Run by: :iconwinter-ame:

Now before I start, I give all credit for this idea to who I found it from, these wonderful crews:

Band-Slash Crew
Celebrities Crew
Fueled By Ramen Crew
Hetalia Crew

How to be added:

:bulletblue:Post a comment on this journal requesting who you would like to be.
:bulletblue:Do not request someone who is taken.
:bulletblue:Once part of the crew, please put the bold words below into your ID, journal, and/or signature.
:bulletblue:Join the group!

< a href="http ://fansoffearbands.devianta">I am (insert Fearless Records band member name here) in dA's Fearless Records Crew!</ a>

Without spaces (except between 'a' and 'href' ).

If your having trouble the spaces you need to delete are:
Before the 'A' in 'a href'
After the first 'P'
After the 'A' in 'deviantart'
Before the 'A' in '/a'

:bulletblue:If you would like to change your member, then please note me.
:bulletblue:If a person is repeated, there is another chance to get that person. For example Joey Wilson.
:bulletblue:Also please advertise this crew when possible.
:bulletblue:If the account holding a place in the crew is deactivated/banned, moved, or been gone for more then 30 weeks, it is open for a new place holder! If you move accounts and still want to be that person then message the group ASAP!



:iconsarahgladdon: is Dennis Lee
:iconhippo-hippy: is Jake Campbell
______ is Jeremy Bryan
:icontrinityfox: is Patrick Thompson
:icondaveyjonsies: is Shane Crump
:iconxxsasukeuchiha4evaxx: is Shawn Milke

Former Members

______ is Adam Ferguson
:icondeadlydeviant14: is Alex Torres
______ is Daniel Magnuson
______ is Steven Tomany
______ is Will Anderson


:iconwinter-ame-too: is Brandon Walden
______ is Nate Parsell
______ is Patrick Ridgen
:iconmeeganurufu: is Petie Pizarro

The Aquabats!

______ is Crash McLarson
______ is Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk
______ is Jimmy the Robot
______ is The MC Bat Commander
______ is Ricky Fitness

Former Members

______ is The Baron von Tito
______ is Ben The Brain
______ is Catboy
______ is Chainsaw the Prince of Karate
______ is Doctor Rock
______ is Gumby
______ is Jeffery McFerson
______ is Nacho
______ is Prince Adam
______ is Roddy B.
______ is Ultra Kyu

Artist Vs Poet

______ is Dylan Stevens
______ is Jason Dean
______ is Joe Kirkland

Former Members

______ is Craig Calloway
______ is Cale Kanack
______ is Jeff Olsen
______ is Joe Westbrook
______ is Joeyy Devlin
______ is Patrick Rigden
:iconsingingsaturdays: is Tarcy Thomason

As It Is

______ is Ali
______ is Andy
______ is Ben
______ is Foley
:iconthis-is-a-wasteland: is Patty

At The Drive-In

______ is Cedric Bixler
______ is Jim Ward
______ is Omar Rodríguez
______ is Paul Hinojos
______ is Tony Hajjar

Former Members

______ is Adam Amparan
______ is Ben Rodriguez
______ is Bernie Rincon
______ is Davy Simmons
______ is Jarrett Wrenn
______ is Kenny Hopper
______ is Ryan Sawyer

August Burns Red

______ is Brent Rambler
______ is Dustin Davidson
______ is Jake Luhrs
______ is JB Brubaker
______ is Matt Greiner

Former Members

______ is Jon Hershey
______ is Jordan Tuscan
______ is Josh McManness


:iconwinter-ame: is Beau Bokan
______ is Elliott Gruenberg
:iconxxfeexx: is Eric Lambert
:icondmgirl12: is Jared Warth
:iconcasey382: is Matt Traynor

Former Members

:iconmcgillicaty: is Craig Mabbitt
:iconisthisworthit15: is Michael Frisby
______ is Miles Bergsma

Breathe Carolina

:iconzelestials: is David Schmitt
______ is Eric Armenta
______ is Luis Bonet
______ is Tommy Cooperman

Former Members

______ is Joshua Aragon
:iconcherryfreezie777: is Kyle Even


______ is Jackson Phillips
______ is Kevin Friedman

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

______ is Bertrand Poncet
______ is Éric Poncet
______ is Jonathan Donnaës
______ is Mathias Rigal
______ is Paul Wilson

The Color Morale

______ is Aaron Saunders
______ is Devin King
______ is Garret Rapp
______ is Mike Honson
______ is Steve Carey

Former Members

______ is John Bross
______ is Justin Hieser
:iconxxdianasaurxx: is Ramon Mendoza
______ is Ryan Pulice

The Downtown Fiction

______ is Cameron Leahy
______ is David Pavluk
______ is Kyle Rodgers
______ is Wes Dimond

Former Members

______ is Devin Cooper
______ is Eric Jones

Eve 6

______ is Jon Siebels
______ is Max Collins
______ is Tony Fagenson

Former Members

______ is Matt Bair
______ is Nick Meyers

Every Avenue

______ is David Ryan Strauchman
______ is Dennis Wilson
______ is Joshua Withenshaw
______ is Jimmie Deeghan
______ is Matt Black

Former Members

______ is Cameron Grestiner
______ is Jason Letkiewicz
______ is Michael Govaere

Eye Alaska

______ is Brandon Wronski
______ is Cameron Trowbridge
______ is Chase Kensrue
______ is Christopher Osegueda
______ is Han Ko

For All Those Sleeping

______ is David Volgman-Stevens
______ is Ethan Trekell
______ is Jerad Pierskalla
:iconchibiinubaka: is London Snetsinger
______ is Mike Champa

