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Sorry about not being on for a while, but I have very important news for anyone who sees this.

I made a new account, and I'll probably using that one more often than this one. (Basically, it's sort of like a new account?)

I apologize for this whole thing that just suddenly happened, but I just...wanted to make a brand new account, and have a fresh new start.

The other account will have a bit more 'edit' based style and definitely much more K-POP.  I still will add in the random pencil art, that's like chibi or some sort.

The name is SweaterSoul: sweatersoul.deviantart.…


*bows 90 degrees*

See you guy soon?
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This is a random journal as I am very bored. I got 4 books from Costco and is getting new glasses. RANDOMNESS YO~
Many EXO puns ahead.
Galaxy style~
"Chicken is not meh style" -Wu Yi Fan (TnT)
"I am manly."- Luhan (*Cries a river* TnT)
Sehun's number is 94
Luhan's number is 7
Someone make a hunhan shirt that has the number 74.
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YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYA~ So Winter Break started and Christmas is like in three days..I got this song stuck in my head and surprisingly it's not kpop. The song is by Ariana(?) Grande called Santa Tell Me. Also have Wasted Love sung by Matt McAndrew. Still can't believe how he didn't win the voice! -_- He is one of the rare people that can actually sing Centuries decently! Centuries by Fall Out Boy, No one can beat the original! Then I found a new morning song called Sunday Morning by Maroon 5...*sigh* Back when music didn't always have shirtless people..or dirty meanings.....Anyway my computer hasn't been working lately so I can't use SAI,so I'm stuck to a paper and pencil. I'm actually working on writing a mini story It has EXO members as the leads XD I'm just bored the past few days. Im on the third chapter so far! (Not something to be proud of...) Anyways~ Have you seen the 2ne1 stage on SBS gayo something? THAT ANGER AT THE KNETZ THO!!! That rap was...emotional.. Okay bye~ BUBBLETEAQUEEN OUT
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So there is this tag that's been going around and I don't know who started it so....Yeah....I'm just doing this for fun so I'm not tagging anyone! You lucky ducks~

      You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. 
Hit shuffle on your iPod / Phone / iTunes / Media Player and 
write down the first five songs that play, then pass this on to 
5 people.

 1.Moonlight-EXO K
2.Wolf-EXO M
3.Peter Pan-EXO M
4.Baby Don't Cry-EXO K

Yeah so......These are the type of songs I listen to.Sorry (not sorry) for not tagging anyone! This was made purely for FUN! :)

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So I come online and there's like a new deviantART! It's taking time to get used to it though. So school is going well,I'm improving on my cello playing,and I am testing out styles for hair and such. Most songs that I listen to are mostly kpop songs,and. I listen to them while doing homework. Some songs are Song Ji Eun's 25(?),BTOB's You're So Fly,and EXO's Thunder!
Also I'm getting obsessed with this channel that has English/Korean covers of songs! Her voice is so pretty! Her YT channel name is Silv3rT3ar!  Okay bye!
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Okay so I am bawling my eyes out right now... LUHAN (one of my ULTIMATE favorites in the kpop world) LEFT EXO!! TnT WHYYYYY =_= After Kris.....What if others leave too?? I know why he left and  I know it's for a good reason,but I'm sad you know?... Luhan told the rest of EXO and gave time for SM to think about it. But NOOO SM didn't care! But,at least Lay (from EXO-M) put a supporting note for Luhan on a website.I forgot what it was though... Again,sorry for putting worthless stuff on here but  I actually made a sketch of Luhan earlier... And to be honest,I was proud of it! NOW I slightly die inside,just by looking at it! I hope you guys forever support our Luhan and still support EXO! It is strange how no EXO-K members left though...(not complaining) So bye and THANKS SM FOR RUINING KPOP FOR ME!!! Well most of it..... :(
Okay,so I'm sad about the whole SNSD Jessica thing,but I am happy that schools going pretty well! Your probably wondering why I posted a lot of stuff on a FRIDAY.So today is like a teacher meeting thing for me so the students have a day off! (YAY) Um...I'm kinda obsessed with EXO,B.A.P,and for some reason piano covers? o.o I'm so random...
So question of the day! For people that know K-pop~ Would you rather go to an EXO concert or a Infinite concert?
For people who doesn't know what K-pop is~ Would you rather have an actress or a singer as your math teacher?
   Sorry that question was weird but,HOLLER! (TTS reference)
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Oh my GOD!! Freaking Jessica (my ice princess) IS LEAVING GG!!! *faints* WTH SM freaking TAKE CARE of  your idols! I WANT LEE SOO MAN BACK! Okay sorry I was bored.....
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 We are here talking about kpop today... OMG DID YOU SEE SUPER JUNIOR'S MAMACITA??? It's so awesome! Our leader is back but another went to the army TnT ... We miss you Yesung...... Anyway,also did you see Infinite's back or B.A.P's new song?? (I know I'm late but cut me some slack here,school just started!) So that was a little kpop talk(?) Bye and listen to K-pop!!! ^>^
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 Okay I'm going to tell you some facts about me!

  1.I don't have much fashion sense
  2.I am Chinese (but  I can't speak that much Chinese..)
  3.I wear glasses and I'm tall for my age
  4.I would choose a lifetime supply of books over a new laptop/computer
  5.I really like cheese and I like eating stuff with cheese (my mom calls me a      
mouse -.-)
  6.Sometimes I over think stuff and than other times I don't think enough about stuff (derp) 
  8.Japanese stuff are so Kawaii to me

        That was some random facts about me! 
    (Oops  I forgot my real name is Caitlin or is it?? DUN DUN DUNNN) ;)
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 So this is a random journal... I'm excited for school are you? I'm also going on a family and friends trip to Reno...I have a new bias in Infinite,watching the new drama with him in it... Um... BYE!!!!  *Runs from awkwardness*
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Okay sorry for not much art,because summer vacation ends on like August something so I'm trying to do a lot of summer stuff. I am kinda sad because since I moved I have to go to a different middle school than the rest of my friends... I've been at my elementary school since kinder so I am REALLY starting over. Enough sad stuff! ouo Go live your vacation while it lasts!
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I'm soo excited for tomorrow,it's my birthday~ I wonder what I'll get this year!!! So I might not be on for a while because I'll be playing the stuff I got.And I'll be thanking my parents a lot!!! So have a nice day!~ :)
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I have learned from xCherrryChan's Journal  that I am 54% insane! I am proud of this! :) 

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 So I'm having some troubles thinking of themes,right now I'm making a cat themed person. Any help?
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okay,so my computer is now up and running! I'm posting more drawings and other stuff! School is almost ending for me also! YAYYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys have a nice weekend and also my latest drawing- Promotion Day- is a real event that's happening to me!My promotion and last day of school is on June 12! Be ready for more pictures/drawings! :)
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Ello! I'm trying to make more art but it's kinda hard taking my drawings to my mom's.I hope you guys understand! Bai! OwO
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Okay right now I'm using my mom's comp. I'm making this short because I don't have much time! My lil sister broke my computer's internet thing and now I can't go on the internet! My dad is working on it but it'll take some time! I'm REALLY sorry!! Bye! :(
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Okay,I got a haircut and to be honest ITS REALLY SHORTER THAN IT USED TO BE! My head feels more lighter though! Today's journal was just a really update of my life. Bye people that actually saw this! :)


Mon Apr 7, 2014, 8:33 PM
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I'm trying out this skin and I'm figuring out kinda of how to edit it like change the heading font to the font i'm using right now. Any help? Please?

Skin by illiyah