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Hello all!  This is the DA Group Page for the webcomic Fantastibad: I Kinda Like It.  The point of this page is to act as a hub to the comics themselves as well as various types of fan-art, commissions and gift art about Fantastibad.

If you're interested in joining, please feel free to send us a note.  Also, feel free to leave any comments in the blog or as a shout on the main page.

:icongyrick: Founder - Author
:iconmaqqy96: Co-Founder - Artist

P.S. Yes... I am aware that the group name is spelled "Fantasibad" instead of "Fantastibad."  My bad.

Main Site:
Other Comic, Maq #041 (Written and Drawn by :iconmaqqy96: & Co-Authored and Edited by :icongyrick: )

:iconfantasibad: :iconmaq041:

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