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Hello Bronies and Pegasisters! I finally thought of yet another video and decided that since season 5 is over, I know some of you may be curious as to what I think about the changes to Starlight Glimmer.

In this video, I will be giving my own opinions, thoughts on old vs new Starlight Glimmer and much, much more!


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That's right!!! I hereby announce that I am moving to YouTube and I will try to be active on BOTH here and YouTube as well... enjoy my introduction video!

On my channel, you can expect gameplay videos, pony videos, and much, much more. I actually been a YouTuber on a different account for 6 years, but ditched it because of it going down hill... I had about 460 subscribers at the time.

>>Those of you that have a YouTube, please do subscribe to me and I'll subscribe back. This will also help my channel grow more and more.

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Equestria Girls NNAEHL Chapter 2Chapter 2 Nightfall Of The Equestrian ApocalypseOn the final day of the month, the Rainbooms manage to give their closest friends the invitations and thanks to Vignette, Equestria Land is fully decorated for the holiday.“Can’t you believe we’re finally gonna do this tonight!?” Rainbow Dash cheered, while walking with her friends in the school hallway.“Not to mention what we did in Equestria Land.” Applejack responded. “It tooks days to give it a brand new paint job.”“Hey, if you wanna make everything a true horror experience, take some inspiration out of the horror films.” Sunset added.“And make the costumes so convincing to make all of us true MONSTERS!” Pinkie squealed, eager to head to Equestria Land, but she still needed to get her costume from her house.“Okay, we can all agree tonight is gonna be interesting, but this holiday is still all about historical propaganda.” Twilight chimed in. “Most of the students who we invited haven’t even watched a single horror movie unlike us.”“True but they might get the references, when they get to the stands.” Sunset responded. “Have you ever gone to a horror party before?”“Well...only once, but I barely did much there.”“And I assume it was your days during Crystal Prep, wasn’t it?”“It wasn’t as simple as I remember it, okay?”“Then the Shadowbolts must have been very petty, even when they threw parties at their places.” Rainbow recalled.With the Rainbooms all ready to have the horror party of all horror parties tonight, they still didn’t forget about Fluttershy. Over the last few days, their shy, but lovely friend had been alone while they were focusing on their horror party. When they stepped outside of the courtyard, they saw Fluttershy sitting on the steps, with her having no plans for herself today.“You really think she’s gonna be the only person not coming?” Rarity wondered.“Pretty much, she didn’t even accept the invitation we gave her.” Applejack added.“I’ll go talk to her, you all get ready for the party at Equestria Land tonight.” Sunset makes the next move, while her friends leave Canterlot High. She sat next to Fluttershy, with her taking notice after days of not responding to her. “You’re absolutely sure staying at home would still be the right choice?”“It’s not like I’m missing anything special.” Fluttershy responded.“Well.” Sunset turned her head to the other direction. “We always make something special.”“But not during this holiday. How am I supposed to contribute?”Upon giving so many invitations to so many people, Sunset heard about what costumes they were gonna wear and at least a few were coming as superheroes. “Do you think wearing a simple costume doesn’t seem like enough?” Sunset asked, turning to Fluttershy, to which she nodded.“I wanted to wear a pretty costume but...I can tell everyone at Equestria Land wouldn’t wear the same outfit as me.”“Hey, when a party is all about horror, I really need to commit to it and so does everyone else.”“But don’t you think that’s a little too...much?”Sunset has noticed the many additions set up at Equestria Land during the decorating. “I wouldn’t agree with you, it’s mostly a collision of non-stop horror, but in a fun and semi-realistic way.”“Seems over the top to me.”Sunset sighed, while being a little annoyed. “It’s not over the top Fluttershy, if you can’t fit in then why can’t you see the bigger picture of this holiday?”“Because horror is far more glorified than anything!” Fluttershy slowly raised her voice while quickly feeling regretful. “I may not like horror, unlike you,’s impossible to make it feel truly believable.”Even being slightly taken aback from the light outburst, it’s also the unshakeable truth. It’s far too difficult for Fluttershy to wear a horrifying costume to stand out like everyone else. Sunset had little time to invite her friend, who had to make her decision, so she only had one offer for her.