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Welcome to the Neigh-bourhood

A village to all those bronies and pegasisters out there that love My Little Pony and want to show that love.

We are a themed village based on Ponyville for everyone who likes My Little Pony. A place to meet other bronies and pegasisters, talk about MLP-FiM or other Generations, share art, test your skills in contests and, principally, have fun!


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Howdy, friends! It's been a while :) I hope you all have been well.

Small update, as you may have noticed, the group folders have been filling up. I have gone through and created new folders for every one I can see to be full, and I will be going through to spruce up where I can.

DeviantArt doesn't give me any notifications (to be honest, the whole group system of theirs is rather antiquated), so if you notice anything that is out of order, please send us a note or comment to help us be able to feature everyone's artwork!

And on the note of My Little Pony as a whole, the conclusion of the Gen4 season we have grown to know and love: I hope you know that the community will remain strong long after the show has finished. There have been countless positive experiences thanks to this community. Together, we have built up an unforgettable decade full of love and acceptance. And you know what? That was US. The show was only a starting point. And I for one, am going to continue to carry on this legacy of love. I hope you all will keep these positive experiences with you wherever you go.

Thank you, and much love,
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MLP Card - Rarity by RavenNocturna MLP Card - Rarity :iconravennocturna:RavenNocturna 48 0 MLP Card - Fluttershy by RavenNocturna MLP Card - Fluttershy :iconravennocturna:RavenNocturna 70 2 MLP Card - Celestia by RavenNocturna MLP Card - Celestia :iconravennocturna:RavenNocturna 67 4 Lyra Heartstring's Elevator Problem by RedArrow2 Lyra Heartstring's Elevator Problem :iconredarrow2:RedArrow2 12 0 Your new Queen by TeaFlower300 Your new Queen :iconteaflower300:TeaFlower300 483 21 Sunset shimmer Pony life vector by TheRETROart88 Sunset shimmer Pony life vector :icontheretroart88:TheRETROart88 237 11 Celestia Redesign by TwistedHiccy Celestia Redesign :icontwistedhiccy:TwistedHiccy 231 5 Daybreaker by Darklight1315 Daybreaker :icondarklight1315:Darklight1315 96 1 Vapor Trail doodle by Dawnf1re Vapor Trail doodle :icondawnf1re:Dawnf1re 580 33 Twilight Sparkle tenderness by Light by Light262 Twilight Sparkle tenderness by Light :iconlight262:Light262 2,693 105 Earthponies can't use magic by Orin331 Earthponies can't use magic :iconorin331:Orin331 602 105 Future Applejack by Orin331 Future Applejack :iconorin331:Orin331 837 145 Princess Cadence by Orin331 Princess Cadence :iconorin331:Orin331 844 40 Future Rarara by Orin331 Future Rarara :iconorin331:Orin331 862 65 Pinkie Pie Surprise Cannon With Fluttershy by RedArrow2 Pinkie Pie Surprise Cannon With Fluttershy :iconredarrow2:RedArrow2 44 2 Vinyl Scratch 2019 by Dawnf1re Vinyl Scratch 2019 :icondawnf1re:Dawnf1re 1,175 18
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Gallery Folders

Surfaloo by midnightpremiere
Many Thoughts Head Full by midnightpremiere
Party Pool Remaster 2020 by Helsaabi
Yiutitt by byphoty
Mane 6 and Spike
Fluttershy 1 by Shaslan
Rainbow1 by Shaslan
Sharing Kindness (It's an Easy Feat) by Will-Owl-the-Wisp
Wing Rest by neo-shrek
Original Characters
Comm: A Generational Change by Shaslan
Comm: The Reviewers' Mansion by Shaslan
Relationships and Lineage [Mane 06] + Royalty by TearyIdle
Can we be friends? by LimonChungo
Background Characters
Pony Sketch 2 by Shaslan
Pony Sketches 1 by Shaslan
Naptime by EmeraldBlast63
Luster Dewwwn by ThatUsualGuy06
Pinkie Sans Redraw 2020 by TinaDeLove
Kick's Hero by Cartuneslover16
Littlepip. Great warrior (4) [free 3D-model dwnld] by Teonanakatle
Guess... BOOM by GrekBronyMX95
Past Generations
Want some socks for Christmas?! by kuren247
G3 trouble by BlastProcessing16
Snuzzle Icon by TreeSpright
Great and powerful trix by PoneBooth
Eris and her Pet by HorsesPlease
Me and Zoe Saldana by TaionaFan369
Christmas Twilight Sparkle and Spike by sabrina200415
Christmas Twilight Sparkle and Spike by sabrina200415
Artisan Crafts
Me and Tara Strong  by TaionaFan369
Me and Felix Silla by TaionaFan369
Cuddle size Fluttershy plush by LittleFairysWonders
Skyduster custom plushie by wdeleon
Anthro and Humanized
Flower Fields by EmeraldBlast63
University Girls: Bachelorette Besties by EmeraldBlast63
University Starlight Glimmer by EmeraldBlast63
RQ: MLP FiM EQG/ Sunset Shimmer as mermaid  by fude-chan-art
Adopts and Commish Info
small breeding grid [2/4 open!] by flavoured-tea
Shipping Grid: Main Six [OPEN] by AkumaJDragon
Mature Content

Mature Content

Shadow5 - Sunny Flare (Comm) by charlieXe
Themed Months
shipping headshot adopts :) 5/5 OPEN by a-x-o
Original Characters - FULL
Hi! Let Me in!! - Tina Fountain Heart by mirry92
Original Characters - FULL 2
Sea Saphire (Next Gen) - GoldenVerse by GoldLines005
Mane 6 and Spike - FULL
Pinkie Pie Vector 26 - Presents by CyanLightning
Fanfics, Comics, and Literature - FULL
COM  Maestros most inspired piece by doubleWbrothers
Anthro and Humanized - FULL
Princess Celestia (Genesis 3 Remake) and Backstory by Axel-Doi
Anthro and Humanized - FULL
Dragon Twilight vs. Dragon Killer by Devon13168
Background Characters - FULL
Sunset Cider by EmeraldBlast63
Crossovers - FULL
Rarity Meets a Ponyta by Cartoon-Eric
Misc. - FULL
Happy Pi-nkie Day by fajnyziomal


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