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    Hey everyone! Thanks for your support in the last two months! Unfortunately it takes time to create quality giantess collages and stories and time is money as they say. If you're feeling generous please consider supporting me on patreon at

    Please note that even if nobody decides to donate I will of course still make giantess content but it will just be at a slower pace. Thanks again everyone! You've all been an inspiration to keep this little April Fool's joke on myself going.
    Two collages in as many days! I was so excited to begin I didn't realize how much it really takes out of you. I think I'll take a break for a sec.

    As anyone can tell I REALLY like Irina Shayk. I just always hated that with a few notable exceptions nobody has really done many good giantess collages of her, especially in the size she deserves to be, mega.

    I'm definitely going to get around to collaging a few more of my favorite women that are sorely lacking being elevated to goddesshood just as soon as I can.

    Time for some well-deserved sleep.