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Luna Amor going on a devastating rampage.

Hey, just in time (barely) for National Vore Day! This is actually a long overdue request for catman450 Sorry it took a little while!

              Luna trudged through the city, her bare breasts heaving in anticipation, jiggling viciously as they rubbed lewdly against each other. Her tits had already been massive before her physics defying growth but now they had the power to crush cars with the simple act of lifting them up and letting them slam back against each other. She had already had her fun with that particular scenario but now she was on the hunt for a different kind of fun.


              “UUUUnnngh! I’m SO hungry!” Luna cried. “I guess all this growing has taken a lot of energy, huh? You know, I just ate a little while ago but that WAS before I grew,” a giant finger reached for a giant, glossy lip as the giantess pondered her situation.


              Luna rubbed her poor, empty tummy and grinned seductively down at the scrambling crowds below her fishnet stocking clad legs, lofty and seductive as they were, they were monstrous killing machines to the people below. Her toes wriggled, and she laughed as a few people were caught underneath them and were squished.

              “Oh! SCRAMBLED! Mmmm…. eggs. I don’t suppose enough of you teensy things could pause long enough to make me five thousand servings of scrambled eggs?” Luna’s baby brown eyes gazed down expectantly. “Sigh, I guess not.” She stomped in frustration, “I’m HUNGRY!!!” And if YOU won’t PROVIDE me with FOOD then…. then… I’ll just have to eat YOU!”

              Luna blushed deeply. She hadn’t meant to say that, but she was growing more and more ravenous by the second. Should she? Could she even bring herself to do it? Well, I guess I might as well try, she thought. Crouching down and scraping her titanic, shapely ass against a local skyscraper she grasped a few of the miniature people between her fingers. She slowly raised herself back up while giving the people in her hand the tour of a lifetime as they sailed by the twin obelisks that were her legs. The two beauteous columns joined at her slick vagina which was very much not being covered up in anyway by her stockings. The group, comprised of two men and three women, stared in awe as they all realized at once that she was wet. In fact, she was positively dripping with her honey.

              They passed her stomach and heard the low, constant growl that came from deep within her belly. To them it sounded like a hundred large generators chugging away together. When they finally reached her immense, ponderous boobs the women blushed in a mixture of jealousy and awe while the men nearly creamed their pants. It was all too soon when they finally passed by her pink lips that looked like you could bounce on them forever and for the first time met her rich brown eyes face to iris.

              Luna twirled her curled, chestnut locks around her idol fingers as she stared at the morsels in her palm. “Sorry little ones, but I don’t think I have much choice,” Luna grimaced apologetically. “I hope you taste good!” Without notice she upturned her palm onto her tongue before snapping her mouth closed. Luna’s eyes idly rolled back and forth while she swished the tiny, living beings back and forth in her mouth before finally biting down and chewing on her snack. All the while she continued toying with her hair nonchalantly.

              With a large *GULP* she sent the remains of the hapless five down her gullet deep, deep down into her awaiting digestive system.


              Her belly cheered happily as she let out a contented sigh of relief. “You guys tasted GOOD. I think *urp* ooh! I think I want more!” What followed next was horror the likes of which the world had never seen. Luna scooped up hundreds of people into her greedy grasp and plunged them down her maw. The twin guardians of its entrance were constantly being slathered with saliva by her tongue and they dripped in anticipation. When she couldn’t find people on the street she punched through buildings to find more. More, more, more! It was all she could think about!

              As she continued her demolishment of the city she found something that could both entertain her as well as fill her tummy. A train! Several trains! How could she have forgotten about these? She went and picked up one of the longer ones and lifted it up. She crunched the train in her grip and chuckled at the screams of the tinies inside. By now their begging was the lovely melody to which she enjoyed her meal. With the long… phallic object in her hands Luna couldn’t help herself. She placed the train between her breasts, careful not to smash it too soon.