Forever The Sickest Kids

______ is Austin Bello
______ is Caleb Turman
______ is Jonathan Cook
______ is Kyle Burns

Former Members

______ is Kent Garrison
______ is Marc Stewart

Get Scared

______ is Adam Virostko
______ is Dan Juarez
______ is Jonathan Braddock
______ is Lloyd Iverson
:iconcrystalchaos0810: is Nicholas Matthews

Former Members

______ is Joel Faviere
______ is Logan V.
______ is Warren Peace

Go Radio

______ is Alex Reed
:iconboringhorror: is Jason Lancaster
______ is Matt "Burns" Poulos
______ is Steven Kopacz

Former Members

______ is Tony Planas
______ is Patrick Hosey


______ is Andrew Richards
______ is Augie Rampolla
______ is Forrest Kline
______ is Michael Garzon

Former Members

______ is Aaron Flora
______ is Chris Profeta
______ is Jesse Kurvink
______ is Joseph Marro
______ is Marcus Cole
______ is Michael Nielsen
______ is Parker Case
______ is Paul Michael White Jr.
______ is Ryan Daly
______ is Travis Head

Ice Nine Kills

______ is Conor Sullivan
______ is Justin deBlieck
______ is Justin Morrow
______ is Spencer Charnas

Jason Lancaster

______ is Jason Lancaster

Lets Get It

______ is Chris
______ is Joe
______ is Kevin
______ is Taylor
:iconxxnattypatattyxx: is Tyler


______ is Ian Watkins
______ is Jamie Oliver
______ is Lee Gaze
______ is Luke Johnson
______ is Mike Lewis
______ is Stuart Richardson

Former Members

______ is DJ Stepzak
______ is Ilan Rubin
______ is Mike Chiplin

The Maine

______ is Garrett Nickelsen
:iconkaileyt9: is Jared Monaco
:iconmcrfansister: is John O'Callaghan
______ is Kennedy Brock
:iconzombiecup: is Pat Kirch

Former Members

______ is Alex Ross
:iconfueledbybeckett: is Ryan Osterman

Mayday Parade

:iconttteok: is Alex Garcia
______ is Brooks Betts
______ is Derek Sanders
______ is Jake Bundrick
:iconeskimuffin: is Jeremy Lenzo

Former Members

______ is Jason Lancaster

Motionless in White

______ is Christopher "Motionless" Cerulli
______ is Devin "Ghost" Sola
:iconhuckleberriebunn101: is Joshua Balz
:iconxxblackabyssxx: is Richard "Horror" Olson
______ is Ryan Sitkowski

Former Members

______ is Angelo Parente
______ is Brandon "Rage" Richter
______ is Frank Polumbo
______ is Kyle White
______ is Mike Costanza
______ is Thomas "TJ" Bell

Oceans Ate Alaska

______ is James Harrison
______ is James "Jibs" Kennedy
______ is Mike Stanton
______ is Chris Turner
______ is Adam Zytkiewicz

Pierce The Veil

:iconmissioncomplete: is Vic Fuentes
______ is Mike Fuentes
:iconjlyn0430: is Jaime Preciado
______ is Tony Perry

Real Friends

______ is Brian Blake
______ is Dan Lambton
______ is Dave Knox
______ is Eric Haines
______ is Kyle Fasel

A Skylit Drive

______ is Brian White
:iconmsbrandydoll: is Cory La Quay
______ is Kyle Simmons
______ is Michael "Jag" Jagmin
:iconzulas-apperentice: is Nick Miller

Former Members

______ is Curtis Daniger
:iconrayray-152: is Joey Wilson
:iconyakuza-neko: is Jonny Craig (Touring member)
______ is Jordan Blake

Sparks the Rescue

:iconsomethingsmall: is Alex Roy
______ is Matt Petrin
______ is Nick Bilotta
:iconmonkey678ruby: is Toby McAllister

Former Members

______ is Ben Briggs
______ is David Pait
______ is Dylan Taylor
______ is Marty Mcmorrow
______ is Mike Naran
______ is Nathan Spencer
______ is Patrick O'Connell

The Static Jacks

______ is Henry Kaye
______ is Ian Devaney
______ is Michael Sue-Poi
______ is Nick Brennan

Former Members

______ is Spencer Kimmins

A Static Lullaby

______ is Brett Dinovo
______ is Dan Arnold
______ is Joe Brown
______ is Kris Comeaux
______ is Matt Faukner

Former Members

______ is Dane Poppin
______ is Jarrod Alexander
______ is John Death
______ is Nate Lindeman
______ is Phil Pirrone
______ is Tyler Mahurin

The Summer Set

______ is Brian Dales
______ is Jess Bowen
______ is John Gomez
______ is Josh Montgomery
______ is Stephen Gomez

Former Members

______ is Dillon Morris

Tonight Alive

______ is Cam Adler
______ is Jake Hardy
______ is Jenna McDougall
______ is Matt Best
______ is Whakaio Taahi

Former Members

______ is Mitchell Stanger

Upon This Dawning

______ is Daniele Nelli
______ is Gabriele Magrini
______ is Matteo Botticini
______ is Matteo Leone

Wild Party

______ is Cary LaScala
______ is Ethan Kaufmann
______ is Lincoln Kreifels
______ is Lucas "Luhu" Hughes

The Word Alive

______ is Daniel Shapiro
______ is Luke Holland
______ is Tony Pizzuti
______ is Tyler "Telle" Smith
______ is Zack Hansen

Former Members

:iconmusicfantic: is Craig Mabbitt
______ is Dusty Riach
______ is Justin Salinas
______ is Nick Urlacher
______ is Tony Aguilera

Youth In Revolt

______ is Alex Ramos
______ is Devon Bosque
______ is George Shrouder
______ is Kenny Torres
______ is True Arahill

~Ronnie :iconwinter-ame:


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