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Abigail Ratchford as the Supergirl from Earth 34G.

Originally I wanted to do a whole series from this but I can only find the one picture. Earth 34G is something I made up just for this story.

    It was just another day in Metropolis when a gigantic portal opened up in the middle of the city. The citizens all gathered around it in awe. Was this Lex Luthor's doing? An alien invasion perhaps? STAR Labs arrived and set up a cordoned off area while they studied the portal for any harmful radiation. They had just discovered that the portal was a gateway to an alternate earth when Superman finally showed up along with Supergirl.
    "Sorry to keep you waiting fellas but it couldn't be helped. Trouble in Atlantis. What's the situation?" Superman said as he landed next to the scientists at Ground Zero.
    "Superman! We're glad you're here, this a portal to what we've classified as Earth 34G. We haven't been able to get a clear picture of what lies behind the portal but the size alone is astounding!" the lead researcher replied enthusiastically. "The portal is over a thousand feet tall and growing. It doesn't seem to be dangerous however, so we're sending in a probe now."
    Supergirl chuckled at how tiny the drone seemed in comparison to the enormous gateway. "I wonder what it will find when it gets to the other si-" Before Supergirl could finish her sentence a giant blue high heel emerged from the portal and crushed the probe into less than dust.
    The sheer size of the heel was enough to cause the crowd to scream as the ground shook mightily and they lost their footing. The super cousins jumped up into the sky, ready for anything. Only, this was not something they could have ever imagined in their wildest dreams. To say the probe looked like an insect squashed by a giant foot was an understatement. It was much closer to a dust mite being eviscerated under the tread of a goddess. And goddess it was as the dark blue boot ended just below an immaculately bronzed knee that was attached to a powerful thigh. It was a leg that seemed to go on forever as it rose into the sky and beyond the portal. Suddenly the knee bent and the boot clad ankle twisted and a giant head covered in long, wavy, chestnut hair pushed into this dimension. The head was soon followed by shoulders and large heaving breasts scantily covered in a tiny red shirt with a blue super logo embellishing its center. It left very little to the imagination showing off a generous amount of underboob.
    The enormous woman sighed in displeasure as she squeezed the rest of her body through the entry and ripped it open further to wrest her immense form from the grip of her home dimension. Her toned, glistening abdomen came through next followed by her delicate yet strong fingers. Supergirl noticed her fingernails were perfectly manicured and covered in white polish. With a final sexy groan the goddess-like being managed to bring her other leg as well as her prodigious ass out of the passage as it immediately closed behind her. She giggled and smacked her thick luscious ass which turned out to only be covered by a white bikini bottom. Of course saying it covered her juicy butt would be overly generous since her jiggling cheeks swallowed it entirely. The reverberation from her playful slap caused a sonic boom that made windows shatter for blocks and knocked the Kryptonians from the sky.
    "Kara are you alright?" Superman shouted at his cousin.
    "I'm fine Kal, but who is she? She's wearing our crest!"
    "WHO SAID MY NAME? KAL-EL? IS THAT YOU?" the titaness bellowed in curiosity. Her blue eyes flared as she finally noticed the crowd at her boots and the little blue specks flying by her shins. Her supersight kicked in and she distinguished her cousins face in one of the blue flies. Something was wrong though, Kal's colors were inverted and he was.... SO... TINY!
    "YOU'RE ALL SO TINY! HEHE! LIKE BUGS!" she said aloud.
    Superman was the first to understand and flew up and up to her face and hesitantly spoke, "Kara? Is your name Kara Zor-el?"
    "YES, I'M KARA! IS THAT YOU LITTLE KAL? HEHE, YOU ARE SO CUTE!" her eyes squint in mischievous glee as she finishes with, "AND SO... PATHETIC!" She takes in a small breath and with hurricane force winds that even Superman could never hope to match she blows Superman and then Supergirl out of the sky and smashing into buildings several blocks away. "AHA! I WASN'T EVEN TRYING!!! HAHAHAHAH!"
    Kara glowered down at the mites beneath her divine being and felt her chest swell in delight. She put her hand on her hips and said, "I COULD RULE YOU LITTLE CREATURES! COULDN'T I? I-I COULD RULE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! NOTHING COULD STOP ME! NOT THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, NOT THE GUARDIANS ON OA OR THERE PESKY GREEN LANTERNS! NOTHING!!!" Kara swiped down at one of Metropolis's oldest buildings and smashed it to bits. Kara tilted her head back and shook her hair in glamorous fashion as she cocked her brutally flared hips to one side and stomped her right calf-high boot into the mass of terrified people.
    She slowly began to lift up off the ground before soaring off into the clouds. The shock waves were devastating and annihilated a large swath of the city. When she broke the cloud layer Kara took a moment to absorb the rays of the sun. This was it. Her quest for utter domination was finally fulfilled. She snapped at her tight little bikini bottom and adjusted her almighty bosom. That's when she noticed it. She was growing! It seems in this dimension Earth's yellow sun not only gave her godlike power but also caused her body to expand in incredible ways.
    "Not for long!" Superman and Supergirl shouted together as they began to pummel Kara's face mercilessly, both of them hoping to end the fight quickly. Their spirits fell drastically at Kara's next words.
    "HEH, THAT TICKLES," a sudden thunderous surge of pulsing red fire blasted the super cousins smoking out of the atmosphere. "COME ON SUPERANTS! I'M NOT EVEN TRYING," Kara pouted before the U.S. Air Force expelled their entire military might on her perfectly sculpted hips. "OH? YOU TOO? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU'LL DO ANY BETTER?"