              “Mmm…cold but... kinda nice,” she whispered as she passed the thing back and forth up and down betwixt her swollen mammories. This went on for a few dozen passes before Luna opened her sexy mouth and rammed the train up into it. Her teeth made short work of the metal casing and the front car snapped off in a shower of sparks. The middle car gave into her all-consuming tits and snapped in half causing an explosion that showered fire and billowed smoke across Luna’s cleavage. Luna never noticed and instead focused on the squirming people she sucked through the train taking incredible joy in watching the horrified looks on the faces of her prey as they fell over her luscious jugs, snapping bones over her nipples as well as between her teeth.

              “So gooood! So HOT! MMM, MORE!!!”


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The Universe According to Loren, Chapter 8
by fanta333
Chapter 8: Trifle Tower

     The people of France stared up in wonder at the two colossal women trampling their country. One a towering Aphrodite with long porcelain legs, taut belly and an amazing rack that was only further accented by her flowing blonde hair that led up to a sculpted face. Her juicy red lips, upturned nose and striking cerulean eyes completed this goddess of a woman who walked purposefully and powerfully toward her goal. The other was a feisty brunette with a freckled mischievous face. She was short compared to the other goddess but no less destructive. Her vicious kicks sending hordes of people and buildings into the sky. Most were obliterated on impact but for those who survived the last thing they saw was just how awe-inspiring the two beauties truly were from above before splattering on the ground at their feet.

     Loren and Ami were of course completely oblivious to the Parisians absolute terror. They were by now far beyond considering the pathetic specks at their feet as human beings. No, as all of Paris stared up at the uncaring visages of their new owners they knew that the best they could hope for was to be thought of as playthings. Loren scanned the city with her heavy-lidded bedroom eyes, looking for something. The sky seemed to fall as her incredible, seemingly infinite body bent at the waist. A large shout went up from the crowd as Loren's knees bent and her voluptuous ass darkened the land behind her. Meanwhile her ponderous tits threatened to wipe out all memory of civilization to her front.

     It was those very breasts that distracted most of the people of the city. No man could take their eyes off those meteoric funbags, locked as they were by their hypnotic motion. Beneath her were the few who had survived the earth rending crash of her footfalls. The land cracking as she shifted her weight was only a mild hindrance in the minds of the people who were entranced by the largest and most lude display of pussy in the history of the world. There, held up in the sky by two heavenly pillars of femininity was a cunt that could devour hundreds, maybe thousands of people whole. A clit that coyly hid behind its hood but was no doubt insatiable and resistant to mankind’s greatest efforts to even tickle it. Monstrous yet desirable, murderous yet lascivious, all consuming, the ultimate feminine. It wanted you and you wanted it to want you.
After a few minutes of what was clearly Loren enjoying the admiration of her teensy audience, a smirk spread across her lovely face.

     "AH! THERE IT IS!" came the goddess's voice, rolling like thunder over the masses. Many collapsed in pain as a few weaker buildings fell in on themselves. As the people clutched their ears they wondered as to the might of these goddesses when even their voices could bring them to their knees.

     Loren dropped to all fours not noticing the destruction and chaos she caused by slapping her enormous hands down onto the city. The mites disappeared beneath her digits as well as cars and structures of any kind. The shockwave alone caused untold deaths. Her knees impacting the ground caused much the same havoc. Loren tossed her golden mane over to the left side of her head blowing hurricane force winds that were felt all across the country. She arched her back and squeezed her breasts together with her arms giving herself a large canyon of cleavage. She looked down at Paris with her scornful sapphires, her smirk never leaving her face as she began to kick her legs back and forth like a playful young woman would. Her feet kicked deep into the ground causing tremendous earthquakes. Her toes dug miles into the Earth's crust and sent large chunks of it into the air on their upswing.

     With a loud "HUMPH," Loren began crawling forward. Really it was only a few quick motions but to those below it was like a bombing. Pipes burst, gas mains exploded, and all was crushed as Loren easily bulldozed block after block. Large swathes of the country were flattened and dotted with greasy stains of what used to be cars or even humans. Nothing was distinguishable once she trampled it.

