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Welcome to Fans Of The Walking Dead

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Hello and welcome to the group!

This gallery is for all fans of The Walking Dead. Whether your art is of the characters, the zombies, traditional, digital, ALL will be accepted!

1. Become a Member

2. Submit to the right folder (ONLY SUBMIT BEST ART TO THE FEATURED FOLDER)

3. Do NOT submit stolen art

4. Be nice to each other

Thats it! Please note me if you have any problems and have an A1 day!




Hello everyone! I'm so happy with how far this group has come! It's awesome seeing everyone's art and reminiscing about The Walking Dead every time I come on here :D I appreciate you guys joining this group and I look forward to seeing your future art! Now let's get to the news :)

    With the new season coming up, I definitely want to start doing more art features and possibly journals for the new episodes so we can all discuss our thoughts, feelings, and predictions as the season progresses. While I love talking about The Walking Dead in person, I'm not sure if I'd be all that great with writing weekly journals about each episode in an interesting manner due to my schedule and lack of intriguing writing skills...

    So I was curious if there were people in this group with writing skills who'd like to try doing it? These journals don't need to be long; I was thinking that the person or people who write them could include a recap of the episode and discuss their thoughts or predictions. Basically, write anything and everything about the episodes as they progress. So if you're interested, note me or comment below!

    Another thing I thought would be fun is to have a contest for the group! Not sure what the exact criteria/prizes for it would be, but if you have any ideas or would be at all interested in entering, giving ideas, or helping with organizing it, then be sure to comment and let me know!

    The last thing I wanted to address are the folders. Pretty much all of you are doing a good job with submitting your art to the correct folders; but there still are some people who only submit their work to the featured folder. While I'm pretty lenient with accepting most of what is submitted to the featured folder, I'd like for everyone to ONLY submit one or two of their best works to featured every now and then. This folder is there to applaud our best work; it's unfair for everyone else if more then 10 of your works are in the featured folder, so please submit works to the right folder instead of featured. If this continues, I'm probably gonna close submissions to featured just to make it easier on myself and co-founder.

    Well, that's it for now! Again, pleeeeeeeeese comment or note me if you're interested in any of my inquiries! I really want this group to interact and have more fun things to look forward to; I just can't do or figure this all out by myself haha. Thanks again everyone! Hope to hear from you guys soon! :D

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