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MY OC TALIA'S Clothing Part 2



I used this to link to help me.


Talia's; Casual clothing lower body

Told ya I'd say more...

Whats with the design??? Hmm...

The trouser leg design on the right is, a 1/2-3/4 trouser leg with a sweat band design inside, this will prevent it slipping down. The trouser leg design on the left is a side skirt, completely loose. The side skirt doesnt show the panties area so dont get any ideas lifting it; the side skirt is completly loose to a degree, it's pretty much designed to make the user run with ease, under the skirt is the half shorts leg linked with the trouser leg on the right, this also has a sweat band design. It shows those sexy legs very well. :D

Long story short! It's just a pair of shorts with the right leg extended to the 1/2-3-4 design and a side skirt. This also can be worn twice and worn as panties.

Cost: IT would be £10 cheapest £25 at it's highest. Depends if the shops invested the lot. The fabric is light, soft, tough and all of the other pros...

This would be my oc Talia's invention, even though shes only a OC, I'd give her full credit. However the actual credit goes to the link above. This isnt actually in the shops! XD
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