     Ami hovered nearby. Her face was curious as she patiently watched Loren search for her new toy. The demolition she caused was not lost on Ami and she let her fingers explore her clit, gently massaging her swollen folds and coating her hand in her juices. Gigantic drops of her nectar fell from the heavens and drowned whoever wasn't pressed into jelly from the sheer force of their splash. Ami tiptoed closer to the action, her hand never leaving her pussy.
Loren finally stopped when her face hovered over her prey. Her formidable tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked her ruby lips as her eyes narrowed. For all intents and purposes, she looked like a giant cat that had cornered a mouse.

     "THERE YOU ARE!" she breathed. "THE EIFFEL TOWER! YOU KNOW? I WAS WORRIED I WOULDN'T FIND YOU. YOU'RE SOOO TINY!" Loren's laughter rippled through the air catching a fleeing airplane by surprise and sending it spiraling to the ground. Loren never even blinked.
"I ACTUALLY THINK MY BOYFRIEND'S DICK IS BIGGER THAN THIS PATHETIC TOWER!" It was then for the first time the mortals below her noticed the smaller giant clutching the neck of the fair-haired goddess. "WHAT DO YOU SAY, HUNNIE? ARE YOU BIGGER THAN THE EIFFEL TOWER?" The giant could clearly be seen stroking his cock at her words. Her eyes stared lazily as he worked himself before rendering her verdict. "YUP, I'D SAY ITS AT LEAST AS LONG AND PROBABLY TWICE AS THICK." The goddess scrunched her lips to the side the giant was sitting on and made a kissing noise. "MWAH! OKAY, LOOK OUT BELOW EVERYONE!"

     Suddenly the titaness launched herself up on her haunches, raising herself imperiously into the sky. The giant clambered to take hold of her neck. His dick, still rock hard, slapped against her throat. This seemed to drive him wild as he began kissing and humping her elegant, ivory tower of a neck. Before he became too comfortable however, Loren leaned back and let her succulent ass fall to the ground. Its incredible mass finished off whatever her limbs had left behind.
Ami giggled at the sight and dropped to her knees close by. Her fingers still happily explored her intimate folds as she leaned back and balanced herself with her other hand. Her movements proved to be no less catastrophic than Loren's.

     With her ass firmly settled in, Loren straightened her legs and let out a long sigh as she scissored them through the air. Great booming sounds were heard across the continent as two legs that were thicker and stronger than anything humanity had ever created by multiples of thousands sped through the air causing massive air displacements in quick succession. Loren's left leg paused in the air and bent at the knee. Its muscles flexed as it steadied and precariously hovered above the ground. Next, her right leg straightened out towards the tower. Every movement of her leg was calculated and intentional. Her heel finally dug into the ground some ways beyond the Eiffel Tower and her toes spread and stretched allowing her big toe and second toe to encircle the thousand-foot-tall structure.

     Carefully and ever so thoughtfully Loren's toes touched and then grasped the old monument greedily. The impact was staggering. Her toes squeezed the lattices of the tower with minimal effort, crushing the area between the second and third decks. The people dining at the restaurant and caught on the two observation decks screamed for their lives as Loren simply lifted her foot and ripped the tower right off the ground. No exertion, no power, no thought was required to break the thing from its foundations and send it soaring into the skies above Paris, trapped by the long sensuous toes of Loren's right foot.

     "HOW ADORABLE!" Loren cried. She lifted her leg up and up until it was completely perpendicular with the Earth. The people begged for their lives holding on to whatever they could to keep themselves from falling over forty miles to their deaths.
"WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THEM, MY LOVE?" they heard her say. Those who were brave enough to look down saw the giant whisper something in her ear. Whatever it was it amused her greatly as a wide toothy grin spread across her face.


     Loren giggled at this. People around the world were watching her and listening to her commands as if they were the word of god and she merely asked for a French pedicure! Nobody knew how to react. Arguments raged all around the world as to whether they should humor the goddess. The sheer amount of resources required for the endeavor would cost untold millions. The damage alone would no doubt leave France in ruin for years to come. The Americans were having none of it since half of their country had already been destroyed by the sultry colossi. France had to beg them to hold off from nuking the girls outright. All of this happened in the length of only a few seconds as Loren took a deep, contented breath.

