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Making Waves by fanta333 Making Waves by fanta333
Sonja Reid posting an EPIC pic on instagram.

Something a bit more colorful this time. Thanks for watching once again everybody :D (Big Grin) 

    Goddess Sonja was having fun playing with her instagram filters at the beach but she felt she just couldn't get the right background. She could have just moved to another spot on the beach but what was the point of being a supreme being if she couldn't use her powers to make photo taking more interesting?
    With a wide grin on her face she grew and grew until she could hold the Earth in one hand. She gazed lovingly down upon her microscopic subjects as they collapsed into babbling lunatics at the sight of her omnipresent face and massive cleavage. Sonja had a fantastic idea that she was sure would delight her followers (everyone) or at least who was left.
    "Smile everybody! This is gonna be REALLY fun! HEHE! For ME!" she said as she extended her tongue and gave the planet the tiniest of licks. The effect was cataclysmic as over 25% of the world's oceans rocketed into space by the massive impact of her monstrous bubblegum tongue. Tidal waves thousands of feet tall drowned huge swaths of land, animals, and people. Worst of all, the world was slightly nudged off of its axis as the crust under Sonja's tongue cracked and shattered as molten lava poured out into the sea.
    The world would never be the same again but Sonja barely noticed the tiny bit of wetness on her tongue as she took the picture and quickly scrolled through her filters before deciding on one that gave everything a lovely cool overtone.
    "SO GOOD!" Sonja said with glee. "Thanks little ones! You were great! Now you all better like this picture," her tone turned dark for a moment before brightening up again, "After all, everyone's in it!"
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