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Mica Martinez and Caty Cole having fun in Chicago. Mica is on the right and Caty is on the left.

Trying out destruction effects. Hope it turned out well and people like it but I definitely need more practice. 

    Mica and Caty had been close friends and fuck buddies ever since their photoshoot for Babestation. So when they were asked to do a special video together in Chicago they both readily agreed. After a long flight and a short ride into the city they made it to the studio. When they stripped down they were told to apply some baby oil to their sexy tanned bodies while the cameras rolled. The girls were already turned on seeing each other nude and their arousal only grew as they applied the slippery substance to each others bodies, pausing only to stare naughtily at the camera.
    Caty massaged and kneaded Mica's breasts as she giggled and smeared oil on Caty's ass before grabbing it and shaking her cheeks in her hands. Mica took a moment to kiss Caty passionately as they both groaned in the throes of mutual passion. The girls continued on like this for another half an hour until an overwhelming sensation rolled across their goosebump covered skin and gave them a warm sensation in their stomach as well as their... pussies. Without any further warning they began to grow with shocking speed. They burst through the studio's roof and steamrolled over people and cars alike.
    "Oh my god, we're so HUGE!" Caty shouted in glee.
    "We... are. You know you're even sexier as a giant," Mica said as her eyelids drooped in arousal. "Let's have some fun in the city!"
    They held each others hands tightly as they walked through the streets of Chicago wrecking buildings and playfully stepping on screaming crowds of insignificant humanity. The puny ants at their immaculate feet beheld the bodies of their goddesses and knew that it was surely right that such powerful and perfect beings should destroy them, rule them, PLAY with them. Mica smashed through several bridges as if they were made of candy wafers while Caty crushed traffic beneath her heels and toes. She could feel her womanhood moisten as she felt each individual pop as her incalculable weight pulped tiny after tiny.
    When they came back together they hugged and Caty threw her head back in ecstasy while Mica admired their handiwork.
    "Mmm, Caty? I'm getting that feeling again."
    "What's that, babe? Oh! I think I feel it too!"
    "Ya know we're about to become GODDESSES, right?"
    "And I couldn't imagine a better partner to rule the world with," Caty said and grinned. Mica smirked back at her lover and knew that this was how things were always supposed to be.
    "We're going to have SO MUCH FUN!" Mica said as the girls grew to mind boggling heights in each others arms.
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Kaslito Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Professional General Artist
Wow man! I can only imagine how happy I could be if I looked through my window and saw this two beautiful giantesses in the middle of the street! :wow:
fanta333 Featured By Owner May 14, 2018
It would be pretty fantastic :D (Big Grin) 
papayoya Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
And now with destruction effects! Amazing!
fanta333 Featured By Owner May 12, 2018
I was agonizing over it for a whole day lol I'm glad you like it and as always thanks for the support :D (Big Grin) 
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