“How about you be a vampire like what I’m wearing tonight?” She responded. “You can follow my lead, while I show you how to contribute to the party tonight.”Fluttershy never enjoyed vampires during the movie marathon, but with the other options not really appealing to her, she can’t even decide on which costume truly suits her. “You sure everyone would be fine with it?”“Only during this holiday.”With only a few hours until the party at Equestria Land started, there’s one other way to join back in at the last minute. Fluttershy can only hope if everything would work out for her, especially with her friends.[hr]After Sunset went to her place to get into her costume along with Celestia and Luna picking her up, Fluttershy headed to Equestria Land in her own car. With the sun setting over the hills, nearly all the people with the invitations have arrived at Equestria Land in their costumes. As Fluttershy drove into the parking lot, she checked the theme park itself. In the entrance, it was decorated with spider webs, pumpkins carved in scary faces, and skeletons and witches displayed by the ticket stands.She then parked her car and got out, upon receiving a text from Vignette that she’ll be responsible for the make up. When Fluttershy entered the park, everything around her was filled with horror themed activities. She knows how much her friends are great at setting up parties, especially the times she helped. However, compared to this party, it won’t be the same as before, and this commitment is only a way to impress her friends.“Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash called with her costume on. “Really great you’re not staying at home tonight.”“Who are you supposed to be?” Fluttershy asked, taking notice of Rainbow’s hair dyed blue and pink with a smiley face hammer.“I’m one of the characters from the two thousand sixteen movie.” Rainbow showing off her outfit. “Trust me, being like this instead of a marine is way better.”“And it looks like you're really enjoying this.”“Who doesn’t!?...well, I wouldn’t say you but…”“Rainbow Dash.” Twilight called to the athletic girl, with her lab coat on. “Can you help us hide prices in the witch's pot?”Upon hearing Twilight, Rainbow immediately rushed to help her, leaving Fluttershy alone. “I’m not into the horror spirit, I presume?” She guessed.“Hey Fluttershy.” Applejack walked up to her in her dirty farm outfit. “Are you sure you're gonna enjoy yourself?”“I wish I would, but Sunset’s helping me. I don’t feel like being a vampire would make me fit in.”“It’s not that hard.” Applejack signed. “I’ve seen so many people here fitting in just as fine with their outfits.”She wanted to believe the country girl for being honest, but unfortunately, seeing two girls in vampire outfits doesn't feel natural with everyone all wearing different outfits. “I’m starting to be convinced this party isn’t excited to see me. And it’s not the people themselves.”Without continuing the subject, Fluttershy made her way to where Vignette was waiting. “Just keep an open mind, that’s what we want from you!” The country girl called.Fluttershy saw Vignette preparing with her princess outfit on. Even if she’s not in a horror costume, she wasn’t doing the movie marathon like Sunset and the others were. [i]“Just keep an open mind, just keep an open mind.” [/i]She said in her mind.When she walked up from behind Vignette, it didn’t take long for the social media celebrity to turn around. “Oh Fluttershy.” She smiled while putting her phone away. “You're earlier than I was expecting.”“Nothing here is special for me.” Fluttershy responded. “Do you have everything Sunset told you about?”“All in here.” Vignette lifted her black suitcase filled with vampire equipment. “Don't worry, you'll be even better than what she’s wearing.”This only caused the shy girl to roll her eyes. “How would I be better than my best friend? She’s been wearing that outfit since the month started.”“Oh please, everytime I see Rarity wearing an outfit, she always outdone herself. You can do the same with her.”“But what about the Skull Cruncher outfit you gave me? That’s a horror outfit.”“It was only for the Starswirl Festival, you know you only rented the outfit, because you couldn’t afford it. Besides, the band isn’t available during this season.”Fluttershy took a deep breath while dealing with her condition. “Vignette, do you think I’ll be scary as a vampire?”Vignette didn’t think Fluttershy would ask a question about something she wasn’t into. As a matter of fact, she noticed that some people in the party are a lot more horrific with the effort they put in their costumes. When she looked closely at Fluttershy, she never imagined herself as a vampire, let alone being something else.