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MY OC TALIA'S Clothing Part 1



I used this to link to help me.


Talia's; Casual clothing upper body

Told ya I'd say more...

Whats with the design??? Hmm...

The shoulder design at the top, it is connected to the lower part of the shirt. Only ever so slightly, It's so that it doesnt slip down so easily and the connected fabric is strong, so it wont rip either.

The lower part of the shirt is, pretty much a tube top, however it covers more of the breast area than it looks like here, I couldnt get a better design thanks to short selection. The tupe top would be mostly over the breast area, dont even think about it! It's armed! nah JK.

Cost: IT would be £10 cheapest £25 at it's highest. Depends if the shops invested the lot. The fabric is light, soft, tough and all of the other pros...

This would be my oc Talia's invention, even though shes only a OC, I'd give her full credit. However the actual credit goes to the link above. This isnt actually in the shops! XD
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