     "OR... YOU WILL ALL END. JUST. LIKE. THIS." The whole world held its breath as Loren flexed her toes gracefully. A mundane movement all women have done at one point or another in their lifetimes now done here with dramatically more effect than could be assumed from such a small action.

     Once, twice, three times Loren's toes clenched together. The first time the tower bent hideously. The second time it broke, and its screaming masses fell upon the ridge formed by the ball of her foot. The third time the tower was reduced to dust and the miserable little people were either squished by the titanic digits or falling soundlessly along her pale and sumptuous leg to the ground far, far below.

     Ami was just about to cum when Loren grabbed her hand. Both her feet smashing into Paris. With a sly smile Loren shook her head no and licked Ami's fingers clean before gently kissing her hand and turning to look down at the mites that survived her rampage.

     "NOW, GET TO IT!"

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The Universe According to Loren, Chapter 7
by fanta333
Chapter 7: A Stroll Through the Ocean

Sorry about the long hiatus everyone! Another chapter will be out soon after this one.

     It felt like forever since Loren closed her hand around me, drowning out the light and dimming my senses. She was a Goddess now and I was her slave. There was a real sense of danger and claustrophobia in my mind as I was gripped inside the fleshy prison of her right hand, but it somehow only enhanced my intense feelings of love and passion for her. The desire I felt for her made my heart and my member ache. Her enormous fingers curled around me possessively, but they were soft and silky and smelled muskily of her. I knew my Goddess wouldn't hurt me, but I feared her anyway.

     Suddenly and with a great rumbling which I soon realized was the sound of her laughter, Loren's fingers gave me one more loving squeeze before opening up. The light nearly blinded me but as my eyes adjusted I was confronted with the astonishing azure of Loren's all-seeing eyes.

     "HEY," Loren breathed. Her hot breath washed over me as she angled one of her eyebrows up and gave me a knowing grin. "ENJOYING YOURSELF IN THERE?"

     "WHAT’S UP, TINY?!" Ami butted in, colliding with Loren's shoulder. She grinned devilishly as she watched Loren's hulking breasts wobble and jiggle from the impact. When they finally settled down she turned those mischievous eyes towards me and licked her lips.

     "I-I WOW. Oh, Goddess! I'm nothing compared to you. I don't even deserve to cower beneath your gaze," I shouted up at them.

     "HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME, HUH?" Ami pouted.

     "HEHEHE! HUSH, AMI. HE KNOWS WHO HIS TRUE GODDESS IS," Loren smirked down at me.



     Ami hugged Loren's waist tightly, nibbling her bottom lip in thought. "OOOH, HOW ABOUT A FRENCH PEDICURE? JUST THINK! WE COULD ACTUALLY GET THEM IN FRANCE!"


     Before I could reply Loren flicked me in the chest. "OOPS! I FORGOT THAT YOU DON'T GET A CHOICE! YOU'RE STILL BEING PUNISHED, AREN'T YOU? YES," she said, rubbing my chest which was all red from where she had flicked it. I was struggling to breathe and stared up at her as she made kissy faces down at me.


     I gulped and watched those cherry red lips widen before opening up to reveal her massive teeth. They were slick and opaquely white, each one was as large as my head and thousands of times stronger than any metal known to man. When her teeth had separated far enough her slimy, incredibly thick tongue lolled out from behind them and gave me a long sloppy lick. I was drenched in her saliva as she swirled her tongue around me again and again. My dick grew stiff and I bucked at the feeling of her almighty manipulation.

     Her sensuous muscle snaked its way between my thighs until suddenly my legs were pulled up with incredible force as her puffy lips closed around my torso. I could feel her breathe as she continued to stimulate the lower half of my body. All I could see was the scrunched-up ridges of her lips as she sucked on me. Without warning another breath rustled my hair and I looked up to see Ami's mouth closing in on me.

     Ami's teeth were just as terrifying, and her tongue was just as demanding as her mouth surrounded me and her lips locked with Loren's. The noise was intense and everywhere. Sucking noises, squelching and moaning coming from the depths of my Goddesses chests as they groped each other’s magnificent bodies. The only thing that was more overwhelming was the incredible force being exerted upon both ends of my body. I felt as if I were going to be ripped in half and I'm sure that if it weren't for the formula, I would have been.

