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Thanks for over a thousand views on my mock up poster! 

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Movie Poster: I, Giantess by fanta333
Ascendance Day
Abigail Ratchford ascending to goddesshood over New York City.

Happy Independence Day everyone! Well... its about threeish days late but I hope everybody had a great night this 4th of July!

    Abigail fell to her knees in ecstasy. She’d done it. She was finally a goddess. Her eyes fell upon the absolutely miniscule Empire State Building that didn’t even reach her pussy when she was kneeling. She was HUGE.

    Abigail had worked on her growth formula all throughout her time at Empire State University. She couldn’t count how many times she had cried herself to sleep after her tests resulted in failure. It wasn’t until one of her friends dropped strontium into her beaker just before she heated its contents that her experiment finally succeeded. Rose, that klutz, had been working on a new type of firework for the 4th of July and spilled some strontium powder as she passed by Abigail’s work station. In Rose’s defense she had tried to stop Abigail from turning the burner on but she had stuttered so terribly in her embarrassment that Abigail had merely rolled her eyes and lit the flame.

    The mixture sparked and flared a furious red before Abigail put out the flame. “That was odd, its never done that before,” she mused aloud. Of course Rose began to blather some more but Abigail shushed her with a wave of her hand. She picked up the beaker and applied a drop to a cherry tomato she had prepared as a test subject. That’s when Abigail realized all her dreams were about to come true.

    The tomato glowed the same furious red the mixture had just before it began to… GROW. Abigail squealed in delight and Rose nearly dropped the rest of her powder.

    “I did it! I DID IT!” Abigail screamed. She had never felt so proud and so accomplished. The cherry tomato finally stopped growing when it had reached the size of a beach ball.

    “Ohmigawd, Abi!” Rose squeaked. “You’ll end world hunger! You’re a genius! I guess all you needed was 30 milligrams of strontium to complete the formula!”

    Abigail’s face contorted into a scowl as she menacingly turned towards Rose. “What did you say?”

    “I said,” Rose’s face fell and she began to blush. “I said that I accidentally dropped 30 milligrams of strontium into your solution just before you heated it,” she said with downcast eyes before quickly mumbling through an apology. “I’m so sorry, Abi! That’s what I was trying to tell you just now!” Rose clamped her hand over her mouth and started to cry profusely as she stared into Abigail’s eyes. Abi was known for her temper and God help you if you were the object of its wrath. Those eyes glowered at Rose and in them she saw the fury of a thousand hells.

    Abigail couldn’t believe it. All her trials and the only thing she had been missing was some lousy strontium? And her success was only thanks to Rose’s incompetence? She couldn’t stand it! As her glare bore holes into Rose’s skull she stood to her full height of 5’8” and towered over Rose’s pathetic 4’10” frame. Abi couldn’t help but smirk. This is what she loved the most in life and what had inspired her to become a giantess. Dominating another person by simply standing next to them was intoxicating. Unfortunately she wasn’t exactly the tallest. She could look down at a good portion of the girls and some of the boys growing up but there were so many people that were taller than her and she wanted to be the TALLEST.

    “30 milligrams you said?” Abigail whispered in a sickly sweet voice.

    “Schn-k! Y-yes! 30!” Rose managed to get out between sniffs. “H-heh, does this m-mean I get partial c-credit for the for-formula?” Rose tried to joke, hoping to break the tension.

    CRACK! As soon as the words had left her mouth Abigail had slapped Rose across the face. She fell prone on the floor gasping and crying loudly in fear. Abigail looked around concerned that someone had heard.

    “Shut up! Shut UP!” Abi hissed as she kicked at Rose’s puny form before stomping down on her throat with her heel.

    “A-aw!” Rose gasped as Abigail’s booted foot squeezed her neck and deprived her of air.

    “I said, shut up!” Abigail whispered. “Look you little bitch, you’re not getting an OUNCE of credit for MY discovery! Besides your tiny brain couldn’t possibly imagine the plans I have for that formula! World hunger? Please! How fucking cliché!” Abigail began to grind her foot further into Rose’s windpipe. The poor girl was turning blue from lack of oxygen and all Abi could do was chuckle.

    Rose’s mousy eyes looked fearfully up at Abigail’s gorgeous and vindictive visage. Half of Abi’s face was obscured by her generous bust and as Rose drifted into unconsciousness and spots appeared before her eyes she couldn’t help but be hypnotized by the quick rise and fall of that delicious rack. Her blouse was open exposing the valley of her cleavage and Rose drooled and her pupils dilated as they followed a single bead of sweat slipping between Abigail’s breasts.

    Abigail bent at her waist and licked her lips slowly, “I’m going to drink it. I’m going to drink it and become a GOD!” Rose’s eyes twinkled in fear. “And do you know what a goddess does to ants like you, Rose?” Abi’s smile grew wide. “She crushes them beneath her boot!”

    SNAP! Abigail broke Rose’s neck with a single decisive stomp. She ran her fingers through her hair and greedily fondled her breasts as she felt Rose’s life ebb out of her body.

    “Don’t worry Rose. You won’t be the last speck I extinguish beneath my foot.”

