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Blonde Bombshell by fanta333My first collage to get over 200 favorites and over 3,000 views! Thanks a lot everyone, it means a lot to me. I'll keep trying to make decent collages if you keep enjoying them! Thanks again!
So its just come to my attention that this pic  Big in Germany by fanta333
was actually sent to Sonja Reid. Come on, guys. First rule of giantess collages is that we don't spread them to the people who have been collaged! LOL
Ah well, at least it's one of my better ones...
Angels or Gods?
Jessica Nigri and Meg Turney cosplaying as Asuka and Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Trying out a filter to try and get a more "anime look". Hope you guys like it! My Goddess particularly enjoys Jess so you'll be seeing even more of her.

              “Jess, don’t look now, but I think we’re… GODS,” Meg whispered. Jessica blinked at her in surprise. She took in her beautiful friend’s delicate features. Her curious eyes, the curve of her nose, the slope of her jaw. Her eyes slowly made their way down Meg’s neck and found her firm supple breasts. Her mouth felt dry as she noticed how round they were before moving down her torso and admiring her luscious ass. She loved how pert it was being supported by her delicious feet, soles facing the sky and wrinkling wonderfully. That’s when she finally noticed what Meg meant.

              Beneath Meg’s perfect feet and scrunched toes was… a city. Jessica’s eyes widened as she compared Meg’s toes to the buildings and realized that they were bigger than most of the little structures.

               “Oh, my god…” Jessica said. “You’re right, we’re HUGE.”

              “Fuck girl, you look fantastic!” Meg cried. Jessica blushed as her friend looked at her with the same bedroom eyes she had just finished looking at her with. She grinned when Meg paused an especially long time at her own large perky tits before craning her neck to her left and took in Jess’s exposed cheeks. They were both in cosplay as anime girls in bathing suits. Jess in red and Meg in white. Jessica giggled thinking about the premise of that particular anime, a mech vs kaiju show where the giant monsters were known as “angels”. Well, that would have been a fitting name for them when they were normal sized, but now? Meg was right, they were gods.

              The creatures in the show had a wide range of sizes but she was sure they were bigger than most of them. The mechs were a couple hundred feet tall if she remembered correctly, but they were at least a couple thousand. As Jessica took in the bay and city around her, she realized how much damage they had already caused by just existing. Looking behind her, she admired how her own toes had demolished entire blocks. Big white clouds of smoke billowed from between her digits as she flexed them in and out. Damn, that was power. To destroy and kill without even realizing was an authority that no one else on Earth had ever known.

              She felt a soft touch on her thigh and turned back around, her long red ponytails whipping through the air as she met Meg’s hungry stare. Jessica couldn’t help but grin as she reached up and caressed Meg’s cheek. They had messed around before, but it had never been anything serious. Now, they were giant sized cosplayers, and she was pretty sure they were the only people on Earth who could hope to pleasure the other. Without thinking they both instinctively reached for each other’s lips and began to kiss passionately, desperately. The only two goddesses of the world. Powerful. Horny. Uncaring.

              When their tongues had sufficiently played deep in the other’s mouth, their plush lips finally parted wetly. Meg bit her lower lip as Jess turned her head, noticing a tiny passenger plane flying by them. Meg giggled as she followed Jess’s eyeline. Playtime had only just begun, and they were going to show those “angels” how two horny women destroyed a city.

Thanks for over 2,000 views on this collage! 

Mature Content

Goddess in Red by fanta333
 I particularly enjoy this one considering the effects work on it. It's surprisingly hard to find decent explosion pics. And the work to get the building destruction in her hand just right was honestly a lot of fun.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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The Universe According to Loren, Chapter 10
by fanta333
Chapter 10: Terror Over Germany

Loren’s mighty hand squeezed and fondled my body as she walked the few steps into Germany. I couldn’t help but look up at her and her proud chin as she played with me, her naked body glistening in the sunlight. I never realized how much I loved this woman. Sure, I worshipped her like the goddess she is, but I also loved her deeply. I loved her enough to watch her destroy the whole goddamn world without batting an eye at the chaos, destruction, and countless lives lost while she did it.