     Their French kiss dragged on as I was nibbled on and bombarded with their monstrous tongues. I was drawn back and forth between their mouths until finally with a great slurp, Loren wrenched me away from Ami. Her grin was the last thing I saw before Loren's lips sealed out all light and I found myself in a dank, dark cave that smelled strongly of mint.

     "MMMMM... YOU TASTE GOOD, BABY!" Loren gasped while maneuvering me into the pocket of her right cheek. "YOU'LL KEEP ME PLENTY ENTERTAINED AS WE CROSS THIS PUNY OCEAN,"

     With that Loren and Ami skipped into the sea like two young girls who were simply on a pleasant vacation. Of course, they were actually 100-mile-tall Goddesses so when they did it they caused massive tidal waves and untold destruction to America's east coast. They laughed and splashed water at each other as their long legs plowed through waves. Any boat or ship that got in their way was sunk by the riptides they left in their wake or was tossed through the air in a great splash only to explode against their lithe, towering bodies.

     My fate was far less fun but far less terrifying then those of the hapless souls wiped out by the Goddesses play. I jostled about Loren's mouth, knocking against her teeth and turning red from the pressure of her mouth's constant sucking. This must be what a piece of hard candy feels like, I thought to myself. Every time she paused long enough for me to wipe her spit from my eyes I was tossed back against her cheek.

     As they reached the shores of France I could feel Loren's feet impact dry land. She bent over, and I spilled face first out of her mouth onto her awaiting palm. I turned over and sat up as she positioned me just in front of her gigantic right eye.

     "ENJOY YOURSELF, HUN?" she thundered somewhere below me. I tried to speak but all I could do was stare at my reflection in the blue of her iris. "SPEECHLESS, HUH? OH, WELL! I'M SURE YOU DID." She nuzzled me with her nose before setting me on her shoulder. I grasped at a strand of her hair and held it tight. "NOW, STAY PUT. YOUR GODDESS HAS TO GET HER FEET DONE AND SHE KNOWS JUST THE GNATS TO DO IT."

     Loren stomped forward towards Paris while Ami followed behind her kicking whatever towns survived Loren's weighty trampling.
The Boss
Sasha Banks going for a casual stroll.

A request from GiantessFaith 

Disclaimer: I don't know too much about WWE and whatnot so if I got a few details wrong I apologize. I did do a fair amount of research on Sasha though so I hope it shows in the story :D (Big Grin) 

              It was supposed to be a promotional event for her and Bayley’s win on Raw. Triple H had made it clear in no small way that Sasha was to get out there and sell her win and her ass off. When she arrived at the shoot they put her in a pair of ripped jean shorts that placed extra attention on her ass, a tight, clingy black tank top that squeezed her tits just right underneath an nWo jacket and topped it off with a choker and a pair of knee high, black boots.

              Sasha adjusted her long, violet hair in the mirror as they finished her makeup. Damn, she looked FINE. She walked out onto the set as she adjusted her breasts. They were extra perky today and… bigger? Sasha shrugged it off and started posing as the photos flashed. It went about as well as expected and soon enough it was time for a quick break. Sasha strolled over to a table to get some water and bumped her knee. Ouch, she thought. She decided it must simply be a short table and grabbed a bottle. Strangely, it seemed absolutely tiny in her hands. It must be one of those mini bottles, she shrugged. She finished it off in a few gulps and returned to the shoot.

              “Damn it!” the photographer shouted. “Who touched my setup?! Everything’s off! Sorry, Sasha, but we’re going to have to make some adjustments. Someone screwed up my camera and now you’re too tall in the frame. The lighting is way off now too! Somebody fix that please!”

              Sasha gave a gracious smile as she watched his assistants rush over and start tweaking the lights. They look so small. I didn’t realize they had children working on set. No, they have to at least be teenagers, probably interns. Sasha looked around and noticed everyone looked rather short. Wait, I’m 5’5”. Most people should be taller than me. What’s going on? She snapped out of her confusion when she heard the photographer curse again.

