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Joey Fisher towering above everything.

This one looks simple but took hours to get right. Joey has some great pov shots so I'll probably do a few more of her.

    Joey was over seven miles tall and still growing. She had been modeling for Zoo when she had suddenly begun to glow with a fierce white light. When the light had faded away a stunned Joey stood at over twenty feet tall. The crew stared up in awe until they noticed that she was still growing. Faster and faster now she grew, filling up the whole space and causing everyone to flee for safety.
    With a powerful moan, Joey burst from the studio and grew even faster. She was so big now and she knew it. She began to stomp and crush everything in sight with her manicured feet, each wriggle of her toes enough to cause horrendous amounts of damage. She exalted in herself as her growth took her to even greater heights until finally she found herself where she was now.
    "Oh, wow, my boobs are gigantic aren't they?" she said gripping and kneading them between her fingers. She looked down and noticed a few subway trains moving through the city. She slowly bent down at her waist as people screamed in terror. To them it seemed as though the entire sky was falling down to decimate them. One of her hefty jiggling tits alone could have annihilated several city blocks. With her massive fingers she managed to lift several of the trains up to her all-seeing eye. She giggled as she caught glimpses of shadows behind the car windows, shadows that must have been the disgusting insects that the entirety of humanity was to her now. With a grin that was over 1500 feet wide she dropped the little trains into her grand cleavage. The passengers let out bloodcurdling screams as they were smashed against the luscious titflesh. Steel buckled and electricity sparked all around as Joey's breasts casually crushed them all.
    "How cute!" Joey said as she brought her arms together, crushing the crumbs on her chest into even greater oblivion. Her attention quickly shifted to the miniscule cars and her tremendous hand lowered once again to scrape a few under her fingernails.
    "Oh you're ALL so PATHETIC," Joey said condescendingly. "I have the power and the size to RULE you DON'T I? Ya know what? I think I will," she giggled as squads of jets flew past her and even UNDER her. "Oh, I'm kinda getting turned ON now," her hands trailed the silhouette of her pussy through her white panties. "Mmm... and when I get turned on. I JUST. CAN't. HELP. MYSELF." she said with emphasis as she brushed the trains from her breasts and let herself fall down on her back.
    The whole planet shook as the entirety of Joey Fisher's 22 billion tons of supple, womanly flesh crashed into the ground and cracked the earth's mantle. Joey quickly flicked back her gracious amount of coffee colored locks from her proud, mountainous tits and immediately thrust her hand down her panties, pushing her fingers into her mighty cavern. Her other hand plucked up skyscrapers as she readied herself and giggled.
voremesoslowly Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
true power indeed
fanta333 Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
The power only a goddess could ever truly understand :D (Big Grin) 
voremesoslowly Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
You bet :D
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