Ami walked behind her, a goddess in her own right. Her eyes twinkled as she gave me a wink and gave Loren’s ass a slap. Even at my size the noise it made was like a great peal of thunder, so I couldn’t imagine what it must have sounded like to all the tinies beneath their feet. Loren only smirked and used her thumb to rub my stomach and fondle my dick, making me fully erect within moments. God, I ached for her, I could only hope that she let me grow to her size soon so that I could explore her incredible body with my bare hands once again.

It took Loren ten steps to get to where she wanted. The massive army the world had sent just to paint her and her friend’s nails was long forgotten after only one step, decimated in two, and left in abject despair in three. The other seven steps demolished countless French and German cities as she made her way towards Bavaria, where half of Germany’s beer is made. Ami bounced ahead a bit and leaned down to inspect the city they had approached.

“LOREN! COME LOOK, I THINK I FOUND MUNICH! YEAH, THAT’S ST. PETER’S CHURCH!” Ami shouted with glee. Loren gazed down at the tiny city before her toes and wiggled them a bit to establish her dominance.

“HMPH, CRUSH IT, AMI. THEY’LL ONLY BE WORSHIPPING US FROM NOW ON,” Loren said disdainfully. A smile spread across her ruby lips as Ami wasted no time in stomping the building to dust. When she lifted her pedicured foot off the ground nothing was left of the church and a third of Munich. “NOW THAT WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION YOU MITES,” Loren said condescendingly, “ME AND AMI ARE GOING TO LOUNGE AND MAYBE HAVE A LITTLE MORE FUN. MEANWHILE YOU ARE GOING TO ROUND UP ALL THE BEER FROM YOUR ENTIRE LITTLE COUNTRY AND BRING IT TO US, UNDERSTOOD?” Loren paused for a moment as if she were waiting for a response. Of course even if the entire country could yell all at once she would only just barely hear them. “GOOD. NOW LAY DOWN, AMI. I’M SURE THIS IS GOING TO TAKE THEM A WHILE,” Loren finished with a roll of her dazzling, blue eyes.

                                                                         --- --- ---

The German government was in complete chaos. Nobody could get a handle on the situation. A woman had just demanded all the beer in Germany. It sounded like the beginning of a joke, but then you only had to look up at the sky to know the truth. GODS had come to Germany. Two beautiful women the size of mountains had demanded an offering to their divine majesty, and the only thing anyone could do was obey. Obey and despair.

Every brewery in the country’s phone rang at once. Some argued with the government official on the other end, others calmly listened for instructions. In the end the results were the same. Every truck in Germany was used to move millions of gallons of beer of every type and brand. The roads were cleared for semis making their way to one of several army bases where all the beer was to be gathered. All this while the titanic monsters that could only be described as two hot young girls settled between Munich and Nuremberg. The entire continent rocked as the shorter brunette settled on her back. Her proud breasts raised high in the air as the blonde straddled her on her knees. There appeared to be something in her hand, it was moving, it looked like… a man? Tiny in her hands but he would’ve been gigantic to them. The whole world watched as she dropped him into the brunette’s awaiting mouth.

                                                                             --- --- ---

The distance between Munich and Nuremberg was less than 100 miles. Ami was somewhere around 90. She covered the distance between the two almost perfectly. Her feet ground into the area near where she had stomped Munich and her shoulder length hair whipped and smashed into Nuremberg with unbridled force. Buses went flying into buildings, people were crushed indiscriminately, and all from a few strands of Ami’s unkempt hair.

Loren gazed lovingly down at her friend and partner in godhood. They had always been close, shared so much together over the years, and now they were sharing the thrill of absolute power. It was enough to get her wet all over again, her inner thighs dripping with her nectar. She slowly moved me to her face, her eyes staring at me with an equal look of affection. In that moment I knew she loved me as much as I loved her, lost forever in the twin oceans of her eyes. Then she dropped me into Ami’s mouth.