              “Get me the other camera! No, not that one you idiot! Yes! Hurry!” he screamed at another awfully small assistant. Now that Sasha thought about it, wasn’t the photographer a good foot taller than her? Suddenly he was beginning to look practically like a dwarf. He quickly readied his next camera and she could almost see a vein burst in his tiny, little forehead on top of his tiny little body. “This is all wrong too! What’s going on?! Is this someone’s idea of a joke? Its almost like Sasha’s grown three feet in five minutes! That’s impossible! Impossi-“ Sasha couldn’t help but smile at his stunned expression.

              Sasha looked down and gasped as she finally realized just how far off the ground her sexy legs elevated her. She stretched out her arms and admired their new lengthiness, rubbing each one in turn before realizing they were getting even longer. Her eyes darted back and forth as her body continued to expand in all directions. Ten feet came and went. Twenty, fifty, one hundred feet and counting. She was growing faster now, and Sasha giggled when she saw the tiny crew scurry beneath the treads of her high-heeled boots. The only one who hadn’t moved was the previously foul tempered photographer who seemed to have lost all words and simply gaped up at her slack-jawed.

              “Don’t worry everybody! All the hard work you put into making me beautiful and sexy is now going to be put on HUGE display!” Sasha tittered down at the… people? The term hardly seemed to fit the little ants anymore. “Aww, what’s the matter little guy?” Sasha winked. “Never seen a titaness of femininity and strength tower over you before?” She began to pose once more as she reached two hundred feet, flexing her massive thighs. “If I were you I’d take one last picture before I stomp you out of existence. Just think! It’ll be the defining picture of your career! You’d be capturing the moment I became a goddess!” She traced the shape of her breasts with her powerful fingers. “I’m sure it’ll be on the front page of every paper and website in the world! Go on. DO IT. Your goddess COMMANDS you!”

              She could barely even see the puny thing anymore as she crested three hundred feet but gazed down at him like she would a lover and was rewarded with a miniscule flash of light. He took it! Oh, look at him crawl over to the computer to upload it online. Sasha began tapping her ever growing foot while she waited for him to finish.


              She saw his body fall over and back away from his laptop. Without pausing her tapping for even a moment Sasha merely twisted her foot on her heel until it was hovering over his infinitesimal form and crushed him into nothingness with a single giant TAP of her foot.

              “Now then,” six hundred feet. “Let’s take a look at the city, shall we?” seven hundred feet. “Hmm… I used to call myself ‘The Boss’,” eight hundred feet. “But now? I really AM The Boss!” nine hundred feet. “Now I’ll never have to answer to ANYONE! EVER! Triple H will be an afterthought when I flick him across the state!” one thousand feet. Sasha finally topped off at somewhere over eleven hundred feet tall and started walking down the streets.

              Several people and cars found themselves crushed beneath Sasha’s massive heels as she wreaked havoc between the buildings that didn’t even reach her hips. She grabbed at her tank top and stretched it across her tight, fit body and tossed her hair to the side as her hand creeped closer to her crotch.

              “Hmm… I wonder if the same thing has happened to Bayley?” She wondered aloud. “MMMnnGGhhh, what if it HASN’T happened to Bayley?” Sasha gazed longingly across her new domain, thinking of all the things she could do to a tiny Bayley in her grasp. “Oh, all you little worms are going to know exactly WHY they call me THE BOSS!”

Irina at 10,000 Meters
The absolutely beautiful Irina Shayk, my all time favorite giantess, enjoying a day at Rio de Janeiro at an astounding 10,000 meters tall in honor of my 10,000 page views.

Wow! 10,000 page views! Thank you all so much for supporting my DA page and accepting my art into the community! I never imagined I'd get a hundred views much less thousands. To all who gave me inspiration, ideas and encouragement you know who you are, thank you! Please enjoy this collage and the story that goes along with it! 

    Irina was a GODDESS. There was absolutely no other way to describe her. Her power was unlimited. Her youth everlasting. Nothing could harm her and things like hunger and fatigue no longer meant anything to her. She could change her size at will from her already tall 177.8 cm (5’10”) to several thousand kilometers and beyond. She had conquered armies by merely batting her eyelashes, changed the course of rivers with her pinky, Irina had held the leader of every first world country on her fingertip as they gave over their tiny blue planet entirely to her whim. Earth and everyone who lived in it belonged to her.