“Am I?” She asked again.“No, you're not.” While being honest, she grabbed Fluttershy’s hand. “But if there’s one thing I know, you're still qualified.”“Wait, are we supposed to wait until Rarity helps out?”“I can be a good fashion designer just like her.” She takes her to the changing room while giving Fluttershy a total vampiric makeover.After a half hour had passed, Pinkie Pie had just finished filling the pumpkins up with candy, Rarity double checked the whole park with the activities set up, and Twilight tested out the fog machines.“I got a text from Sunset and she and the principals are on their way.” Twilight called. “Is Fluttershy changing right now?”“She must be, I saw her with Vignette heading into the changing room.” Pinkie added.“Without Rarity?” Applejack blinked. “I thought she was going to help with the make up.”“She’s still checking the theme park.” Twilight turned to the country girl.“Can we just give her a break?” Rainbow placing her hand on her hip. “Fluttershy’s not the best since she never wore a horror costume, after all the movies we watched.”“But imagine her as a blood drinking vampire, she would’ve made the other vampires from the films look very embarrassed.” Pinkie commented.“What do you want her to be? A zombie like you? She’s not addicted to sweets like you.”“I’m not addicted!” Pinkie shouted at Rainbow. “Sweets make me feel so joyful and full of adrenaline!”Her friends would rather keep it to themselves rather than infuriate the party animal. “Relax darlings.” Rarity walked up to her friends while wearing her superhero costume. “The party is going to start in twenty minutes.”“So what are we gonna start with?” Applejack wondered.“How about we have Twilight start with the mad scientist schtick where she puts a guy in a frankenstein costume?” Pinkie offered. “After all, we watched her movie pick last, she should be the one starting the horror thrill first.”“Yeah, I was really becoming impatient by the time we reached the second week of the month.” Twilight takes her friends to where she along with her classmates to a tent with an open hole on the top. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to make this feel like the movie we watched.”“You mean the scene that took place upstairs?” Applejack asked.“Hey if we can’t turn Equestria Land into an actual horror environment, then we have to work with what we have.”“Then again, it’s hard to make movies a reality. This theme park isn’t as big as we remembered.” Rarity commented.“Do you wanna check inside?”“How about we wait until the party starts?” Rarity grabbed Twilight’s arm before she headed inside the tent. “That way we can save our excitement.”“Yeah, since you're the only one using a tent here.” Rainbow added.“Why can’t you just let me show you my creative imagination come to life!?” Twilight reacted.“It will, just not be before the party starts.” Pinkie backing away.As the Rainbooms head to their spots in the party, a black and purple spark of magic flies over the theme park. Compared to other magical situations in the past, the spark was much more powerful than before.“I’m just saying Twilight, we’re just watching movies that don’t exist, nor could exist in real life.” Rarity commented.“It’s not like the movies came to life by themselves.” Applejack added.“But what do you expect that we’re celebrating a month involving-”“Horror movies!” Twilight’s friends cutting her off.“If zombies came to life, we would run for our lives, we would be miles away from civilization by now.” Rainbow added.The dark spark was heading towards the Rainbooms, just when they’re about to split up. “Okay fine, I’ll admit movies will always be fictional, but come on, you’re all being bummed out instead of being thrilled.”“We’re saving it.” Pinkie called back. “It’s called savoring the moment!”The spark continued to get bigger and bigger, taking notice from Twilight. “Hey is that supposed to be there?” She pointed at the sky as her friends did the same.“No?” Rarity looking closely.“Here we go again.” Rainbow rolled her eyes.“Why do I get the feeling that we always end up in this situation, and it will never leave us alone?” Pinkie wondered.“I don’t know, but like before we’re gonna find out.” Applejack signed.The magic has gotten bigger and bigger to where it becomes more powerful by the second. Twilight took out her phone to give Sunset a text message on what's going on at the moment. “I would feel shocked by this, but when are we ever going to find where all of this magic is coming from?” She said to herself as the spark lights up from above them.