My perspective of Loren’s face shifted as I fell for what seemed like forever. The truth of just how BIG she was dawning on me as I finally lost sight of her face beyond the curve of her breasts. With a wet slap I impacted with Ami’s awaiting tongue and slipped into the darkness of her mouth. It felt much like Loren’s mouth but without the comfort of knowing I wouldn’t be eaten. Ami, playful as always, swished me around and gave me a few quick lashings with her tongue before her lips parted and I saw daylight once again. Daylight, and the sultry look on my girlfriend’s face as she slowly approached Ami’s. Her face getting closer and closer until all I could see was her supple, moist, crimson lips. And then blackness.

They were about to make out! A pink monster invaded my world and clashed with the one I currently laid upon. It was like a giant monster battle in the night. Giant forms slapping against each other in passionate battle. Neither creature seeming to gain ground until finally Ami’s tongue was engulfed and sucked out of her mouth and into Loren’s, taking me along with it. Loren took her time sucking on Ami’s tongue before shoving me off of it and releasing it.

Loren paused only long enough to suck me against her cheek and moan before my world suddenly went weightless before slamming into Ami’s lips again. Loren took the time to bite Ami’s bottom lip, nibbling as Ami giggled in delighted pain. My erection was aching as Ami’s tongue took a turn at invasion this time. It was a slow lumbering beast, patting Loren’s tongue in submission before beginning it’s search.

It hunted me with dogged persistence. I ducked its first pass, scrambling up Loren’s cheek before slipping down again. It’s second pass knocked me off my feet and I stared in awe as it came for me a third time, patting me as if checking to be sure I was what it was after. It finally lifted me from between Loren’s teeth and was in the process of extricating me from my girlfriend’s mouth when suddenly Loren’s tongue arose and bashed it from underneath. I went flying and impacted with the roof of Loren’s mouth as the two beasts began their fight anew.

                                                                        --- --- ---

Hermann looked up from his task of securing the jumbo jet’s cargo hold. The government had decided that they would fly the beer into the goddesses’ mouths. Some damn bureaucrat had made the case that it was the safest way of delivery, forget that it would be a suicide mission for whoever had to fly the plane. Why the government even bothered, Hermann would never understand. The monsters had already destroyed much of France, and Germany would also suffer. What difference did it really make if they obeyed these women or not? They would probably all die one way or another.

As he strained his eyes to see the colossal beings his jaw went slack. They were engaging in the most erotic make out session the world had ever seen. The brunette laid back and had her fingers deep in the blonde’s scalp as the blonde straddled her, heaving tits colliding with the brunette’s smaller ones as her hands tore into Nuremberg as if it were a mattress. Their moans alone shook the nation to its core. And they didn’t seem to be anywhere close to being through. Hermann went back to work with a renewed sense of terror.

                                                                   --- --- ---

Loren was lost in lust as she tongue-wrestled her lover with her itty bitty boyfriend caught in the middle. Itty bitty was relative of course, she knew he was enormous compared to the germs currently being crushed under Ami’s tight little ass and that only served to turn her on even more. As she took a moment to catch her breath, leaving Ami quietly moaning for more, she noticed hundreds of fireworks going off beside Ami’s face.


“I CAN’T WAIT! HEY, HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET IT TO US?” Ami asked with a curious twitch of her mouth.

“WAIT, I SEE IT! THEY’RE GOING TO DELIVER IT BY PLANE! OOPS!” she giggled when she noticed her voice had caused the fleet of planes to waver a bit in the air. She leaned down and gave Ami one last kiss and sucked her boyfriend into her cheek again. “NOW OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDE, AMI, YOU DON’T WANT TO WASTE A SINGLE DROP, DO YOU?” Loren opened her mouth wide and saw Ami do the same as the planes flew the final distance to their lips.

                                                                        --- --- ---

I watched as planes no larger than my hand flew between Loren’s gargantuan teeth. There were hundreds of them and they all simultaneously opened their cargo holds, and millions of gallons of beer dropped upon Loren’s nearly city sized tongue. It twitched as the frothy liquid hit its surface and a groan passed through Loren’s throat as she enjoyed the taste of Germany’s finest. The planes didn’t fare to well, however.