    Today Irina opted for the height of 10,000 meters (6.2 miles). She didn’t have a particular reason for it, she just felt it was especially fitting for this occasion. Feeling nostalgic, she had decided to relive her time as a swimsuit model and with a thought her garb changed from her favorite immaculately white dress and heels to a stylish stripey blue bikini. She stood still for a second thinking of a destination before settling on Rio de Janeiro. Stepping off the coast of the Western Cape of South Africa she waded into the Atlantic Ocean and began her swim in what was to her a very shallow pool.

    She leisurely cut through the waves, giggling as she capsized the tiny boats she allowed to sail through HER oceans. They mostly carried out business as usual except for the times she teased her subjects by making them provide her with countless tons of nail polish to paint her nails with or when she demanded they fashion some sort of jewelry or skimpy bit of clothing to adorn her divine body. She didn’t need them to provide her with anything since she could conjure up whatever she desired but it was still fun to lounge on a continent at a ridiculous size and watch with smiling eyes as the mites tried their best to manufacture her luxury and transport it to her location. She would then feign displeasure with the item, maybe it wasn’t the right size, maybe it wasn’t shiny enough, maybe the nail polish color was off by a shade, one time she had grown until her toenails were the size of cities and languished for a week as multitudes of little specks tried their damnedest to give her a proper pedicure and paint her nails a lovely shade of violet. When they finally finished she laughed at their pathetic efforts and perfected her peds with a thunderous snap of her fingers. Duly humiliated they were duly crushed beneath the soles they had suffered to service.

    Before she knew it, Irina had nearly reached her destination and stood to her full height, great drops of seawater falling from her gorgeous form. A laugh rumbled from her lips as she excitedly made her way towards Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile the nearly microscopic citizens of Copacabana stared in terrified awe as their de facto goddess rose from the depths of the sea and greeted them with bright hungry emerald eyes and her ever enchanting, ever dazzlingly white smile. The world shook, and the sea churned, enormous waves crashing against her shins as Irina gleefully bounced on her tiptoes up to the beaches of Copacabana.

    So excited was Irina to play with her tiny toys and maybe have them play with her really, really big toy that she almost ran right into a jetliner soaring at just about eyelevel. Whipping her head around she flashed a grin at the miniscule aircraft as she passed it. The people inside the plane screamed in bloodcurdling panic as they almost collided with Irina’s breathtaking visage. Several people died from shock including the pilot. Luckily, the co-pilot was able to take over in time and avoid their careless goddess. Those that survived the initial surprise glued their faces to their windows and were greeted with Irina’s bedeviling gaze. She was so big that many of the passengers were certain that they could have flown their plane right through the inky black pupil of one of her eyes.

    Of course, having focused on that rude little gnat, Irina didn’t even notice as her right foot’s toes came crashing down on a whole mass of skyscrapers. They were instantly obliterated, nothing but grains of sand beneath the feet of a tall, stunning woman. The remains of the fragile structures compacted deep into the earth under Irina’s 9 billion tons. People hadn’t even been able to scream as within a split-second they went from living breathing human beings with hopes and dreams (including never ever seeing the goddess Irina in her magnificent flesh) to unrecognizable grease stains smeared into the ground. As her impact’s shockwave spread across the city it ripped the ground apart and shattered buildings within its radius. Irina finally took note of her subjects’ plight as she settled her other foot on the remnants of her initial destruction, silencing anguished screams with nothing but her perfect sole.

    “Oops,” she said, her heart all aflutter, chuckling in amusement. “It seems so many of you have already sacrificed yourselves to me,” she looked down her nose at all the little lives she owned. Her plush lips curved into a self-satisfied smirk as she caressed her curves, stopping to feel her supple flesh as she plied it with her fingers. She bit her bottom lip and said, “Hmm… did you insignificant bugs know that I was once a bikini model? Whoever’s alive down there, I see you, start worshipping me! Sacrifice your sanity and marvel at your goddess’s body! My bronze skin!” She ran her hands over her arms. “My wet, flowing hair!” Her fingers ran through her dripping voluminous hair. “My luscious toes and long sexy legs!

