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Sasha Banks going for a casual stroll.

A request from GiantessFaith 

Disclaimer: I don't know too much about WWE and whatnot so if I got a few details wrong I apologize. I did do a fair amount of research on Sasha though so I hope it shows in the story :D (Big Grin) 

              It was supposed to be a promotional event for her and Bayley’s win on Raw. Triple H had made it clear in no small way that Sasha was to get out there and sell her win and her ass off. When she arrived at the shoot they put her in a pair of ripped jean shorts that placed extra attention on her ass, a tight, clingy black tank top that squeezed her tits just right underneath an nWo jacket and topped it off with a choker and a pair of knee high, black boots.

              Sasha adjusted her long, violet hair in the mirror as they finished her makeup. Damn, she looked FINE. She walked out onto the set as she adjusted her breasts. They were extra perky today and… bigger? Sasha shrugged it off and started posing as the photos flashed. It went about as well as expected and soon enough it was time for a quick break. Sasha strolled over to a table to get some water and bumped her knee. Ouch, she thought. She decided it must simply be a short table and grabbed a bottle. Strangely, it seemed absolutely tiny in her hands. It must be one of those mini bottles, she shrugged. She finished it off in a few gulps and returned to the shoot.

              “Damn it!” the photographer shouted. “Who touched my setup?! Everything’s off! Sorry, Sasha, but we’re going to have to make some adjustments. Someone screwed up my camera and now you’re too tall in the frame. The lighting is way off now too! Somebody fix that please!”

              Sasha gave a gracious smile as she watched his assistants rush over and start tweaking the lights. They look so small. I didn’t realize they had children working on set. No, they have to at least be teenagers, probably interns. Sasha looked around and noticed everyone looked rather short. Wait, I’m 5’5”. Most people should be taller than me. What’s going on? She snapped out of her confusion when she heard the photographer curse again.

              “Get me the other camera! No, not that one you idiot! Yes! Hurry!” he screamed at another awfully small assistant. Now that Sasha thought about it, wasn’t the photographer a good foot taller than her? Suddenly he was beginning to look practically like a dwarf. He quickly readied his next camera and she could almost see a vein burst in his tiny, little forehead on top of his tiny little body. “This is all wrong too! What’s going on?! Is this someone’s idea of a joke? Its almost like Sasha’s grown three feet in five minutes! That’s impossible! Impossi-“ Sasha couldn’t help but smile at his stunned expression.

              Sasha looked down and gasped as she finally realized just how far off the ground her sexy legs elevated her. She stretched out her arms and admired their new lengthiness, rubbing each one in turn before realizing they were getting even longer. Her eyes darted back and forth as her body continued to expand in all directions. Ten feet came and went. Twenty, fifty, one hundred feet and counting. She was growing faster now, and Sasha giggled when she saw the tiny crew scurry beneath the treads of her high-heeled boots. The only one who hadn’t moved was the previously foul tempered photographer who seemed to have lost all words and simply gaped up at her slack-jawed.

              “Don’t worry everybody! All the hard work you put into making me beautiful and sexy is now going to be put on HUGE display!” Sasha tittered down at the… people? The term hardly seemed to fit the little ants anymore. “Aww, what’s the matter little guy?” Sasha winked. “Never seen a titaness of femininity and strength tower over you before?” She began to pose once more as she reached two hundred feet, flexing her massive thighs. “If I were you I’d take one last picture before I stomp you out of existence. Just think! It’ll be the defining picture of your career! You’d be capturing the moment I became a goddess!” She traced the shape of her breasts with her powerful fingers. “I’m sure it’ll be on the front page of every paper and website in the world! Go on. DO IT. Your goddess COMMANDS you!”

              She could barely even see the puny thing anymore as she crested three hundred feet but gazed down at him like she would a lover and was rewarded with a miniscule flash of light. He took it! Oh, look at him crawl over to the computer to upload it online. Sasha began tapping her ever growing foot while she waited for him to finish.


              She saw his body fall over and back away from his laptop. Without pausing her tapping for even a moment Sasha merely twisted her foot on her heel until it was hovering over his infinitesimal form and crushed him into nothingness with a single giant TAP of her foot.

              “Now then,” six hundred feet. “Let’s take a look at the city, shall we?” seven hundred feet. “Hmm… I used to call myself ‘The Boss’,” eight hundred feet. “But now? I really AM The Boss!” nine hundred feet. “Now I’ll never have to answer to ANYONE! EVER! Triple H will be an afterthought when I flick him across the state!” one thousand feet. Sasha finally topped off at somewhere over eleven hundred feet tall and started walking down the streets.

              Several people and cars found themselves crushed beneath Sasha’s massive heels as she wreaked havoc between the buildings that didn’t even reach her hips. She grabbed at her tank top and stretched it across her tight, fit body and tossed her hair to the side as her hand creeped closer to her crotch.

              “Hmm… I wonder if the same thing has happened to Bayley?” She wondered aloud. “MMMnnGGhhh, what if it HASN’T happened to Bayley?” Sasha gazed longingly across her new domain, thinking of all the things she could do to a tiny Bayley in her grasp. “Oh, all you little worms are going to know exactly WHY they call me THE BOSS!”

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spiderh Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018
need more WWE women.
Alberto62 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Really sexy!!! Well done!
fanta333 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
xwf1000 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
Nice Job on this! I think you should do Beth Phoenix next than Dana Brooke. Just saying.
fanta333 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
Thanks! I'll look into them and see what I can do.
xwf1000 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
OK but also in the mere future, not sure how this will work but also maybe do Bayley if you can! If you can't then do Stephanie McMahon then! Maybe in her workout outfit I think? Can't remember!
fanta333 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
Yeah, I wanted to make this a three parter but I can't find a usable picture of Bayley that's both hot and has enough info in the picture to collage. I'm not really into the WWE girls so I don't know when I'll collage one of them again but I'll look into it.
xwf1000 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018
WOW! I thought you were a wrestling fan but I guess not! 
fanta333 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018
LOL Like I said in the description this is merely a request and I don't know much about WWE but did a little research for the purposes of the story.
xwf1000 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018
Must have missed that when I looked at the Picture yesterday! If that's the case, take your time on the requests then until you learn more about the requests that I've asked then! 
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