A twitch for Loren’s tongue was a lethal assault for the giant planes. Like the giant monster I had described it as before, the tongue showed no mercy. It collided with each plane, seemingly all at once, and I watched in awe as they all exploded in fiery cataclysm. One had miraculously escaped with only a wing lost but it soon crashed into the back of Loren’s mouth and I felt the heat of its destruction against my skin.

That’s how big my Loren was now. Hundreds of cargo planes could fit in her mouth and then be obliterated by her tongue alone. She really was a GODDESS, there was just no other way to describe it. Meanwhile the ocean of beer swished and swirled in her mouth catching fire but only burning for a moment before she swallowed the whole lot of it in one giant gulp.

Loren’s pink monster came at me one final time and dragged me out of her mouth into the light once again and I spied Ami sighing in closed eye content as she savored her share of the country’s spoils. Loren licked her lips dragging me across the upper one before depositing me on her palm. She leaned in close and gave me a sexy groan of satisfaction, and the sharp smell of alcohol and burning oil washed over my diminutive (to her) body.

“MMM YOU’VE BEEN SUCH A GOOD BOY, HAVEN’T YOU? I THINK ITS TIME I LET YOU GROW A BIT, YEAH? AFTER ALL I WANT THAT DICK OF YOURS INSIDE ME,” I nearly shouted for joy at her words as my dick throbbed for release. Her face lowered a little enough to cover my entire sky with just her lips, and two powerful words erupted from between her blood red lips, “NOW, CUM!”

I had never cum on command my entire life, but at that moment even my cock was her slave and she knew it. Fountains of cum erupted from my dick as I began to grow. Loren kept me in her hand for as long as she could before lowering me to the ground. Time seemed to hold still as I added mile upon mile to my height, my size doubling again, and again, and again. When it was over, I was on my hands and knees in worship to my Goddess as my cock dribbled the last bit of my cum onto some unknown city. I could only imagine the havoc that alone was causing as I was now over 70 miles tall. Ami grabbed my ass and Loren lifted me by the shoulders until we were staring at each other face to face.

Loren gave me a smile that made my heart stop and she drew me in for a kiss. The same pink monster that had tossed me around so effortlessly was now exploring the recesses of my mouth, easily overpowering my own tongue. My eyes rolled back in my head and I sucked that glorious muscle for all I was worth as our faces pressed together in savage passion. She didn’t let go for what seemed like hours, and then it was over, a few strands of saliva connecting our mouths as she pulled back.

“READY TO FUCK ME?” she said with a smirk.

I gulped as wave after wave of euphoria washed over my senses, “YES, GODDESS,”

“GOOD, BUT NOT HERE, I WANT TO FUCK SOMEPLACE MORE ROMANTIC,” she said. Her eyes scanned me up and down as she licked her lips. She grabbed my cock in her massive hand, “EVER BEEN TO NEW ZEALAND?”

                                                                        --- --- ---

In England, Loren’s house was being broken into. A curvy woman nearly as tall as Loren was when she was still just another human entered and quickly walked to her room, closing the door behind her. She started going through drawers and tossed the mattress aside looking for something.

“Where is it!” she exclaimed. The 6’1” woman was growing more frustrated by the second. Loren and Ami had grown into GODDESSES. It wasn’t fair! She wanted to be with them! Loren had always been a god to her anyway, but now? She was practically dripping with the need to worship her, to kiss those titanic lips, both sets of lips…

Nearly crying in frustration she was about to give up until she saw a box underneath Loren’s bed. She quickly snatched it up and opened it. There it was. One last vial of blue liquid. She didn’t know where Loren had gotten the stuff, only that it promised to make dreams come true. Underneath it was a piece of paper that simply read: Megan, come find me after you drink this. Your Goddess

The note fell gently to the floor as Megan threw her head back and quickly downed the vial. A scream of primal lust emanated from the house just before it shattered into pieces.


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