    Irina began posing for her captive audience, stretching and accentuating her legs as she raked and flexed her toes through the city, steamrolling buildings in their path. “My perky ass!” She turned and bent over, arching her back and sliding her hands along the shape of her buttocks, lasciviously showing off its apple like shape. Irina slapped one of her cheeks making a noise that sounded like cracked lightning and moaned from the feeling as she peeked over her shoulder. “Mmm… my warm wet pussy,” Irina stood straight again as she sashayed back around swinging her wide hips. Once she was facing inland she pushed out her shoulders and slowly pulled her bikini up, stretching it and rubbing it against the folds of her vulva before teasing it with probing fingers. “Oh! Hehe! I AM really wet down there after all!” Irina winked coyly at her adoring, horrified public. She raised a hand up to her face and tapped a single finger on her pouting bottom lip. “But then again I did just come from a swim. Maybe I’m just wet from that, huh?” she said teasingly.

    She set her arms akimbo and tilted her hips to one side, slowly batting her eyes and allowing everyone to catch their breath before she continued. “How about my toned, flat stomach?” she said and began massaging her belly while raising a knee up over her the opposing thigh. She tilted her head back and gave them her best “fuck me” look before finally stamping her foot back down and causing part of a mountain to collapse from the sheer force. “Yeeess, I know you like it, now for the main event, yeah? Bow before the sight of my deliciously soft and full tits!” Irina crossed her arms and gently, erotically, pushed against her bikini covered breasts. She licked her plump upper lip before giving her crowd a knowing grin as she sensuously jiggled her impressive C-cups. “Is everyone enjoying the show? Hm? All of you naughty boys feeling your pants grow tight? Your cocks grow firm? Have you touched yourselves yet? Don’t get too excited now! Hehe! Ladies? Are you all jealous of me? Absolutely in awe of my colossal beauty? Just think, you’ll never have breasts this big. NEVER,” Irina pinched her nipple and squealed in delight, sighing in pleasure.

    Finally, she moved her arms away, each in different directions. Her hair billowong in the wind as her right arm curled over her shoulder stretching her elbow into the sky and reaching for the nape of her neck with her delicate fingers. Her left hand flicked her nipple and fondled her breast just a second longer before moving down her body once again. Its knowing touch eventually reaching the strap of her bikini bottom, her thumb ponderously lowering it over her jutting hip. The rest of her fingers splayed out across her exposed pelvis, all of them pointing towards her most venerated of holy places now decidedly wet, not from seawater but from the ambrosia she produced between her silky thighs.

    “Oh, I don’t think I’ll EVER get over how HORNY all this power makes me! You specks couldn’t possibly imagine what it feels like, what it tastes like,” In one swift motion both of Irina’s nimble hands pulled at the strings of her bikini both top and bottom. Not a single soul moved, not even in self-preservation, as the turquoise swimsuit rippled down upon the masses. The garment itself weighed several millions of tons and smashed what was left at Irina’s feet, pulverizing a few remaining buildings that had miraculously survived her previous ministrations. “Mmmmm…” Irina purred as the cool sea air caressed her exquisite skin causing her nipples to rise. “Now then, your goddess’s pussy is dripping with desire, her mind is filled with titillating ideas of what to do with all the teeny lives she has under her thumb and under her toes and I believe there’s a mountain called Sugarloaf around here that might just be the right size for my needs, Ah! There it is! And I was right it is JUST the right size!

    Irina began to slink across the bay to the perfectly shaped mountain and all those clinging to life beheld her body.  A thing of magnificent grace and splendor, each muscle tensing and releasing beneath her caramel skin. It was to this divine being Earth pledged itself to, this goddess they had gladly or dejectedly sacrificed millions of lives to and who carelessly used and disposed of them without a second thought. As Irina collapsed to her knees and salaciously inserted an entire mountain deep into her love temple one thing was clear. The universe belonged to Irina and they all merely existed for her pleasure.


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