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>>12/7 UPDATE -- NEW VIDEO!!!<<

Hello Bronies and Pegasisters! I finally thought of yet another video and decided that since season 5 is over, I know some of you may be curious as to what I think about the changes to Starlight Glimmer.

In this video, I will be giving my own opinions, thoughts on old vs new Starlight Glimmer and much, much more!


>>Moving to YouTube!<<

YouTube Name: ShutterflyEQD

That's right!!! I hereby announce that I am moving to YouTube and I will try to be active on BOTH here and YouTube as well... enjoy my introduction video!

On my channel, you can expect gameplay videos, pony videos, and much, much more. I actually been a YouTuber on a different account for 6 years, but ditched it because of it going down hill... I had about 460 subscribers at the time.

>>Those of you that have a YouTube, please do subscribe to me and I'll subscribe back. This will also help my channel grow more and more.

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Um...Hi there. Welcome to my....[squeak] fan club...

Hi everyone!!!
The only rules here are :
:bulletyellow: The pieces have to have Fluttershy in them.
:bulletpink: Put the pieces in the correct folder. If not, you will be put in the SECTION OF SHAME!!!!
:bulletyellow: Be nice. This is a Fluttershy fan group
:bulletpink: Mature stuff is welcome here. Give us a warning though!!!
:bulletyellow: If any of these rules are broken we will be forced to make Fluttershy give you a back massage!!!
:bulletpink: Before submitting something, read this so you know what folder to submit to.
:bulletyellow: New Folder has been added. Read for more: fansofthefluttershy.deviantart…

Other than that!! Have fun!!!

Here be those who insist on putting their working the the wrong folder. May Celestia have mercy on their souls!!!

You can get up to 3 strikes. To be removed, you have to either (a) not mess up within a week or (b) if you have 3 strikes, no submitting for a month.









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If something had some mature content, what type of heads up would I need to give? I have a short story and am looking for some feedback on it.
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If it has any mature content, it needs/should to go in: NSFW.
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I just saw that you asked for a warning and wanted to be sure. Thank you for responding 
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