Equestria Girls NNAEHL Chapter 1NNAEHL stands for Nightmare Night At Equestria Horror LandChapter 1 Movies Of HorrorSunset Shimmer and her friends have been doing their horror movie marathon ever since October had started. The final movie they are watching is a zombie movie, whilst wearing their costumes of their favorite horror movie characters. Sunset has her vampire outfit on along with her goth makeup, Rainbow has her marine uniform with a prop gun behind her back, Applejack wears a dirty farm outfit, representing one of the survivors escaping from the zombie apocalypse, Rarity wears a dark knight outfit that only she could afford, Pinkie Pie is dressed up as a zombie. and Twilight wears a mad scientist outfit after watching the Frankenstein movie yesterday.“Is it almost done?” Fluttershy hiding being the couch.“Yes…” Sunset sighed. “If you didn’t want to come while also refusing to wear a costume, you could've just told us.”“I just wanted to watch that Nightmare Before Holiday film, it was spectacular.”“Is that really worth hiding from all the horror moments in all of the movies we watched?” Rainbow replied.“Yeah, you’ve spent the whole night hiding behind Sunset’s couch.” Twilight responded.Fluttershy almost forgot how long she spent hiding, then leaving Sunset’s place after watching the only horror movie she picked for the marathon. To the point that even since this month began, she has never watched almost all the movies her friends picked out. She then heard the light switch flick on after her friends finished the zombie movie.“You can get up now.” Applejack called, while Fluttershy stood up, seeing the end credits of the movie.“Well that should be it for tonight.” Twilight said, feeling satisfied. “After watching three horror movies in a row, that’s enough for me.”“Especially after watching those disturbing zombies rise from the ground.” Rarity added.“Hey, at least it wasn’t rated R. They would’ve been more brutal.” Sunset replied.With most of her friends taking their movies while also changing in the bathroom, Fluttershy is still standing behind the couch, still frozen in fear after hearing the screams from the movies.“You really need to take your word legitimately, if you're willing to watch with us.” Sunset said,  taking off her wig and taking the vampire teeth out of her mouth. “If the Nightmare Before Holiday movie is all you wanted to watch, you might have just stayed home and watched it.”“I’m sorry, I just don’t like this holiday that much.” Fluttershy responded.“If that’s the case, why do you keep going to parties celebrating this holiday?” Applejack called while still changing in the bathroom.“You do this every single year.” Rainbow added. “During this time of the month, you avoid doing anything related to this holiday.”“Rainbow, it’s not like she’s being dishonest, she’s just not into the spirit like the rest of us.” Twilight added.This only made Fluttershy feel a lot more disappointed in herself. She celebrates all the holidays with her friends, but not this one in particular. “Maybe there’s nothing better for me to do when everyone is celebrating this time of year.”“Hey, it’s fine if you don’t like this holiday, but all you’ve been doing is racking the leaves, even when most of the leaves are still attached to the trees.” Sunset recalled.“Is there anything you could’ve done besides that?” Rainbow asked, putting her normal outfit back on.During this time of the month, besides doing school work and helping animals, she didn’t even think of the other alternatives available, since Fall began. “Maybe...helping put up the decorations of people’s front yards?”This only made Sunset roll her eyes. “You do realize if they learn about you not really liking this holiday, they would be better off doing the decorations by themselves.”Fluttershy couldn’t even consider how much anyone around her would tell she’ll never be in the holiday spirit. It was a lot more complicated to find different alternatives nowadays for herself. She took a seat on Sunset’s couch while sighing in distress. “I just want to contribute something.”As Sunset’s friends head outside the bathroom with their clothes back on, they all had one thing in common before entering the following month. “So what are we gonna do for the next three days?” Twilight asked. “We’re close to the end of the month and we’ve watched all the movies.”“Yeah, we never went this far after watching every horror movie in our collections.” Rarity commented.“How about we just call it a month?” Applejack offered. “It was exhausting to watch all of the movies since the month started. It’s not like we can make those movies a reality.”They took the country girl’s word into consideration. It’s not accurate for a group to do a movie marathon involving horror and thriller. “You're right.” Sunset said.“Wait!” Pinkie jumped from out of nowhere. “How about we make those movies a reality!?”“You doing a party of all the movies we’ve just watched?” Rainbow wondered.“Yes. It would be just like Bulk Biceps’ Costume Party, except we’re wearing costumes celebrating horror thrillers!”“That seems like a good idea.” Twilight smiled.“But don’t you think throwing a party with so many horror elements seems...claustrophobic when you realize we're throwing a party in a small house.” Rarity commented.“Yeah it seems like it would be way more work than it's worth to fit everything in a building like this.” Applejack added.Sunset found Pinkie Pie’s idea a great one at that, but she admits that if the party happens in one of his friend’s houses, it wouldn’t resolve the issue for how small the buildings are.“Rarity.” Sunset turned to the Fashionista. “You say that Equestria Land is always closed in this season and the following season right?”