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Joey Fisher vs. tanks

I'm really liking Joey Fisher. She has some great photos that were practically meant to be turned into giantess collages.

    Joey was enjoying herself immensely. She had become an all-powerful giantess just a few days ago but already she had destroyed several cities and the populace worshiped her as a goddess.
    She leaned over near a cliff to inspect the next city she was going to bend to her will when she suddenly felt a slight warmth. She almost hadn't noticed it at all but the warmth radiated from two or three points on her ass cheeks. She peaked over her right shoulder out of curiosity and noticed a few tiny tanks firing at her. They couldn't possibly hope to even singe her skin since she was invincible but Joey couldn't help but get a little wet from watching them try. She had an idea.
    "Oh, what's that?" she said in an innocent voice. "Are those big bad tanks shooting at me? Oh! Right on my ass, huh?" Joey bent further at the waist exposing even more of her gigantic, glorious ass.
    "MMMM, I HAVE been a NAUGHTY girl, haven't I? DESTROYING all those CITIES? COUNTLESS lives SACRIFICED to my MAGNIFICENT BODY!!! Oh, but that's wrong, right? That's not something a good little girl does... Even when she is THOUSANDS of feet tall. Is that why you're here? To PUNISH me?" Suddenly Joey slapped her tremendous ass cheek. It had been thick already at her original height of 5'8" but since she had grown it had crushed skyscrapers beneath its tonnage.
    "Maybe I need to be SPANKED, daddy," Joey bit her lower lip in a fake pout. "SPANK me, daddy, I've been so NAUGHTY!"
    The soldiers operating the tanks had stared up in awe at the giantess. Some of them feeling their pants tighten when they heard her sexy roleplay, even the one woman among them felt her nipples harden as her jealousy for the goddess turned into arousal. They were shaken out of it when their commander screamed into their headsets and radios to fire at will. They swallowed with dry mouths as they readied their tanks and let loose hell on giantess Joey.
    When Joey felt the heat return she held back a smirk and started to moan like a whore in heat. "OOOHHH! DADDY! HARDER! SPANK ME! SPANK ME! SPANK ME!" Joey drew in sharp breaths between words, really playing it up. "AH! OH! AAAAGGGHH!!!" she wailed in fake pain and true delight. Her pussy was spilling immeasurable amounts of her love fluids. A few drops even fell catastrophically on the city below. Without even trying Joey's death toll increased steadily.
    "Mmmm, yeah, daddy, its so gooood," Joey whispered as she began stroking her labia over her tight fitting one piece. She couldn't even feel the shells impacting her butt anymore as her own body temperature had increased with every pleasurable movement of her fingers. She grabbed the cloth covering her majestic vagina and pulled it aside before slipping two of her long, delicate, monstrously strong fingers into her tunnel. Her other hand toyed with her clit as she began to masturbate in full view of the world.
    It was incredible how horny being huge and invincible could make a girl.
    "Come ON, daddy! HARDER! I've been SO bad! OOOH, I've been ABSOLUTELY EVIL!!! HARDER! HARDER! YES! YES!" she was almost there, just a little bit more! She tossed her messy ponytail back and forth as she reveled in her game.
    The commander kept shouting and the soldiers kept firing. The woman however couldn't take it anymore and ripped her uniform off as much as she could until her pussy was exposed. She rammed her hand into it as she unclasped her helmet with the other before allowing it to follow the curve of her body underneath her clothes until she clutched at her left tit. Needless to say her moans and activity were loud even with the goddess's earth shaking voice filling everyone's ears. The gunner who shared the tank with her heard his partners ministrations and glanced back at her statuesque body convulsing in lust as her golden hair fell messily about her shoulders. He couldn't believe it, she must have lost her mind and he was next! But his superior kept him on task and he continued to fire, cumming in his pants from the sensory overload he was experiencing.
    "YYYEEESSS! I'M SO CLOSE, DADDY!!! Punish ME! ALMOST-THERE-YES-JUST-A-LITTLE-MO-OOOOOOOAAAAAAGGGGHHH! YYYAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!" Joey came with the ferocity of an atom bomb. Torrents of cum rocketed from her cunt, putting the combined might of every geyser in the world to shame. The citizens of the city in front of her held their breath as her cum demolished half of their precious metropolis in her self-gratification. Anything that was left quickly drowned in her fluids as it spread out into a lake sized puddle.
    The blonde soldier climaxed herself at the roar of her goddess's satisfaction. She lay there panting and sucking at her fingers as she glided her left hand through her disheveled hair. She had never cum so hard in her life. She giggled to herself thinking about it. She knew what she was going to do, she was going to spend the rest of her life as a priestess to her new goddess. All were silent as she slipped her pants back on and opened the hatch. She only noticed that they had stopped their barrage when she stepped off the tank. She looked up at the sublime ass that filled the sky, not a single scratch or smudge marred its immaculate shape. It really was perfect. Then her face clenched in terror and she ran as fast as she could away from the magnificent giantess.
    "Oh, uhmf, oooh," Joey was exhausted from her world breaking climax. Her fingers continued to play with her clit as she came down from her sexual high. With a sigh she leaned over and slowly began to sit on the cliff the tanks were on. The soldiers stared up in complete silence as their sky darkened until all they could see in any direction was the beautiful, supple flesh of a goddess sized ass.
    With a great  *WHHHHOOOOOOOMMMMMMPPPPFFF* Joey's ass came crashing down, flattening the mediocre tank fleet beneath her mind-boggling weight. They never had a chance.
    Blondie had been pushed away by the gust of wind the impact had created. She cried in disbelief, her goddess had spared her life and now she was so close to her terrifyingly gorgeous form. She slowly crawled and then ran towards her coffee haired and rose attired goddess. When she reached the massive ass that she had so recently cum to she fell to her knees and began to kiss, lick and worship it. Countless feet in every direction were filled with thick, juicy ass. She cried and laughed for she had finally found her purpose.
    Joey's cum still flowed from between her pussy lips and now became a water fall as it flowed over the cliff. Nothing would be left after she was done. She leaned her head back and sighed in ecstasy, her cunt still exposed to the foggy air.
    "ITS SO GOOD TO BE A GODDESS!!!" Joey bellowed with pride.
ArmyTank Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018
just amazing
fanta333 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018
Thanks! I really liked the way the story turned out.
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