    Abigail stuffed poor Rose into one of the chemical storage closets along with the enlarged tomato and snuck out of the lab with her formula safely inside of a bottle and tucked into her purse. Tomorrow was Independence Day, her independence day.

    Abigail put on her sexiest stars and stripes bikini and a pair of jeans so tight she couldn’t even zip them up. She put on her finest high heels and walked into the brisk summer evening air. Abigail was a beautiful woman in skimpy attire so she attracted a fair amount of gawking. She didn’t care in the slightest, she bathed in the attention. All this and more would be hers. When she reached Times Square she pulled out the bottle of her precious formula. Without a second thought she unscrewed the top and drank its contents with gluttonous abandon. Rivulets ran from her lips and down her stunning body, between her tits and down her belly. When she was done she tossed the bottle and waited.

    With a flash of brilliant crimson Abigail’s body surged outward in all directions. Her pussy throbbed in hedonistic delight as her legs stretched ever longer. A crowd gathered around her and a woman screamed. Still Abigail grew and her skin practically crackled with power. Her voluptuous, hourglass figure filled out even more as hundreds and hundreds of feet were added to her height. Abi couldn’t help herself and laughed out loud before stomping on the crowd with reckless abandon. She doubled her tremendous height again and again. Abigail fell to her knees as her spectacular growth finally stopped. She looked at the diminutive city shrouded in clouds below her tits and gasped as she heard tremendous booms. The fireworks, the 4th of July, it was all thanks to this that her formula had been completed.

    “HAH! Independence Day? Maybe MY independence, sure. But yours? I’m sorry my precious little specks but I’m afraid your freedom is officially over!” Abigail said with a husky laugh. “How fitting that it all ends on the day its celebrated the most! BEHOLD YOUR GODDESS!!! YOU WILL WORSHIP ME! YOU WILL SERVE MY EVERY WHIM! FROM NOW ON TODAY WILL BE KNOWN AS MY ASCENDANCE DAY!!!”

Thanks for 250 watchers! Here's to the next 250!
Movie Poster: I, Giantess

Viki Odintcova looking gorgeous on a movie poster for I, Giantess

Of course papayoya was properly credited for the story in what would be an amazing film. Whatever happened to movies like this? Godzilla is great and all but this would be thousands of times better!

A few more choice excerpts from chapter 15 of papayoya 's incredible story:

    “YESSS!” I scream as I feel that I have finally found a match for my desires. A plane falls out of the sky and crashes not too far away from me and I snort as I realize that the only cause for it has been my lust-filled scream.

    Realizing about this sort of power reinforces my arousal, which at the time makes me shove harder, making me feel even more aroused.

    From this high I can see hundreds of cities at the other side of the mountain range. I cannot prevent vaporizing one of the largest ones with two carefully aimed shots from my eyes. It was so tempting. When I see a cloud raising to form a familiar mushroom shape I cannot hold myself anymore and I straddle the mountain with ease.

    Then I move down on the peak. I see hundreds of tiny lights in the air as I do so. I had not seen them before since they were too low for my new viewpoint. I realize with admiration that standard commercial planes fly at about the height of my belly-button now.

    I forget about them the moment my lips engulf the mountain. Two ski stations, three dozen hotels and four villages get deep inside me as my knees bend and I work my way down the mountain slopes. I let go my loudest moan yet and hundreds of lights in the air suddenly turn into explosions.

    I’m even hornier than the moment I met the Glock for the first time, so I get rough almost immediately. In the end, if a mountain cannot offer some sort of resilience to me, what will?

    I wonder if I will be heard from the East Coast as I keep thrusting and moaning in unison. I never knew that the Carlson was an inactive volcano or something. Well, the truth is that it probably isn’t. I guess that with all my pounding I might have turned the Earth crust into some sort of pudding, so previous geological knowledge doesn’t matter too much anymore.

    The moment the mountain “ejects” its burning stream of lava into me is unexpected, but it’s incredibly welcome. The planet and I reach our climax at the same time and I yell so loud that a few of the illuminated cities in the distance catch on fire a few seconds later. Only God knows what sort of disaster my voice created there.

    The feeling of the lava is so pleasurable that it moves me to thrust one last time. It’s a mistake. What I thought impossible finally happens. I’ve broken the mountain. I hardly care. I can just let myself drop backwards, as the peak of Carlson’s Peak rolls down my thighs. My body hits the ground with the force of a thousand hydrogen bombs, finishing those cities within my view that had miraculously survived until now. I’m panting heavily. Then, the stars start to blur and I doze off. My last thought as the sky turns completely dark is that life cannot get any better!

Thanks for over a thousand views on each of these!

Mature Content

What's More Powerful Than a Goddess? by fanta333
Big in Germany by fanta333 5 O'clock News by fanta333
    Hey everyone! Thanks for your support in the last two months! Unfortunately it takes time to create quality giantess collages and stories and time is money as they say. If you're feeling generous please consider supporting me on patreon at

    Please note that even if nobody decides to donate I will of course still make giantess content but it will just be at a slower pace. Thanks again everyone! You've all been an inspiration to keep this little April Fool's joke on myself going.


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Please feel free to support me on Patreon. It takes a lot of time to make quality collages or at least it does for me. Please consider donating if you can!


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