“Yeah, mainly the weather getting colder and colder, Vignette doesn’t want anyone to get a cold while going on the rides there.” She answered.This gave Sunset an idea. It was an opportunity to invite many of their friends while redesigning the whole theme park with all the horror aesthetics, movies included.“Let’s just say, she’s gonna have a lot of ticket sales for the first time this season.” Sunset smirked.Fluttershy would love to be part of the party with all of her friends, but she’s worried she won’t fit in. She would rather make the choice by staying home instead of staying in the shadows during the whole night at Equestria Land.[hr]The following day in Canterlot High, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are working on the flyers for the Horror Party at Equestria Land with Applejack and Twilight talking to their classmates to help out on the decorations.Sunset and Rarity agreed on the outfits they’re gonna wear at the party but they didn’t forget they have spare outfits. “'re thinking we should have an adult, wearing a dark princess outfit?” Sunset asked.“Why yes.” Rarity closed her eyes. “You know someone can take the role of the dark princess since the adult actress plays the character in the film.”“Okay, so what adult should we get to play the Dark Princess?”“Way, ahead of you.” The two head to the office where the Principal and Vice Principal are working. Sunset didn’t think she wanted Celestia or Luna to be part of the horror party especially during a school night. She understands how much Rarity adores the Dark Princess film, but is still unsure if her principals would approve of the idea.Rarity knocked on the door while receiving an answer. “Come in.” Celestia responded as Luna opened the door, allowing Rarity and Sunset to enter inside. “Is there anything you need?”“We’re gonna throw a horror party at Equestria Land and Rarity wants an adult to be the Dark Princess.” Sunset answered.The two principals remembered the time they watched the Dark Princess during their twenties, but they don’t consider it as their favorite horror film. “May I ask, why did you come to us? You should realize we don’t have any more weekends in this month.”The two students had not forgotten the party was taking place on a school night, but they were fully aware of it. “But darlings, this holiday is mostly unappreciated. Kids going from house to house while wearing costumes to show their passion for this holiday.” Rarity closed her eyes in delight.“Here’s the thing girls, we’re not as into this holiday unlike you.” Luna walked up from the left. “Yes we once enjoyed this occasion when we were your age, but it’s not like we always glorify horror in the present day.”“And considering this party’s happening at a theme park, don’t you think it would make a difference if you had it at your houses?” Celestia asked.“Because we wanted to celebrate all of the horror movies we’ve watched.” Sunset said while showing photos of the horror movies. “My friends feel like doing a party involving one or two horror movies...isn’t gonna make this holiday anything special.”“So I’m guessing you watched more than twenty movies huh?”“It’s called a marathon, have you ever had a marathon aside from school activity?”The two adults look at each other, uncertain about the last time they ever had a marathon for themselves. Celestia always took her time on her personal activities compared to Luna who sometimes did a lot during the week.“We did, but that was a long time ago.”“How will one of us being in a Dark Princess outfit affect the party in a positive way?” Luna added. “I mean sure, I will say I enjoy the film and the lady actress does a splendid job as the Dark Princess, but there are other horror lady costumes I would prefer to wear.”Sunset and Rarity would respect the opinion from their vice principal, but aside from that, they really didn’t have other options. “But Celestia, Luna, this is gonna be exciting.” Rarity said while placing her hand on the desk. “Think about it, the whole theme park will be way more than a party.”“Yeah like a real life horror experience.” Sunset added. “And besides, you two had a great time during your trip to the Starswirl Festival. It wouldn’t hurt to at least spend one school night at Equestria Land.”The sisters always remember most of the trips they took. Aside from the Starswirl Festival, they rarely went outside of their homes during the holidays, to really enjoy the theme of said holiday. All expect this holiday of horror and propaganda.“On second thought, the more I think about it, Luna and I haven't watched a lot of horror films over the past five years.” Celestia responded. “Then again, me taking the role of the Dark Princess doesn’t seem so simple.”“Then I’ll take the role, granted this is not Broadway, but I can rewatch the film before I can rent a costume for it.” Luna smiled.“So, you two are coming to the horror party?” Sunset blinked.“Yes. School night or not, we’ve barely done much when this month began.” Celestia answered. “As long as you have everything set up as an actual horror theme party to convince us, we would appreciate this holiday much more.”With their Dark Princess solution taken care of, all that’s left for them is for Vignette and the others to decorate Equestria Land before the final day of the month arrives. Even if it would lead to so much time preparing for everything, it would be well worth the wait.“Trust us Celestia, you wouldn’t believe what will happen when it’s unexpected.” Sunset smiled while heading outside the office door.“And if your sister needs any help on the make up, I’ll take care of it if you call me.” Rarity following suit.“We’ll work on that eventually.” Luna responded.

