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And what do you do...






rushed and i don't care. also, hated to do this to neon pop, but it fit so well. i know the quote, btw, i just had to alter it a bit. SO DEAL!!

i'm really loving dethharmonik. XD he's going to be SO fun to rp. HNNNNG

to clear things up, no he's not nathan explosion, yes i know he looks like nathan. but he's pretty much inspired by. all metal head look the same, i dated one, and he did look like a nathan. XD so making deth was a bit hard. and yes, there are SO many dethklok references and you know what? i don't care~ >: ) i like my dethklok and i like my dethharmonik.

also, yes. he's a fucking huge ass pony compared to the others, thus why the already tall neon pop looks so tiny. : ) still debating on if i want him to be this moody in rp.

No Neon Pop's were harmed in the making of this comic.... well... not that much anyway.

Neon Pop//Dethharmonik -c- me
Art -c- me
Metalocalypse -c- BRENDON SMALL <3
MLP -c- hasbro
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I need one hundred beers. Exactly. One hundred.