    Meanwhile Superman was jolted out of inky blackness when he collided with... the batplane? Or batwing? What was Bruce calling it these days? Bruce! Clark jerked awake and stared into the cockpit as a grim shadowy figure stared back. "A relation of yours, Clark?"
    "Not from this universe, thanks for the assist," Clark said as he took off into the sky once again. He made it back to Kara's face, hoping to reason with her. "Please Kara! I know you're from an alternate Earth but inside you're just like my Kara! Gentle and caring! Stop this madness! We can help you get back to your Earth!" Her glittering blue eyes threatened to swallow him whole as she gazed innocently at his miniscule form.
    The batplane swirled around firing various missiles and machine guns while Supergirl fired off her laser vision after having been rescued by Green Lantern. "What's all this about? Hoo, boy, ain't she a looker!" Hal whistled as Supergirl rolled her eyes in contempt.
    "Never mind that! Just give her all you got!"
    "Oh, I'll give her something alright," Hal whispered before firing his Lantern energy at the incredibly HOT, gigantic woman in front of him.

    "DON'T WORRY ALL YOU LITTLE PEOPLE! YOU'LL SOON UNDERSTAND THAT ITS HOPELESS TO FIGHT ME! I-" Kara felt an odd pain in her right tit. She glanced down and recognized the glowing green element buried deep in her breast flesh. Kryptonite! Her only weakness! But how? On her Earth all Kryptonite had been destroyed! Was it all over before it began? What if? OH! Something happened to Kara, something unprecedented. The Kryptonite didn't weaken her as expected. It made her grow even bigger!
    "WAS THAT YOU, BATMAN? ALWAYS SO PREPARED. ALWAYS READY WITH A PLAN. BUT EVEN YOU COULDN'T HAVE PREDICTED... ME!" The heroes as well as the entire world watched in complete despair as Kara's magnificent body expanded as she floated above the clouds until her azure heels collided with the ground in complete devastation without her body dropping in altitude.
    Kara was huge. She was a goddess. Kara wasn't Supergirl anymore. She giggled as she thought of a new name for herself. "DON'T CALL ME SUPERGIRL, THAT PATHETIC BUG IS NOTHING COMPARED TO ME! CALL ME SUPERGIRL... SUPREME!!!"
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Voidlord1 Featured By Owner May 21, 2018
Well that world is fucked. In more ways than one.
MatrixSimon Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018
Wow amazing! Just see it yet. Pls. more of this sort of storys! :)
fanta333 Featured By Owner May 21, 2018
Definitely! I'm considering continuing the story on its own(unfortunately I can't find any more pictures of Abigail in this outfit) Let me know if you'd be interested in reading it. That goes for everyone else too. What would people think about me expanding and enlarging the story?
MatrixSimon Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018
Yes pls!
Voidlord1 Featured By Owner May 22, 2018
Of course I would be interested in reading it.
well you don’t have to use the same outfit. Afterall she can have her new Slaves make her some...
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