Mature Content

The Magic Of Mermaids Chapter 4Chapter 4 Pearl Madness, Sadness, EmptinessBack at the main hallway of the aquarium, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie are sitting by themselves by the front door. “What time is it?” Rainbow asked.“It’s almost eleven o’clock.” Applejack looking at her phone.“Well we can’t just sit here and do nothing.” Rarity painting her nails.“Face it Rarity,” Rainbow retorted. “If we can’t fix this, we might as well drive back home.”“You’re thinking the same, Pinkie?” Applejack wondered.Pinkie Pie is hugging a balloon with a drawing of Fluttershy’s face. “No!” She cried. “The birthday girl deserves so much better than this!”The others placed their hands on their forehead. “I guess not.”“Well, if you need me,” Rainbow standing up. “I’m gonna go check on Fluttershy. She can’t stay here forever.” As the athlete went to find Fluttershy, she entered the Eagle Ray section of the aquarium. “Fluttershy?”She didn’t hear a response whatsoever, as if her friend is lost and alone, without anyone to cheer her up. Instead, she saw Marline in the other room. “Hey Marline!” Rainbow called.Marline looked away from the seahorses and put her attention on Rainbow while blocking her pearl with her hand. “Yes Rainbow?” She asked.“Have you seen Fluttershy?”“No I haven’t.”Rainbow placed her hands on her hips while looking at the celine. “I need to remind her that we’re leaving soon.”This caused Marline to flinch. “Wait, you mean, you’re not going to celebrate her birthday here?”“We don’t have any choice Marline, it’s better if we head home and wait for Twilight and Sunset to turn back to normal.”Marline has already found the pearl that Rainbow’s friends need, but after talking to several animals, she wants to hang on to it for a little longer. “Actually.” She stopped Rainbow from leaving. “Sunset told me that a piece of pearl is somewhere inside or outside of the Aris Aquarium. It can change her and Twilight back to normal and stop the weather!”“Seriously!?” Rainbow smiled. “Okay, I’ll go find it while you tell my friends about it.” As Rainbow passed by Marline to find the pearl, Marline felt relief. She let go of the pearl around her neck, happy that Rainbow didn’t see it.[i]“Oh yes, now I can keep using this for a little-”[/i]“Marline?” Rainbow blinked while looking through her reflection from the sea turtle tank. Even in a far distance, she can still see the pearl around Marline’s neck. She turned around and saw the piece of the pearl. “Is that the pearl you’re talking about?”Marline felt nervous, when she’s caught immediately. “Yes.”“And you already found it?”“Yes...”“Then why didn’t you show this to Sunset?”The tour guide sighed, with nothing to hide from Fluttershy’s closest friend. “Because...with it on, I have the talk to sea creatures.”Upon hearing the truth, Rainbow rolled her eyes while trying to be nice. For so many months of dealing with Equestrian Magic, this isn’t as horrible from before. “Marline, I’m not trying to be rude, but if you don’t give Sunset that pearl, there won’t be any dolphin show tonight. How long did you use that pearl?”“Umm...almost an hour?”“An hour? You can’t be serious.” Rainbow raising an eyebrow.“But this is the first time I’m talking to sea creatures and they want to be released into the ocean!”“Okay, give it to me now!” Rainbow lifting her hand out. “Otherwise the COO will find out about this.”Marline backed away from the athlete until she bumped into a tank behind her. “Please, I won’t be able to have this dream come true again!”“There’s no other option. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” As Rainbow got closer, she got blind from a sudden flash. Marline saw the pearl glowing with sparkles coming out. It shoots a laser on Rainbow with a massive transformation, similar to what Twilight and Sunset went through last night.“Girls!” Rainbow called with Rarity and the others immediately took notice. “I need some help here!”Three of the Rainbooms stand up and rush to the room where Rainbow is at. “What’s going on?” Applejack called.“Yeah, what seems to be the-” Once they entered the room, they saw the athletic girl on the ground. However she doesn’t have her legs and instead, a light blue tail, similar to what Twilight and Sunset have.“Rainbow Dash?”“Did you just turn yourself into a mermaid like Twilight and Sunset?” Pinkie asked, noticing the tail.Rainbow became speechless on what just happened to her after the transformation. “And you were inside the whole time, so how did the rain transform you?” Rarity blinked.“It didn’t.” Rainbow exclaimed, while laying on the ground, being unable to stand with the tail. “Marline has the pearl.”“What pearl?” Applejack wondered.“It can actually turn people back to normal...and also turn them into mermaids.”“Really!?” Pinkie squealed. “So where is it? I want to be a mermaid too!”“Oh yeah. We would love to be mermaids, if I actually had the pearl!” Rainbow acting rhetorically.Behind one of the free-standing tanks in the room, Marline is hiding after the blast her pearl just caused. She’s lucky Rainbow didn’t get her, but it won’t last much longer. She looked at her pearl, shocked it also has the power to change anyone into mermaids.“So where is she? Did you already see her with the pearl?” Rarity asked.“All I remember is that after I transformed, she disappeared.” Rainbow placed her hand on her cheek. “The only thing we can do is find her. I can tell she desperately wants to talk to more sea creatures.” They gave her friends a confused look.“You what Fluttershy does?”“Like she’s a mind reader!?” Pinkie added.“All I know is that she’s about to release all the sea creatures into the sea if we don’t find her. She’s officially losing it!”Marline shot her eyes open, knowing she’s in serious trouble if someone stops her. “Relax, we’re going to find her and talk sense with her, but you can’t just lay here like this.” Applejack lifting Rainbow up. “I’m not an expert but I still know fishes need water to live.”“ how am I supposed to be inside those aquarium tanks?” She pointed.When the Rainbooms looked at the tank itself with tons of fishes, they realized they’re not allowed in the restricted areas in the Aris Aquarium.“Fluttershy still has her backstage pass.” Pinkie remembered. “Let’s go find her!”“Perfect!” Rarity smiled.“Oh no!” Marline blurted out, which caught the Rainbooms attention.“There she is!” Rainbow shouted.Without thinking straight, Marline used her pearl on the Rainbooms, and another transformation occurred.[hr]Silverstream, Skystar and Spike are at the other side of the aquarium, trying to find the pearl before it’s too late.“Have you found it Spike?” Skystar spoke as the dog looked under the display tables for people to sit at.“No I haven’t.” He responded. “We’ve been looking everywhere.”“Well we can’t just give up!” Silverstream looked through one of the tanks. “We have to find it before the Dolphin show tonight.”“Well…technically it’s canceled at the moment.”“That still means the show must go on!”As the two girls continue to find the pearl, Spike enters another room where more jellyfish are kept. Just when he’s about to check inside the tank, he stopped himself. Inside the room with the pink colors emanating from the jellyfish, the puppy saw the birthday girl, sitting all alone on the ground with nothing to celebrate.“Fluttershy?” Spike spoke which caused Fluttershy to lift her head up. Upon looking at the dog, she had no response. Her heart remains the same as before, only with more emptiness than ever.Soon Silverstream and Skystar went inside the jellyfish room and noticed Fluttershy all by herself. “Fluttershy?” Skystar looking at the sad birthday girl.“How long have you been sitting here?” Silverstream added.Fluttershy looked at her watch to see what time it was. “For about six hours.”“Six hours!?” Silverstream, Skystar and Spike reacted.“You didn’t even bother to eat anything since you woke up?” Spike said, in shock.“I didn’t feel like it, okay! I’m too depressed to feel anything right now. And on my birthday no less.” Fluttershy responded with tears coming down from her face.Her diver friends felt bad to see her so sad after what they witnessed this morning. As for Spike, he barely saw Fluttershy in a position that made her heart feel so empty. Not only did it make him feel bad, but also depressed in his heart. He walked up to her which caught her attention. He gave her his puppy dog eyes while making a whimpering sound. A noise Fluttershy barely heard from him at all.“Don’t feel this way. It makes me sad to see you like this.” Spike sniffed. “We know you don’t deserve this and we’re doing everything to turn it around.” He then begins to nuzzle on her arm which makes her feel a little better.Fluttershy picked him up and gave him a hug. “Thank you Spike.” She cried while trying to grow a smile. Silverstream and Skystar sat by her while giving her the good news.“Yeah, I know today didn’t plan out the way you wanted, but it’s not the end of the world.” Skystar commented.“If it makes you feel any better, we can throw a birthday party in the dolphin room where Twilight and Sunset are at.” Silverstream wrapping her arm around the birthday girl. “If we find the pearl that is.”Just when Fluttershy was starting to feel better, she blinked. “Pearl? What pearl?” She asked.“We’re trying to find a magical pearl that’s actually from Equestria.” Skystar answered.“Really?” Fluttershy smiled as she stood up while holding onto Spike. “I can’t believe there’s a way!”“Well the thing is, we’re trying to find it and we’re looking everywhere. Marline is looking outside and we’re trying to find it inside.”With the afternoon going on at the moment, Fluttershy still has her chance to make her birthday what it should be. “I can help you.” She said. “I know I’m hungry right now, but I can always have a bigger lunch from time to time.”“That’s always positive to hear.” Spike commented. “So let’s keep searching!”[hr]Back in the dolphin room, Twilight is eating her sandwich while Sunset is waiting. They barely did anything ever since they transformed into mermaids.“How long is it gonna take for the divers to find the pearl?” Twilight being bored.“I don’t know, but we can’t help them since we’re mermaids.” Sunset laying her head on the edge of the pool. “I can’t believe we’re in this situation where we can’t help.”“Well it’s not like sea creatures can float in the air when they get out of the water. It’s not rocket science.”As much as Sunset would take those words seriously, she knew Twilight is right. “But I also wish mermaids like us have magical powers of changing into people on our own, but it won’t give King Triton much of a purpose in his kingdom I presume?”This made Twilight look at Sunset, unamused. “Other than stopping the sea witch from taking over the sea?”“I don’t keep up with animated films okay, I’m not a film critic.”“Well look at the bright side, at least it’s just Equestrian Magic and nothing else.”Just in time, the COO opened the door, catching the attention from the mermaids. “Do you two have a moment?”“From the last several hours, nothing has changed.” Sunset responded.“What do you want?” Twilight added.Novo kept her silence until she stopped in front of the pool. “I know this will sound unusual, but I did find a way to not have to cancel the dolphin show tonight.”Twilight and Sunset looked at each other from hearing the COO of the aquarium. “What do you mean?” Twilight wondered.“We can do a dolphin and a mermaid show!” Novo shouted with glee.“Wait, so you actually expect us to perform a show in front of a crowd as mermaids?” Sunset asked, blinking as she did so.“Don’t you think people are going to question how you manage to find mermaids?” Twilight added.This didn’t make the COO flinch at all, in fact it made her calm to take this well. “I’m pretty sure they will respect our work, even if they will ask that very question. The point is, you want Fluttershy’s birthday to be great right?”“That’s the reason we came here.” Sunset said.“Then at the very least, give her something before she leaves. Even if it will take time for you two to turn back to normal, at least give her something she’ll remember forever.”Twilight and Sunset felt unsure about Novo’s idea of celebrating their friend's birthday. “Novo, not to be a downer, but how is that gonna make her feel better?” Twilight asked.“And second of all, we’re not trained at all.” Sunset added. “You’re seriously expecting us to perform a show with zero swimming skills as mermaids?”Upon hearing the responses, Novo placed her hand on her face. “Okay I just want a mermaid show!” She confessed. “I don’t have any option to fix this. The sky is pouring, you’re friend’s heart is empty and you can’t change back. What are you two supposed to do?”The three went silent, while the two mermaids face the reality that they’re in. They know they can’t head back home as sea creatures otherwise it can get much worse if they get caught out in the open.Sunset took a deep breath while Twilight stopped eating the final pieces of her sandwich. “Nothing.” Sunset responded.“Nothing at all.” Twilight added. “I guess we just have to face the fact we’re gonna stay mermaids for a long time.”The COO placed her hand under Sunset’s chin. “You can still make a living in the meantime. It’s better than staying in a pool for the rest of your life.”“I guess that does make sense.” Sunset replied. “It’s better than having claws.”Novo let go of Sunset as she headed to the door. “I’ll try my best to make some advertisements. I’ll get the employees to take you two into a bigger tank so you can practice swimming.” As she leaves the room, the two friends look at each other with a new revolution in their lives.“So...we’re just going to be aquarium attractions?” Twilight asked.“Novo has a passion for mermaids, let’s just try to make her feel better. She’s at least giving us a place to stay.” Sunset responded.“Our friends are gonna have a fairly boring time without us then.”
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