change our host, Fantasies Realm Market is back to work fully again! The sale is still running, with a reduce of 25% on all the products*. That offer will end April 15th. * Except freebies and products under $2
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Sooner Valentine's Day is coming. It's the moment to find some gifts for your favorite characters! AngellsGraphics has lovely art, humans but also fairies, and she turns herself more and more on Daz Studio 4 format. Bea makes mainly products for scrapbook, or to textures your 3D items. Yet she has also few products for Cookie, A3 and V4. AngellsGraphics and Bea products are exclusive to Fantasies Realm Market. They are only 2 of our dozens of vendors. So come to see more!
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Thank you for the favs my friend I hope you are well :)
Thank you for the favs :-)
Thank you for the fav :)

Thank you for the favs :)

Thank you for the fave on Drow Entourage by ArtistVortex

Thanks for the favs :)

Thanks for the fav :dance: